GH Update Tuesday 3/18/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin tells Patrick that she should have told him that he was the father when she found out that she was pregnant. Patrick asks her why she hates him so much for making the baby with her.

Lulu asks Johnny where he has been and he kisses her.

Claudia asks Sonny if Johnny is okay. Sonny tells her that Johnny was fine when Sonny saw him and turns to leave. She asks him if he is going to leave her there to bleed to death and Sonny tells her that he saved her life. She grabs his arm.

Carly lays unconscious in the water. She remembers playing pool with Jason at Jake’s.

Robin tells Patrick that she thought it would be best if he didn’t know because he didn’t want to be a father. Robin tells Patrick about her past with people who lied about their children and admits that she was wrong to lie about the baby. Patrick tells her to calm down and helps her over to the bench so that she can sit down. Robin tells Patrick about her reasons for wanting to be with him the night of Georgie’s funeral. She tells him that the baby was conceived that night and that she is grateful to him for giving her the greatest gift that she could ever receive. Patrick tells her that he is happy to be her baby’s father. Patrick admits that he is still confused and Robin tells him that he sounds like an expectant father. She smiles at him.

Sonny asks Claudia if she has seen Carly. Sonny yells at Claudia for not telling him that it wasn’t Carly under the rubble. Claudia asks him how to get out and starts yelling for Johnny.

Trevor and Marianna talk about Ric. Trevor tells Marianna if Ric dies, there will be no need for her anymore. Trevor tells Marianna that when Ric comes out, she needs to tell him that he should get rid of the property because the building almost killed him.

Alexis asks Detective Harper who is still missing. He tells her that Ric, Carly and Claudia are still missing. Jax and Jerry come out and Alexis tells them that Carly hasn’t been found yet. Alexis and Jax argue about his decision to go back inside the building. Alexis tells Detective Harper to arrest Jax and Jerry if they go back in the building. Jerry convinces Jax to wait.

Lulu and Johnny talk about why he was there. Johnny tells Lulu that he saved Michael. Johnny tells Lulu that Claudia is still inside and turns to go find Claudia. Lulu offers to wait with him until Claudia comes out. Johnny tells her that he has to go find Claudia and leaves.

Sonny searches for Carly.

Carly moves her hand in the water while remembering playing pool with Jason.

Ric pulls Randy’s body over to the water and throws it in. A beam falls behind Ric. Ric hears someone and calls out for him or her. He finds Carly lying in the water. Ric tries to wake Carly up, but she just moves around. He takes his coat off and gets in the water through the hole. He pulls Carly over to the hole and gets back out of the water. He tries to pull her out of the water.

Claudia calls for Johnny. Johnny hears Claudia and digs through the debris to find her. He helps her sit down and looks at the cut on her side. He tells her that he is fine. They talk about the explosion. Claudia tells Johnny that Sonny pulled her out of the rubble. Johnny helps her get out of the building.

Ric pulls Carly out of the water and tries to get her breathing. She starts breathing and two firefighters rush over. The firefighters tell Ric to go because the ceiling could come down at any moment, but Ric tells them that he is staying with Carly. Carly remembers playing pool with Jason.

Alexis asks Sonny what he was doing inside the building. Alexis tells him that he isn’t going back in there and that the firefighters are bringing Carly out. Alexis asks Sonny what he was doing in there with the Zaccharas.

Jax makes Jerry swear that he didn’t have anything to do with the explosion. They discuss the chance that it could have been someone trying to kill Sonny.

Sonny tells Alexis that he would never put Carly or Michael in danger.

Ric and the firefighters bring Carly out of the building. Ric tells Jax that Carly was in the water. Jax tells the paramedics that Carly is less than 2 months pregnant and has no other conditions. Jax leaves with Carly.

Ric tells Sonny that he found Carly. Sonny tells Ric that he probably saved Carly’s life.

Epiphany tells Robin that Claudia Zacchara is waiting in cubicle 2. Robin goes in and talks to Claudia. Robin asks Johnny to wait outside. Claudia tells Robin that they need to check out Johnny too. Robin tells him to check with the nurse at the desk. Robin tells Claudia that she needs stitches and Claudia tells her to get started.

Patrick asks Epiphany where Robin is. Kelly tells Epiphany to have a room prepped for Carly when she arrives. Epiphany tells Patrick that Robin is in cubicle 2 with a patient.

