GH Update Monday 3/24/08

General Hospital Update Monday 3/24/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Detective Harper shows Alexis the body that was found in the water.

Marianna tells Ric that she can’t stop thinking about Randy lying in the building dead. Ric assures her that she isn’t responsible for Randy’s death.

Monica lectures Jason about his reasons for being there. Jason tells her that he has proof that she hit Sam.

Jax tells Sonny to call before he shows up. Sonny tells Jax that he will be spending more time with Michael and Morgan now because it will be safer. Michael tells Sonny that Carly and Jax are having a baby.

Jason tells Monica that he has security footage of Sam’s hit and run. Monica asks Jason why he wants to believe that she hit Sam. Monica suggests that Jason wants to divert suspicion away from someone more important than her. Jason explains that the security footage clearly shows that it was Monica’s car that hit Sam and that Monica was driving. Monica sits her drink down and admits that she was hoping that it had been a log or a guardrail or something. Jason suggests that she doesn’t remember the accident because she blacked out. Monica asks him if he would cover it up for her if she admitted it.

Liz tells Lucky that she isn’t sure that Sam won’t press charges. Lucky and Liz argue about Sam. Lucky tells Liz that Sam understands why Liz didn’t come forward sooner. Lucky tells Liz that he and Sam have agreed to try again and that she will eventually be around the boys again. Lucky tells Liz that he is sure that Sam would never put the boys in danger again. Liz admits that she is grateful that Sam isn’t pressing charges, but she still can’t trust Sam. Lucky tells Liz that it is his life and his choice. She agrees with him and he tells her that he is making his choice and walks away. Regina walks up and asks Liz if she knows where Ian is. Liz watches Lucky get on the elevator.

Claudia and Ian catch up. They talk about their past in Milan. Ian tells Claudia that Johnny put a shipment at the bottom of the river to show Trevor who is boss. Claudia assures Ian that Johnny trusts her judgment and will go along with her on it. Ian tells Claudia that he doesn’t want Trevor involved with the shipment that he has available in a month. Claudia tells Ian that Trevor is on his way out.

Marianna tells Ric that she knew that Randy wouldn’t let her walk away. She tells him that she is responsible for Randy’s death because she brought him to Port Charles. Ric and Marianna discuss what happened and about the things that Randy did to her. Ric tells Marianna why it was a good thing that he moved Randy’s body to the water. Marianna tells Ric that he is a good man, but he denies it.

Carly tells Michael that there is something that he needs to know. Morgan comes downstairs and tells Michael that Mercedes is going to take them to the arcade. The boys leave with Mercedes. Sonny asks Carly if she lost the baby and Jax tells Sonny that it is his fault. Jax tells Sonny to save his condolences because they don’t mean a thing. Jax blames Sonny because he is the reason that Michael ran away and the reason that Michael and Carly were in the warehouse. Carly tells Jax that it isn’t helping. Jax tells Sonny that the baby would still be alive if it weren’t for the violence in Sonny’s life. Carly tells Jax that Sonny isn’t to blame for the baby, but he is to blame for what happened with Michael. Carly asks Sonny why he didn’t tell her that Michael was trying to get his hands on a gun.

Maxie shows up to see Kate and introduces herself. Kate asks Maxie why she is there. Maxie explains that she wants to work for her because she wants to learn from the best. Maxie tells Kate that fashion is her life and Kate suggests that they find out for sure.

Monica tells Jason that she wasn’t being serious, but she was wondering if he would be willing to offer to do it for her. Jason reminds her that she already tried to cover it up and Monica explains that she did it because of what was going on with Tracy. Jason explains that he knows that Monica was drinking that night. Monica tells Jason that he has taken everything away from her. Monica tells him to do whatever he wants with the surveillance tape, but he needs to get out. Jason explains that he just wants her to get help. Monica orders him out and starts crying.

Ric brings Marianna dinner. Ric and Marianna discuss putting a restaurant on the waterfront property. Marianna tells him about her ideas and plans for the restaurant. Ric tells her to get used to being happy. Alexis shows up at Ric’s. Alexis tells Ric that she can’t make it to the Disney on Ice with the girls, so she thought he could use the tickets. She explains that the police pulled a body out of the water under the warehouse.

Jason tells Spinelli that he did good and admits that he doesn’t know what to do with the surveillance footage of Monica hitting Sam. Sam shows up and Spinelli leaves. Sam explains that she has been replaced on Everyday Heroes. Sam suggests that Jason wants to prevent her from pressing charges on Liz for the hit and run. Jason tells Sam that Liz didn’t do it.

