GH Update Wednesday 3/12/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Liz closes the door on Jason’s room and tells him that she wishes that they could be together. An orderly comes in to change the sheets, but leaves when he sees Liz there. Liz tells him that she should go. Jason asks Liz to call Sonny for him.

Trevor and Sonny insult each other. Sonny tells Trevor that he knows someone who cares about Johnny’s welfare. Claudia comes in and asks Sonny what he did with Johnny.

Johnny looks at the music on the walls.

Lulu walks into Logan’s room with a box of stuff. She tells him that she wanted to try something new.

The doctors get ready to operate on Nikolas. He starts thrashing on the table and kicks Robin. Patrick helps Robin out of the room. Nikolas slides off the table and grabs the scalpel. He points it towards the doctors and tells them to get away from him.

Ian takes Sam back to her room. Lucky watches them from across the nurse’s station.

Lucky stops to see Spencer and Alexis. Alexis and Lucky discuss Ian.

Patrick walks out and asks Liz to page Kelly. Patrick tells Lucky that Nikolas kicked Robin in the stomach. Robin insists that she is fine and Patrick asks her, “and what about my baby?” Alexis gets up and says that she can handle Nikolas when he gets like that.

Nadine tells the rest of the staff that Nikolas wouldn’t hurt her. She takes the scalpel out of his hands and escorts him out of the room.

Lulu holds up some of the things Logan had for working on cars. She tells him that Luke taught her how to hot wire a car. Lulu tells him that he has to wake up and prove her wrong. Scott comes in and tells Lulu that he doesn’t want her doing this.

Johnny tries to finish the music on the wall, but the pen is running out of ink.

Claudia asks Sonny where Johnny is and Sonny tells her that he can remember a lot better if he didn’t have guns pointed at him. Claudia tells the men to lower their weapons. Sonny tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt Johnny, but he wants his son back. Trevor tells Sonny that he doesn’t have Michael. Claudia tells them that it is enough and that the contest is over. Claudia tells the men to get out and tells Trevor to shut his mouth and follow the men out. They leave. Sonny tells Claudia that Trevor doesn’t care if Johnny dies. She tells him that it is going to be settled between the two of them.

Nadine walks through the hospital with Nikolas. He tells her that he knows what he wants to do. Nadine thanks him for saving her. Nadine tells him that he can’t risk leaving and collapsing again. He tells her that he wanted to die in the operating room because Emily left. Nadine tells him that Emily left because she wanted him to live. Spencer calls for him and Nikolas picks him up. Nikolas holds Spencer.

Mike tells Spinelli that he might have a lead from the names that Spinelli gave him. Mike tells Spinelli that he is going to check it out and that he is taking Max with him. Maxie comes running in and sits down with Spinelli. Spinelli tells her that he is working on a very secretive missing person’s case. Maxie tricks Spinelli and grabs his computer. She tells him what building is in the picture and helps him figure out clues from the rest of the surveillance video. She realizes that Spinelli is looking for Michael. She offers to help him on the case.

Claudia closes the door and tells Sonny that they have their families in common. She tells him that she would never take his son and that Trevor is going to take advantage of what happened to Kate and to Michael. Sonny says that he isn’t sure he can trust her and that he is keeping Johnny until she gives him something to trade. Claudia tells him that Kate can’t keep up. Sonny leaves.

Monica visits Kate in her room and explains that Dr. Julian is not available. Monica asks Kate what the problem is and Kate tells her that she thinks there is something wrong.

Lulu sits by Logan’s bed. Scott goes through a box of things and Lulu tells him to ask Logan about it when he wakes up. Lulu tells Scott about Logan’s automotive skills and that he picked it up when he was in Iraq. Scott admits that he doesn’t know much about Logan. Scott tells Lulu that he wanted to be the one who talked Logan out of the coma. Scott tells her to bring Logan back since she put him there.

Johnny sits in his cell. Milo and some men come in and tell Johnny that they have orders from Sonny and that he won’t need the pen anymore. The men escort Johnny out of the room.

Jason tells Sonny that he has some theories about Michael. Jason tells him that he thinks that Michael shot Kate.

Spinelli and Maxie go to the docks and discuss what happened with Michael. Maxie tells Spinelli that she knows that Michael was on the boat.