Robin tells Claudia that she will get stitches and be kept overnight. Robin tells Claudia that she is HIV positive and Claudia freaks out. She says that she wants another doctor. Patrick yells at Claudia for the way she is treating Robin and tells Claudia that Robin is carrying his baby and that she wouldn’t infect anyone.

Ric tells Detective Harper about when he found Carly. Ric tells Detective Harper that he was walking through the building that he owns with a friend. Ric says that he doesn’t know anymore and Alexis tells Detective Harper that Ric will answer further questions at the station if he remembers anything.

Sonny asks Ric why he was there. Ric says that he didn’t set the bombs and that he was trying to do something good with the building. Sonny tells Ric that he owes him for saving Carly’s life. Marianna walks over when Sonny walks away. Ric and Marianna embrace.

The paramedics bring Carly in. Epiphany tells Jax that he has to wait out there.

The paramedics tell Kelly about Carly’s condition.

Carly remembers playing pool with Jason and pushing him when he tried to make a shot.

Jax sits in the waiting area and Lulu comes in. She asks about Carly. Jax tells Lulu about Carly’s condition. Lulu tells Jax that Carly isn’t going to die. Kelly comes out and tells Jax that Carly is breathing on her own. Kelly tells Jax that he can see Carly when she is stabilized. Jax thanks Lulu for reminding him that Carly was a fighter. Jax asks Lulu if she is looking for someone and tells her where she might find Johnny. Lulu offers to stay and Jax tells her to go.

Ric and Marianna talk about what they told the police.

Alexis walks over to Jerry and they talk about their “relationship.” Jerry tries to trick Alexis into a date.

Ric and Marianna decide to go home and she offers to take care of him.

Jerry and Alexis talk about Ric. Alexis explains that if Marianna has a connection to Trevor, it would be very bad for Ric.

Robin warns Patrick that she is having another mood swing. Patrick suggests that he has a healthy patient’s stomach pumped. Robin and Patrick talk about the way that Claudia reacted. Robin tells Patrick that there is a 2% chance that she could pass on HIV to the baby. Patrick tells Robin that if their baby has HIV, they will have her to teach them how to live with it. Robin tells him that he is wonderful.

Claudia wakes up and sees Sonny. Sonny tells Claudia that he wants to know who caused the explosion because Carly and Michael were almost killed. Sonny informs Claudia that Trevor was in the building. Claudia tells Sonny to get out. Johnny grabs Sonny and slams him against the wall. Johnny hits Sonny and forces him to apologize to Claudia. Lulu watches as Johnny threatens and beats Sonny. Lulu hides from Johnny and watches as Sonny gets back up and walks away. Johnny tells Claudia to get some rest. Johnny hugs Claudia.

Lulu walks into a room.

Jax sits with Carly. Kelly comes in and tells him that they are slowly raising Carly’s body temperature. Kelly tells him that there is no indication that Carly had a miscarriage, but they are trying to save Carly first. Jax tells Carly to fight and that the baby is fine. Carly’s monitors start going off and Kelly tells him that he has to go. Kelly tries to get Carly breathing again. Carly remembers playing pool with Jason and playing music on the jukebox.

Patrick watches Robin walk past. He grabs his coat and asks her if she wants a ride home. She says that she will drive and tells him about the morning sickness. She accepts his offer for a ride home. He tells her to warn him if he has to pull over because he doesn’t want her getting sick in the car.

Lulu sits beside Logan’s bed and rants about Johnny. Lulu looks at Logan and sees that his eyes are open.

Claudia and Johnny talk about his reactions to the way that Sonny talks to her. Johnny explains that he cares; he just didn’t want to show. Claudia admits that she thought that she could work Sonny, but she can’t. Claudia tells Johnny that she remembers when she had to do things for him because he was a midget. Claudia tells Johnny that the only time that she ever felt love and felt needed was when she was with him as a child. She tells him that she didn’t want to leave and that she hates them for making her leave him. He admits that he missed her.

Sonny asks Jax about Carly. Sonny and Jax argue about what happened at the building. Jax tells Sonny to stay away from his family and reminds Sonny that Carly is his wife. Jax tells Sonny to get out.

Kelly works on Carly.

Carly remembers dancing with Jason. Jason tells her that it is time to go back and she kisses his cheek. She turns around and walks out.

Carly takes a breath and opens her eyes. Kelly tells the others that Carly is back and to get her body temperature.

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