GH Update Wednesday 3/19/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sam walks around a car and looks at it. Lucky tells her that she shouldn't be down there.

Liz talks to Lulu outside of Logan's room. Liz reminds Lulu that it was an accident that she it Logan on the head. Lulu tells Liz that it isn't something that Logan can easily forgive and forget.

Johnny and Claudia get home and he tells her to go get some rest. Claudia claims that she is fine. He turns to leave and tells her that he has something that he has to take care of.

Carly wakes up in her room and Jax tells her about the explosion. Jax tells her that Michael is fine. Jax explains that he thought he lost her. She asks about the baby. Jax tells her what Kelly told her. Jax gives Carly false hope that it is a girl, but tells her that he is just hoping. Carly and Jax talk about the boys. Carly and Jax talk about the explosion. Carly tells Jax that she isn't going anywhere.

Scott visits Logan. Scott tells Logan that he will make a full recovery. Scott and Logan talk and agree that they aren't going to waste the new chance that they have been given.

Sam tells Lucky that her hip wouldn't be hurting if she hadn't been run down in the middle of the road and Lucky realizes that she thinks that Liz hit her. Lucky asks Sam if she remembers anything and Sam tells him that they both know that Liz was driving the car. Sam asks him what is more important, covering for Liz or getting justice for her.

Lulu tells Liz about Johnny. Liz tells Lulu about Jason. Lulu tells Liz that part of her wants to be with Johnny when he is crazy and that is what scares her.

Claudia tells Johnny that they can take out Sonny, but Jason will return the favor. Claudia says that Johnny is never afraid of the people that he should be. Johnny explains that he saved Michael and then Sonny turned around and threatened Claudia. Claudia tells him that they will kill Sonny, but they have to be smart about it. Claudia and Johnny disagree about when they should kill Sonny. Claudia realizes that Johnny thinks that she came back to be the head of the family. Trevor listens from outside the door.

Alexis orders some background checks. Sam walks in and tells Alexis about her physical therapy.

Scott tells Logan about the text message killer case being closed. Logan admits that he had no alibi, but that he didn't kill anyone. Logan tells Scott that he shouldn't blame Lulu because he shouldn't have grabbed her like he did. Lulu walks in and hears Scott ask Logan why he would defend someone who almost killed him.

Kelly does an ultrasound on Carly. Carly asks if their "little girl" will be okay and Carly tells Carly that it is too early to find out the gender of the baby. Carly and Kelly talk about the nursery color. Kelly tells Carly to give her body time to heal. Kelly tells Carly that she needs to stay for observation for a few days and Jax agrees. Jax tells Carly that Ric found her in the water. Carly is surprised to find out that Ric didn't just leave her there and Jax tells her that Ric saved her life. Carly tells Jax that she needs to see the boys.

Lulu offers to leave, but Logan says that Scott was leaving. Logan asks Lulu to stay. Scott reminds Logan that Lulu almost killed him. Logan tells Scott that it is between him and Lulu. Scott leaves. Lulu admits that Scott is right. Logan tells her that he remembers everything.

Liz walks to her car and sees Lucky looking at it. He tells her that Sam was looking for evidence from the accident. Lucky tells Liz that Sam knows that Liz was driving the car the night that she was hit. Liz asks Lucky if he told Sam that it was an accident and that Liz fell asleep behind the wheel. Lucky explains that Sam was angry because Lucky didn't tell her.

Alexis asks Sam about her appointment. Sam says that she doesn't need a distraction because Alexis suggests that Lucky goes with her. Sam asks Alexis if the person who hit her, didn't realize that they had done it, what would happen to them. Alexis tells her that the person is going to prison for what they did to her. Alexis asks Sam if she remembers who hit her.

Trevor listens as Johnny tells Claudia that she was gone for a long time. Claudia tells Johnny that she wouldn't abandon him. Johnny and Claudia talk about her reasons for not arriving as soon as their father was put in the institution. Claudia tells Johnny that he is the head of the family and that she is only there to make sure he stays that way. Trevor comes in and Claudia tells him that she is there to get rid of him. Trevor insists that Claudia is going to kill Johnny.