Robin and Patrick discuss Robin working after being kicked in the stomach. Robin tells Patrick that Kelly and Dr. Ford agreed that she is okay. She tells him that he has no right to tell everyone that they are having a baby, but he tells her that he has every right.

Ian walks around the hospital and asks Nikolas why he was paged to meet him down there. Nikolas tells Ian that he is the only one who can help him now. Ian explains that Nikolas hasn’t accepted help before. Nikolas tells Ian that the only person who understands is Nadine. Ian realizes that Nikolas sees Emily and that he isn’t ready to say goodbye. Ian tells him that no one is ever ready. Nikolas tells Ian that Emily was leaving and he followed her and that he came back for his son. Ian tells Nikolas that the experimental drug isn’t going to give him Emily and his son. Nikolas tells Ian that it doesn’t matter if Robin and Patrick agree with the process.

Patrick tells Robin that he isn’t going to let her pretend that he isn’t the father. Robin tells Patrick that she is certain about what he will do. Patrick tells Robin that raising the baby in spite will only result in the baby paying for it. Robin tells Patrick that she is doing it because she loves him and he admits that he still loves her. Robin tells him that if they continue down that road, they will end up hating each other and she won’t subject her child to that. Robin walks away.

Maxie explains the clue to Spinelli. Spinelli tells Maxie that he is impressed. She tells him that she is shallow and that she and Coop had something that she didn’t realize that they had. Spinelli tells her that they have each other. He tells her that he has to get the information to Jason, but she can join him through the rest of the investigation if she wants. She wishes Spinelli luck and tells him that she knows he will find Michael. Maxie walks away.

Sonny asks Jason how Michael would shoot Kate. Jason explains that he found gun oil in Michael’s backpack. Sonny and Jason discuss the possibility that Michael had a gun. Sonny admits that he told Michael to run if he was caught with a gun. Jason suggests that maybe Michael took Sonny’s advice. Jason gives Sonny a reason for Michael to have a gun and have run away. Sonny tells Jason that if Michael did this, he would have come to him. Jason tells Sonny to think about it before he does something that he can’t take back. Sonny walks out of Jason’s room.

Kate looks at the hat that Sonny bought her. Monica walks in and tells her that the news could be better.

Trevor gets a call about Johnny’s location. Trevor tells the man to monitor the situation. Claudia realizes that Trevor is up to something. They discuss Anthony. Claudia tells Trevor not to think about sacrificing Johnny. Trevor tells Claudia that she is cheap. Claudia tells him that she will never be “daddy’s little girl” again. Trevor tells her that she will die alone and she tells him that she will kill him if Johnny dies from anything that Trevor has done. Trevor walks away.

Mike and Sonny walk into his office. Mike introduces Sonny to the boys who sold Michael the bullets on the docks. Sonny tells Max to take them out and waste them. The boys tell Sonny that they know stuff. Sonny asks them who sold the gun to Michael and the boys tell him that Michael bought a gun a couple months before, but that they don’t know who sold it to him. The boys promise to never sell guns or ammunition again.

Spinelli tells Jason what he found. Spinelli suggests that he tell Sonny, but Jason tells him not to. Spinelli and Jason discuss who they should send after Michael and Jason says that he knows someone.

Sam walks around the nurse’s station and asks Liz where Ian went. Liz yells for Lucky to catch Spencer because a cart was coming through. Sam walks away and so does Liz. Alexis and Lucky talk about how difficult things are between him, Sam and Liz. Alexis walks over and asks Nadine how Nikolas is doing. Nadine tells her that she thought Nikolas was out there with his son. Nadine and Alexis discuss how Nikolas should say goodbye to the past and start living for his son.

Ian and Nikolas discuss his condition. Ian gives Nikolas some drugs that will prolong his condition, but not improve it. Ian tells Nikolas to take the pills twice a day and Ian will monitor him privately. Ian asks Nikolas what is in it for him if he gives up the drugs. Ian gives Nikolas the pills and Nikolas takes one.

Claudia walks down the stairs and out the front door of the house. Trevor tells someone to follow her.

Sonny goes to Kate’s room and finds her gone, but finds a note there waiting for him.

Johnny is taken to another room with a window.

Lulu stands up and grabs the box. She leaves Logan’s room and he moves his fingers.

Liz visits Jason and tells him that she wishes there was some way that they could be together. She turns the lights out and leaves. Jason opens his eyes after she walks out of the room.

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