GH Update Thursday 3/13/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/13/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly is at home lying in Michael’s bed. Jax checks to see if she’s ok. Carly is worried about her son. Jax tries to reassure her. He thinks it’s time to call the police in.

Michael is at Peg’s house. He heads out the door but Peg stops him.

Alexis and Ric are in Kelly’s

Spinelli is on the waterfront without his clothes. He calls Maxie for help.

Alexis and Ric sit together at Kelly’s and talk about her caseload. Alexis is suspicious because Ric is very agreeable. She tells Ric he looks “content.” Ric wants Alexis to keep his job “permanently.”

Trevor is at the Zacchara house discussing business. Claudia interrupts.

Sonny is at GH reading Kate’s note. He asks Monica if Kate was “ok.” Monica says Kate checked herself out of GH. Monica is short with Sonny.

Lucky goes to Jason’s hospital room to confront him about Sam’s accident. Lucky brings up Liz. Jason says he knows nothing. Lucky says he overheard the conversation between Jason and Liz. Jason says someone else may be responsible for the accident. Lucky accuses Jason of trying to cover up Liz’s involvement. Lucky refuses to let go of what he heard. Jason asks Lucky not to tell Liz what he knows.

Still at GH, Sonny asks Liz if he can see Kate’s chart. Monica gets angry with Sonny.

Tracy approaches Monica. Tracy says she wants to “offer a compromise.”

At Kelly’s, Ric says he has no interest in his former job. Alexis wonders what his plans are. Ric seems at peace with his decision. Alexis wonders about Ric’s plans for revenge against Sonny.

At the Z house, Claudia tries to put Trevor in his place. Claudia says she’s bringing Anthony home to recuperate.

Max brings info about Michael to the coffee house. Sonny is skeptical. Max says Michael may have been hiding on a boat. Sonny tells Max to keep Johnny locked up until Michael returns home. Max tells Sonny he “has company” inside the office. Kate is asleep on the couch. Sonny voices his concern about Kate’s condition. Kate says she “developed an infection” in her heart. Sonny wants to take Kate back to GH. She declines. Kate says her life may be cut short by the infection.

Michael is still at Peg’s. She wonders what his “plans” are. Peg advises Michael to tell his father the truth. Peg tells Michael a story from her childhood. She offers Michael money and advice.

Maxie goes to the docks to find Spinelli. A naked Spinelli is covered by nothing except his laptop. Maxie wants details. Spinelli chalks it up to a “simple miscalculation.” Up above them, Diego’s bomb continues to tick.

At the coffee house, Kate says she’s “feeling sorry” for herself. Sonny wonders what else Kate has on her mind. Kate says she needed to “connect” to Sonny. Carly bursts into Sonny’s office. Kate goes outside to wait for Sonny. Carly is upset about Michael.

At the Z house, Trevor is against Anthony coming home to recuperate. Claudia reminds Trevor that she’s in charge. Trevor hints that Claudia has some past issues by pointing out a scar on her wrist.

Lucky goes to see Liz at GH. He wants to get car seats out of Liz’s car, which makes her nervous.

Still at GH, Tracy threatens Monica with the clothes Luke found in the trash.

Patrick goes to Jason’s room to talk about his hands. Patrick says Jason needs surgery to “regain” the use of his hands. Liz comes in the room just as Patrick advises Jason to see a surgeon in Seattle.

Monica pretends not to recognize the clothes. Tracy insists the clothing smells like vodka and Monica’s perfume. Monica tries to take the clothing from Tracy. The two women argue. Monica grabs the clothing and runs onto the elevator. Tracy follows her and gets her hands on the evidence. Tracy gets Monica out of the elevator as the doors close. Monica runs on to another elevator to follow Tracy. Lucky notices what’s happening between Tracy and Monica but says nothing.

Patrick explains to Liz about Jason’s surgery. Patrick leaves Jason’s room. Liz gets paged and leaves in the middle of her visit with Jason.

At the Z mansion, Claudia threatens to rid herself of Trevor. Claudia wonders why Trevor has yet to get his hands on Ric’s property. Claudia brings up Sonny. Trevor reminds Claudia that she has “many secrets.”

At the coffee house, Sonny tells Carly about the “lead” on Michael. Sonny tries to send a stubborn Carly home. She refuses. Sonny promises to “fix everything.”

Ric and Alexis leave Kelly’s. He seems to want to change his ways. Alexis is still curious. Ric and Alexis walk away as Randy peers in the window of Kelly’s.

Jax and Carly are at home talking about Michael. Carly is wondering why Sonny was so “calm.” Jax heads off to meet with his investigators.

Sonny tells Kate about his lead on Michael. Sonny blames himself for Michael running away. Sonny is upset that Michael “deliberately disobeyed” him. He wonders out loud how he can make things up to Kate. Sonny notices that Kate is finding it difficult to say what’s on her mind.

At GH, Monica and Tracy continue to battle. Tracy chases Monica and brings up her stolen car. Monica rips a piece off the shirt and Tracy takes off.

At Kelly’s, Marianna is on the phone with Ric. She plans on taking the bus home after her shift. Trevor comes into Kelly’s and confronts Marianna. Mike steps up to see what the story is. Mike and Trevor meet for the first time. Trevor insults Mike. Mike asks Trevor to leave.

On the docks, Maxie waits, as Spinelli gets dressed. Maxie is pleasantly surprised when she sees Spinelli in the suit she brought him. It seems Spinelli lost his clothes when he boarded a ship looking for Michael. The men on the ship took his clothes from him. Maxie is impressed with Spinelli’s story. Spinelli tells Maxie that Diego set up some explosives but he’s not sure where they are. As Maxie fusses with Spinelli’s hair, the laptop suddenly beeps.

Liz returns to Jason’s hospital room. It’s empty and Lucky is in the doorway.

Marianna asks Trevor to leave Kelly’s. Trevor tells Marianna to steal Ric’s papers but she refuses. Trevor threatens to hurt Ric if Marianna fails to cooperate. Randy approaches Marianna as Trevor leaves. Randy offers to help Marianna “if the price is right.”

Claudia arrives at Ric’s house.

At the coffee house, Kate tells Sonny she knows that he cheated on her.

At home, Carly gets a call from Michael. He’s on the docks, standing below Diego’s bomb.

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