Jax brings the boys to see Carly. The boys hug Carly and she tells them that she is pregnant. Morgan asks where the baby is and Carly explains the process to him. Michael asks if the explosion hurt the baby. Jax asks Morgan to go down to the cafeteria to get Carly some chips. Michael and Carly talk about the gun and what happened to Kate. Carly tells Michael that she and Sonny will never let him go to jail for what happened to Kate. Jax tells Michael that Carly needs her rest. Michael leaves and Jax confronts Carly about being the last person to know that Michael shot Kate. Jax tells Carly that she can't be serious about covering it up.

Sam tells Alexis that she has been having flashes from the night that she was hit. Sam suggests that she remember who hit her. Sam tells her that she needs to figure this out. Sam explains that she doesn't want to put anyone through being falsely accused. Sam agrees to tell Alexis if she remembers any more details.

Logan tells Lulu that he remembers her talking and when he opened his eyes she was sitting there. Lulu admits that she was there everyday talking to him. Logan tells her that he could feel her every time she walked into the room. Lulu apologizes for putting him in a coma and almost killing him.

Trevor tells Johnny that Claudia came back to take over and that he didn't know it. Claudia reminds Trevor that Johnny is in charge. Claudia and Trevor argue. Johnny asks Trevor where he was when Claudia was bargaining with Sonny for Johnny's life. Trevor tells Johnny that he was kidnapped. Trevor suggests that Claudia wants Johnny dead more than Sonny does. Trevor leaves and Claudia tells Johnny that Trevor is a liar. Claudia leaves. Johnny makes a phone call and tells someone that he needs to see him or her and that it is important.

Jax and Carly talk about Michael shooting Kate. Jax tells Carly that she should go to the police and tell them what happened to Kate. Jax and Carly argue about what to do about Michael. Carly tells Jax that Michael has learned his lesson and that they should let it go. Carly and Jax argue about the reasons that Michael is surrounded by violence. Jax tells Carly that Michael wants to be a mob boss and tells her to stop protecting Michael and get him the help that he needs. Carly says that Michael needs to forget that it happened. Jax says that Michael almost killed her and the baby and admits that he is blaming her and Sonny for the way that Michael was brought up. Jax tells Carly that their child will not be brought up around Sonny and Jason's world. Jax gets up and leaves.

Lulu and Logan talk about what happened the day that she hit him with the wrench. Logan tells Lulu that she was protecting herself. Lulu and Logan talk about the way that they have been with each other. Lulu admits that she cares about Logan and Johnny. She tells him that she has to figure out what she wants and that he is fine to move on in the mean time. Logan tells her to take all the time that she needs, but he isn't going to give up on her.

Sam goes to Liz's house. Sam walks in and Liz tells her that she doesn't want Cameron to hear about it. Sam tells Liz that she came there to give Liz a chance to explain. Sam wants to know why Liz wasn't honest about it and explains that if she had, Sam would have possibly let her off the hook. Sam tells Liz that since she wasn't honest, it will cost Liz her freedom.

Claudia goes to visit Carly. Claudia tells Carly that Johnny pulled Michael out of the building.

Sam tells Liz that she deserves what she will get. Liz says that if she did hit Sam, it was an accident. Sam says that Liz was driving to see Jason and didn't stop to see if Sam was okay after hitting her. Liz realizes that Sam overheard Liz's conversation with Lucky and that she doesn't remember seeing Liz driving the car. Sam tells Liz that when she gets on the stand, Sam will tell the jury that she remembers every detail. Liz tells Sam that if she presses charges, Liz will return the favor by telling the police that Sam helped kidnap Jake.

Johnny looks at something. Lulu walks in and tells him that she got his message. Johnny pulls Lulu into a kiss.

Scott and Logan talk about where Lulu went. Scott tells Logan that Lulu was by his side when he was in a coma out of guilt. Scott and Logan talk about Lulu and Laura.

Trevor goes to see Anthony. Trevor tells Anthony that Claudia has become a problem and that she is trying to take over and put Johnny and Trevor in the ground. Anthony tells Trevor that he is Trevor's only chance to get out alive.

Claudia tells Carly that Sonny kidnapped Johnny and beat him up. Carly tells Claudia to take it up with Sonny. Claudia tells Carly to rein Sonny in before he starts a mob war. Carly tells Claudia that she can threaten Sonny, but to stay away from her children. Carly doubles over in pain and Claudia just stands there looking confused.

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