GH Update Thursday 3/20/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/20/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sam is at Liz’s house discussing the accident. Liz threatens to prosecute Sam for Jake’s kidnapping.

At the Zacchara house, Lulu tells Johnny she saw him attack Sonny.

Sonny is at the coffee house talking with Max and Milo. Jax pays him a visit.

Carly is at GH – she’s in pain. Claudia is with her but does nothing. Jason arrives.

At the coffee house, Sonny sends Max and Milo off to guard the kids. Jax is upset with Sonny because of Michael’s situation. Jax confronts Sonny with the news that Michael shot Kate. Jax wants Michael to turn himself in for the shooting. Sonny disagrees.

At GH, Jason tries to help Carly. Dr. Lee arrives. Carly is afraid she’ll lose the baby. Claudia and Jason step outside. Jason confronts Claudia.

At the Zacchara house, Lulu asks Johnny about his treatment of Sonny. Johnny won’t give Lulu a straight answer.

Scott is at GH in Logan’s room. Scott discourages Logan from loving Lulu. Scott compares his love for Laura with Logan’s feelings for Lulu.

Sam and Liz continue their disagreement at Liz’s house. Liz threatens Sam about her past involvement in Jake’s kidnapping. Sam dares Liz to “let the truth come out” including Jake’s paternity. Sam tells Liz to turn herself in for the accident.

Lucky goes to Alexis’ office to talk about Sam’s accident. Alexis is worried about a possible “mob war” against Sonny.

Jax and Sonny continue to disagree at the coffee house. Jax is upset that Sonny kept the truth about the gun from him and Carly. Jax thinks Michael needs “care and treatment” for what he experienced. Jax thinks Sonny should get out of Michael’s life. Jax gets a call from the hospital and rushes off.

Carly is still with Dr. Lee at GH. Carly is still having pain. She’s worried about losing the baby.

Outside of Carly’s room, Jason tells Claudia to “stay away from Carly.” Claudia tells Jason that Johnny saved Michael. Claudia wants Sonny to “back off.” Claudia leaves.

At the Zacchara house, Lulu advises Johnny to “walk away” from Sonny. She wants nothing to do with “this” Johnny. Johnny promises to “finish” what “Sonny started.”

Jason visits with Carly at GH. He tries to reassure her. Carly tells Jason about her “dream” when she was unconscious. Jax arrives so Jason leaves.

At the Zacchara house, Lulu refuses to “watch” Johnny’s battle with Sonny. Lulu says she can’t “look the other way” as far as Johnny’s way of life is concerned. Claudia arrives home in the middle of the discussion.

Sonny goes to see Kate at her home. She claims to be “fine.” Kate is obviously apprehensive of a life with Sonny.

Liz sees Sam to the door. Sam thinks she’s in control but Liz knows better. Liz insists that the hit and run was an accident. Sam says Liz will pay one day. Sam leaves Liz’s house.

Lulu leaves Johnny’s house. Claudia wonders what the story is. Johnny refuses to confide in his sister. Johnny says he wants Sonny dead.

At Kate’s, Sonny has no desire to talk about Claudia. Sonny tells Kate that Michael shot her. Kate is shocked by the news. Sonny tells Kate it was an accident. Sonny says he “made a bad judgment call” regarding the Zacchara family. Kate wonders what will happen with Michael. She thinks Michael “might need some counseling.”

At GH, Jax apologizes for getting upset with Carly. Jax says he’s at peace with his life with Carly.

Jason arrives at the coffee house. Max and Milo greet him. Diane arrives and compliments Max’s wardrobe. Max is clearly smitten with Diane. Max and Milo leave the office. Diane wants to discuss Kate’s shooting. Diane knows the situation with Michael. Diane thinks Kate will go along with Sonny’s decision. Diane says Michael can also choose to “turn himself in.” Diane says Carly could be held responsible in that case. Diane brings up Johnny Zacchara. She says the police want to question Sonny about the explosion. Diane leaves the office.

At GH, Dr. Lee says Carly is doing better. She prepares to do an ultrasound. Jax and Carly talk about the baby. Carly is still very nervous. Dr. Lee comes back to do the ultrasound.

Sonny is still with Kate. He wants to give Kate some “extra guards.” Kate agrees finally.

At the Zacchara house, Claudia wonders about Lulu. Johnny tells Claudia how they met. Johnny says he always expected Lulu to leave him.

Diane goes to see Alexis at her office. They compliment each other’s accessories. Diane says Sonny was “a victim of the blast” so he won’t come in for questioning. Alexis disagrees and says Sonny and Jason “are material witnesses.” The women disagree but make a shopping date. Diane leaves.

Lucky arrives at GH. He sees Liz who starts to tell him about Sam. Sam interrupts and tells Lucky she’s reconsidered her position. She says she won’t “press charges.” Lucky is happy with the news. Liz is suspicious.

Lulu goes to see Logan at GH. She tells Logan her and Johnny are over. Logan is happy to hear the news. Lulu apologizes to Logan for everything. Logan is very understanding. Logan asks Lulu to bring him some food. She heads off.

At the Zacchara house, Claudia tells Johnny he’s “a nice guy.” They talk about Lulu. Johnny says Sonny’s abduction ruined his “last date” with Lulu.

Jason goes to the coffee house to see Sonny. They discuss the explosion. Jason tells Sonny the latest with Carly. Sonny tells Jason about his discussion with Jax. Sonny says Johnny “is out of control.” Sonny says Johnny has to die.

At GH, Dr. Lee does the ultrasound on Carly. Dr. Lee tells Carly she’s “sorry.” Carly sobs as she apologizes to Jax for losing the baby. Jax tries his best to comfort Carly.

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