GH Update Friday 3/21/08

General Hospital Update Friday 3/21/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nik is with Emily at Wyndemere. They discuss Dr. Devlin’s experimental drugs.

Jax and Carly grieve at GH over the loss of their baby. Carly blames herself.

Jason and Sonny discuss the Zacchara situation at the coffee house.

At the Zacchara house, Claudia tells Johnny how much she “hates” Sonny.

At GH, Sam claims she won’t press charges against Liz. Lucky is there. Sam puts on a good act for his sake. Sam claims that she wants to “move on.” Lucky believes her story. Sam heads to therapy after telling Lucky what a good dad he is. Liz thinks Sam has ulterior motives. Monica asks Liz about a patient. Lucky notices Monica’s odd behavior.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is all in favor of Dr. Devlin’s treatment. Emily wonders if the medication has any “side effects.”

Carly and Jax are still together in her room. Jax suddenly feel the loss of his child. Carly apologizes for the loss.

At the Z house, Claudia and Johnny disagree about how to handle Sonny. Claudia is worried about Johnny’s safety. Johnny insists he wants Sonny “dead.”

At the coffee house, Jason tries to stop Sonny from killing Johnny. Jason says Sonny has too much to “lose” if he causes a “mob war.”

At GH, Patrick gets advice on Robin from Epiphany. Dr. Devlin approaches Patrick. They talk about Robin and the baby.

At GH, Jax tells Carly that Sonny’s violent life “cost” them the baby.

At the coffee house, Sonny tells Jason how Johnny threatened him at GH. Sonny insists that Johnny must die. He wonders if Jason agrees. Jason suggests “a truce.”

At the Z house, Claudia tries to convince Johnny to hold off on killing Sonny himself. She suggests they “get a third party to take him out.” Johnny wants to be the one to kill Sonny.

At GH, Jax discusses Michael’s situation with Carly. Jax says Sonny is a poor “role model.” He thinks Michael should turn himself in for Kate’s shooting. Jax tells Carly about his visit with Sonny. Carly stands up for Sonny. Patrick comes in to Carly’s room. He leaves after Carly tells him the bad news.

Dr. Devlin goes to see Nik at Wyndemere. Nik says he wants to stay on the medication. Devlin says Nik is merely “buying nothing more than a hallucination.”

Monica is outside of the hospital. Lucky is watching her. Spinelli is in the bushes watching Monica. Lucky sees Spinelli and confronts him. Spinelli tells Lucky nothing. Lucky sends Spinelli on his way. Lucky approaches Monica. He talks to her about his past addiction. Lucky can see that Monica has been drinking.

Liz goes to the coffee house to see Jason. Liz says she knows she ran Sam down. Liz says she plans to “confess” in order to avoid Sam’s “manipulation.”

Sonny goes to the Zacchara house. Johnny wants to shoot Sonny but Claudia talks him out of it. Sonny admits he was wrong about thinking the Zaccharas took Michael. Sonny offers a “truce.”

Dr. Lee comes to Carly’s hospital room. She says Carly can go home. Dr. Lee says Carly could possibly have another child.

At Wyndemere, Dr. Devlin warns Nik about the side effects of the medicine. Nik is not concerned. Dr. Devlin offers “a year’s dosage for 10 million dollars.” Nik laughs but eventually agrees.

Lucky talks to Monica outside the hospital. He threatens to report Monica to Dr. Ford. Monica thinks Tracy is behind Lucky’s threat. Monica leaves Lucky and goes inside. Sam comes out of the hospital. Lucky says they need to “talk.”

Liz tells Jason about her ordeal with Sam. Jason tells Liz not to “confess to something” she has no memory of. Jason tells Liz to give him “more time.” She agrees. Liz leaves the coffee house. Jason makes a phone call.

At the Z house, Sonny promises a truce. Sonny says the piers are off limits. Johnny accepts Sonny’s offer.

Spinelli arrives at the coffee house to see Jason. He suggests that Jason try “yoga” to help his hands. Spinelli gives Jason “conclusive evidence as to who the guilty party is.”

Patrick is preoccupied at GH. He tells Liz about Carly’s loss. Patrick seems very affected by Carly’s loss. He discusses Robin’s baby with Liz.

Sonny goes to Carly’s house to see the boys. Morgan goes upstairs with the nanny so Sonny can talk with Michael. Sonny says Kate won’t be pressing charges against Michael. Sonny talks with Michael about his bad decisions. Michael says he only did what Sonny would have done.

At the Zacchara house, Claudia is suspicious of Johnny’s decision. Johnny agrees to have a third party take care of Sonny. Claudia agrees to handle it.

Emily is with Nik at Wyndemere. She’s upset about the “deal with Devlin.”

Dr. Devlin goes to see Claudia. They clearly have a history. Dr. Devlin asks Claudia to “transport” his latest “drug shipment,” which was financed by Nik’s money. Claudia is agreeable.

Sonny is still at Carly’s house. He says all the danger and violence is over. Michael wonders if they will be a “normal family.” Carly and Jax come home. Jax is not happy to see Sonny.

Lucky talks with Sam outside the hospital. They discuss the Liz situation. Sam starts to go off on Liz but she stops herself. Lucky says he still cares for Sam and he wonders if she wants to “try again.” Liz walks out in time to see Sam and Lucky in an embrace.

Monica has Alice drive her home. Alice is concerned about Monica. Monica pours herself a drink when Alice leaves. Jason comes to see Monica. He accuses her of running down Sam.

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