GH Update Monday 3/17/08

General Hospital Update Monday 3/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Ric runs to Marianna and she shows him Randy’s body.

Sonny asks Claudia a sign of good faith. Trevor has someone aim a sniper at Claudia, but she walks towards Sonny.

Carly tells Michael that he was never to be a part of Sonny’s world. They turn to leave.

Sonny tells Claudia to get Carlo on the phone and she picks up the phone. She walks behind some crates and Trevor’s sniper waits for a shot. He takes a shot at Claudia as the building explodes.

Someone walks over to a door and grabs the doorknob.

Robin sits down and Patrick comes in asking if she is okay. She tells him that she is fine and he realizes that it is morning sickness. Robin tells him that he is a problem. She turns in the other direction trying to get to the bathroom.

Lulu goes to visit Logan. She asks him if he is happy that she is there.

Johnny starts choking and moving. He gets the debris off of him and starts calling for Claudia. He walks around and hears someone coughing. He asks Michael if he can move and if he is hurt. Johnny starts moving stuff to get to Michael. Michael realizes that it is Johnny Zacchara helping him. Johnny tells Michael to start crawling out as soon as he lifts the beam. Michael thanks him. Michael tells Johnny that they have to find Carly.

Sonny walks out of the building and Jax comes running over. Jax asks where Carly and Michael are. Sonny realizes that Carly and Michael are still in the building.

The person walks in to Jake’s and grabs a beer. Carly turns around and looks at the pool table while taking a drink of beer.

Epiphany tells Robin about a patient. Epiphany tells Robin that saltine’s work for morning sickness. Epiphany gives Patrick a chart for a head trauma. Kelly comes over and asks Robin about a recommendation. Robin admits that she was throwing up and goes to see her patient. Kelly tells Patrick that mood swings are normal too. Patrick thinks that it should get better after the first 3 months, but Epiphany and Kelly tell him that it tends to get worse. They both walk away leaving Patrick standing at the nurse’s station.

Jax tells someone how many people are in the building. Sonny and Jax talk about where to look for Carly and Michael. Sonny suggests that they split up, but Jax suggests that they stay together. Johnny brings Michael out. Jax and Sonny ask about Carly, but Johnny didn’t see her and Michael couldn’t find her.

Ric and Marianna talk about why someone would want to blow up the building. Ric tells her that they should get out, but Marianna points to Randy. Ric tells her that the explosion could help them because she was alone with Randy’s body.

Jax tells Mac that they have to start searching for Carly.

Michael tells Sonny that he shot Kate while he was trying to throw the gun away. Michael reminds Sonny about his warning and Sonny apologizes. Sonny tells Michael that he could never hate him because Sonny loves Michael. Sonny tells Michael that Carly will be okay. Sonny calls a paramedic over to check out Michael. Sonny tells the paramedic that he isn’t going to the hospital. Sonny tells the paramedic to leave Michael with Bobbie Spencer or Robin Scorpio. Michael leaves for the hospital. Sonny tries to go in the building, but Mac stops him. Jax and Johnny go to search for the people they love. Sonny tells Mac everything he knows about the explosion. Sonny runs into the building.

Detective Harper tells Alexis what he knows about the explosion and tells her that it looks like it was deliberate. Jax walks past and Alexis asks him why he is there. Jax explains that Carly was supposed to meet Michael there and tells Alexis that Michael got out, but Carly is still in the building. Jax tells her that Sonny was having a meeting in the building. Alexis tries to get Jax to let the professionals find Carly, but he tells her that he is going to go in and find Carly just like he would if it was Alexis in there.

Ric tries to cover Randy’s body, while Marianna tries to convince him that it won’t work. Ric tells her that he believes that she didn’t kill Randy. He tells her that she could be charged with murder, so he is going to try to move Randy’s body to the water. Marianna tells him that if he is found moving the body, he could be charged with murder.

Robin tells Epiphany that the patient has a migraine and that is all. Robin starts to walk away and Patrick asks her to consult on a head trauma. They discuss the baby. Epiphany interrupts them to tell Robin that Sonny wants her to check out Michael. Robin walks away and goes to see Michael. The paramedic tells Robin that he seems to be fine. She looks at the cut on his head. Robin tells him about something that she remembers with Jason from when Michael was a baby.

Sonny searches for Carly. He finds Trevor and tells him that the building exploded. Trevor asks where Ric is. Sonny sees someone walking around and they grab a gun. They hold the gun toward Sonny and Trevor.

Flashback of Carly playing pool at Jake’s with Jason.

Robin tells Michael about the things that she did for him when he was a baby. He tells her that he will burn the pictures of his first Halloween when she dressed him up as a pumpkin. Michael and Robin talk about Sonny, Carly and Jason.

Lulu tries to figure out why Logan tried to frame Johnny as the text message killer. She realizes that she isn’t doing any good, so she decides to leave and come back. She asks him to wake up. She leaves and Logan moves his fingers.

Sonny tells Trevor where the entrance is. Johnny starts choking and Trevor runs over there. Johnny asks Detective Harper if Claudia got out.

Ric and Marianna talk about the chance that Ric could go to prison for her. He tells her that he is going to save her, but he has to stop fighting her. He shows her the way out.

Alexis asks Jerry if he was involved in the explosion and he tells her that it would have been a waste of a match. They talk about Jax going in the building to find Carly. Jerry tells Alexis that he is going in to find Jax. Alexis tells him that she hopes the building falls on him, but he knows that she doesn’t mean it.

Lulu stands at the nurse’s station and hears Epiphany lecture Patrick. Lulu asks Patrick about Logan’s test results. Patrick tells Lulu that there is a chance that Logan will wake up. He tells her to go home and get some rest, but to come back and keep talking to him. Robin tells Epiphany that Michael is fine. Lulu realizes that Michael is in the hospital and Robin informs her that he was very fortunate considering the circumstances. Robin tells Lulu that Michael and Carly were in an explosion and that Michael got out, but they are still looking for Carly. Robin tries to apologize to Patrick, but he interrupts her to give her the patient file to look at and walks away.

Trevor yells at Mac for allowing Johnny to go in to look for Claudia. Trevor tells Alexis that it was a coincidence that he was there when the building exploded. She walks away when she sees Marianna come out. Marianna tells Alexis that Ric is still inside.

Ric works to try to get Randy moved and hears someone yelling for Carly. Jerry finds Jax. They turn to search for Carly.

Sonny searches for Carly. He finds her cell phone. He starts moving stuff off of her.

Flashback of Carly and Jason playing pool at Jake’s.

Robin finds Patrick in the locker room. She walks up to him and asks if they can talk. Patrick tells her that they should be honest with each other. Robin tells him that she is a hypocrite and apologizes.

Jerry tells Jax that they have to search the places that aren’t locked. Jax suggests that Jerry had something to do with the explosion.

Marianna tells Trevor that Ric is still inside.

Ric keeps moving Randy’s body.

Lulu asks Detective Harper about Carly. Johnny comes out and Lulu runs over to him.

Sonny keeps moving things and he realizes that Claudia is under there, not carly. She asks about Johnny.

Flashback of Carly and Jason playing pool at Jake’s.

Carly lays unconscious in the water.

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