GH Update Friday 3/14/08

General Hospital Update Friday 3/14/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Liz runs into Lucky when she goes to Jason’s hospital room. She tells Lucky that Jason has gone to Seattle for surgery. Lucky says he “needs” to “talk” to Liz.

Lulu visits with Logan at GH. She talks with him about school. Luke comes into Logan’s room in a wheelchair. Luke warns Lulu that “guilt will ruin” her life. Scott comes into Logan’s room.

Carly is at home when she gets a call from Michael. Michael says he’s in town. He asks Carly not to bring Sonny when she comes to get him. Diego’s bomb is above Michael’s head.

Sonny and Kate are at the coffee house. Kate is hurt. Sonny is remorseful.

Claudia goes to Ric’s house. Ric has no idea who Claudia is. She introduces herself.

Liz is apprehensive about talking with Lucky. He brings up Sam’s accident. Lucky admits that he overheard Liz admitting her guilt to Jason. Lucky recounts to Liz what he overheard. Liz is upset.

Alexis visits Sam at the hospital. Sam’s producer, Wes, comes to see Sam. Wes tells Sam she’s “suspended” from the show.

At the coffee house, Kate tells Sonny about her visit from Claudia. Sonny insists that Claudia is “nothing.” Kate says Claudia is “dangerous.” Kate is upset and afraid. Sonny says he will “take care of” Claudia. Claudia threatens Kate.

At Ric’s, Claudia pours herself some wine. She says she wants Ric to “stand up to” Trevor and Sonny. Claudia says her family will soon be in charge of Port Charles.

Michaels waits on the docks for Carly.

Scott and Luke argue in Logan’s hospital room. Luke leaves but Lulu stays. Scott tells Lulu “guilt is a wasted emotion.”

Claudia makes herself comfy at Ric’s house. They discuss the waterfront property. Ric says he’s “over” trying to gain Sonny and Trevor’s respect. Claudia wants Ric to team up with her. Ric wonders, “What’s in it for” him. Claudia promises Ric money and “revenge.” Claudia tells Ric she won’t “give up” as she leaves.

Sonny tells Kate to forget about Claudia. Kate thinks she should return to the city. Kate wonders “why” Sonny chose Claudia. Kate tells Sonny he’s a “better man” than he thinks. Sonny says Kate keeps things real for him.

Carly finds Michael on the waterfront.

Lulu talks with Scott in Logan’s room. She says she cares about Logan and wants to help him.

At GH, Wes tells Sam the network is suspending her for 13 weeks. Sam is upset at the news. Wes tells Sam they’ve found a replacement for her until she gets well. Alexis arrives and Sam fills her in. Alexis says Sam can’t be suspended and she’ll speak with the network’s attorney. Sam thinks her career is over.

Still in Jason’s room, Lucky says Liz is “capable of living with a lie.” Lucky brings Monica into the conversation as a suspect. Liz wonders if she did hit Sam.

Michael and Carly are on the piers. Michael apologizes to Carly. Michael seems afraid of Sonny. Carly wants Michael to explain.

Sonny tells Kate the Zaccharas didn’t take Michael. He blames Michael’s behavior on all the loss he’s suffered. Sonny tells Kate that he “came down hard on” Michael recently. Claudia calls Sonny’s office with a “proposition.

Lucky tells Liz she should have “come forward” immediately. Liz admits to Lucky that she’s been seeing Jason on the side. Liz worries about Jake’s paternity. Lucky says Sam will make Liz pay.

Alexis tells Sam she’ll make the network pay. Alexis tells Sam she’s “proud of” her and she loves her.

While he’s waiting at home, Ric gets a frantic call from Marianna.

Michael tells Carly he’s sorry for everything. He tells Carly he shot and “killed” Kate by accident. Carly says Kate is still alive. She’s shocked by Michael’s story. Carly is upset that Michael failed to get help when Kate was shot.

Sonny tries to get Claudia off the phone. Claudia offers Sonny some shipping lanes in exchange for Johnny. They agree to meet at the cannery. Kate is suspicious of the call.

Lurking in the shadows at the Zacchara house, Trevor has obviously overheard Claudia’s phone call to Sonny.

The doctors check on Logan after his hand moves. Scott is impatient because nothing has changed. Lulu is hopeful that Logan will wake up soon.

Lucky tells Liz there’s “still no hard proof” that she hit Sam. Liz is sure Sam will make her pay.

Carly is upset with Michael’s news. Michael tells his mom that Jason, Sonny, and Mike knew about the gun. Carly is furious that nobody told her. Michael tells Carly how Sonny told him to “run” if he ever had a gun.

Trevor stands on the waterfront with his associate instructing him to shoot and kill Claudia.

Claudia arrives to meet Sonny on the waterfront.

Trevor’s man takes aim.

Sonny arrives to meet with Claudia. Johnny is with Sonny.

Trevor’s man is still aiming his gun at Claudia.

At GH, Liz apologizes to Lucky. Lucky says Liz is not yet a “suspect.” Lucky offers to close the case as Sam stands outside the room listening.

Ric arrives on the piers to find a hysterical Mariana. Randy is with her and he appears to be dead.

Claudia and Sonny argue as the bomb ticks.

Still on the piers, Carly promises that Michael “will never be a part of” Sonny’s “world.”

Claudia makes a call for Sonny so he can see that their deal is valid.

As Trevor’s man fires his gun, the cannery explodes.

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