Alice tells Monica that Nikolas is there to see her. Alice offers to make some tea, but Monica tells her that it’s okay. Monica tells Nikolas that she isn’t in the mood for visitors. Nikolas tells Monica that he would like to discuss something with her.

Claudia tells Johnny about some redecorating ideas. They toast to themselves. Claudia explains that she has someone who wants them to run a shipment for him. Johnny and Claudia talk about the waterfront property that used to belong to Lorenzo. Trevor tells Johnny that the organization doesn’t run without him. Claudia asks Trevor if he knows a good taxidermist and Johnny laughs.

Carly confronts Sonny about not telling her about Michael trying to get a gun. Jax criticizes Sonny for the things that Michael believes. Sonny tells Jax that he made a truce with the Zacchara’s. Sonny tells Carly that he knows what they are going through and he wishes that he could change it, but he can’t and assures her that he is doing everything he can to make it safe. Sonny leaves. Jax sits in the nursery holding a baby blanket. Carly walks in and Jax says that he is done with this.

Kate asks Maxie about designers. Kate realizes that Maxie knows her designers. Maxie says that she can learn and that she will be available all hours of the day. Kate and Maxie talk about men and relationships. Sonny arrives. Kate tells Maxie that she will let her know. Maxie leaves. Sonny asks what was going on.

Ric and Marianna talk about what happened and what will happen.

Trevor reminds Johnny and Claudia what is at stake with Lorenzo’s waterfront property. Trevor suggests that Claudia go back to Milan and do the things that she knows best. Johnny criticizes the way that Trevor talks to Claudia. Trevor tells Johnny that Claudia is a liability.

Sam suggests that Jason is saying that Monica hit her to get Sam to back off of Liz and that he had Spinelli fabricate evidence. Sam asks why Monica wouldn’t stop and Jason explains that Monica was drinking. Sam tells Jason to go tell Liz the good news and that she won’t be pressing charges against Monica because she would never do anything to hurt Monica. Sam leaves.

Nikolas explains to Monica that he has an idea that he could use her help with. He tells her that he wants to set up a program at the hospital in Emily’s name and he would like her opinion. Monica tells Nikolas that Emily is dead and that they have to face it. Monica apologizes because she was talking to herself more than she was talking to him. Nikolas tells Monica that it might ease her pain if she thought about what Emily would want for her. Nikolas leaves. Monica gets her keys out of her purse and leaves behind Nikolas.

Jax tells Carly that he has had to make room in their relationship for Sonny from the beginning. Carly asks Jax why he is doing it. Jax explains that from the moment she found out that she was pregnant, he has realized that things were going to change. Jax tells Carly that Sonny started pouring out the “promises” and she was lapping them up. Carly tells Sonny that this won’t bring their baby back.

Kate and Sonny talk about their goals and their sacrifices. They talk about Michael buying a gun. Sonny tells Kate that he made a truce with the Zacchara’s.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs him to help make her sound smart. Spinelli and Maxie talk about her being a fashionista. Liz walks into the coffee house. Spinelli realizes that Maxie wants him to get her a crib sheet about the more intellectual stuff.

Jason tells Liz that she wasn’t the one who hit Sam. Liz thanks him for not giving up. They share a kiss.

Ric and Marianna talk about her terrible thoughts about Randy. Ric tells Marianna that he believes that she didn’t kill Randy. Ric tries to comfort Marianna. She leaves and tells him goodnight. Ric finishes his glass of wine. Ric answers the door when Trevor walks in. Trevor tells Ric that he is there to make an offer for the deed to the waterfront property.

Spinelli and Maxie talk about the things that she doesn’t know. Maxie asks Spinelli to write down some things that will make her sound smart. He starts writing.

Nikolas tells Ian that he isn’t giving him the money until he has a guaranteed supply of the drug. Nikolas informs Ian that he is making an endowment in Emily’s name, so he will be at the hospital more often. Johnny and Claudia walk in. Claudia tells Ian that she is there to have her stitches checked out. Claudia and Ian “meet.”

Trevor informs Ric that Randy’s body was just pulled out of the water. Trevor explains that Randy was killed with a tire iron and that Trevor has the tire iron with Marianna’s prints all over it.

Lucky brings Sam some flowers and tells her about his plans for the night. Sam explains to Lucky that Liz didn’t hit her. Sam tells Lucky that she isn’t pressing charges on Monica. She tells Lucky that he doesn’t have to pretend to romance her for Liz or anyone else and that he can walk away like he wanted to.

Liz apologizes for being happy that she didn’t hit Sam. Jason explains that he hasn’t been much of a son to Monica and that he wants to help her. Jason tells Liz that he wishes he could tell Monica that Jake is her grandson.

Monica sits in her car unconscious. The front end of her car is smashed.

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