GH Update Tuesday 3/11/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/11/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

The woman tells Michael that his father might not be different than who Michael thinks he is. Michael explains to her that when people upset his father, they die. Michael tells her that if you kill someone it takes away his or her life and part of you. She comforts him.

Sonny watches Johnny on the phone. He tells Max to remember the things that the Zacchara family has done.

Johnny apologizes for leaving her waiting for him. She asks him where he is, but he says that it doesn’t matter. She asks him if he is in trouble and why he didn’t call someone like Trevor.

Trevor walks past and sees Johnny on the phone.

Mike realizes that Liz and Marianna know each other. Spinelli comes up and asks for a meeting with Mike about Michael. Spinelli and Mike walk away. Marianna thanks Liz for helping her. Liz explains her first meeting Ric.

Robin tells Nikolas that it is time to let go. Nikolas watches Emily walk away.

Ric makes a call about a restraining order for Marianna and tells the person that he doesn’t want Marianna to know about it. Ric tells the person that he will hire a private agency and hangs up. Ric walks in to Kelly’s and sees Marianna and Liz laughing.

Trevor watches Johnny on the phone and hears something so he hides. Johnny and Lulu talk about the trouble that he is in. Scott walks up behind Lulu and confronts her about talking to Johnny when she is supposed to be trying to get Logan to wake up. Johnny asks Lulu if she is all right and Sonny walks in.

Spinelli comes to see Jason and tells Jason that he has a video to show him. Jason watches a video of Michael running towards the piers.

Nadine reminds Nikolas that he is doing it for his son. Nikolas’s heart stops. Emily watches as the doctors try to bring him back.

Mike tells Ric that Marianna and Liz are friends now. Ric walks up and asks them what is so funny. They keep laughing.

Sonny realizes that Johnny called Lulu instead of Trevor. Sonny tells Johnny that he has a death wish and Sonny has no problem making that happen. Johnny tells Sonny that he doesn’t know anything about Michael’s disappearance. Sonny, Max and Milo leave.

Scott suggests that she had to share everything with Johnny, but Lulu says that it isn’t like that. Scott thinks that she wants to ruin Logan’s life because of what Scott did to Laura. Scott tells Lulu that it was too late for him to come forward because it wouldn’t have changed anything.

Lucky tells Sam that they might be getting ready to spring Sam. Lucky tells her that he came to create a diversion so that she can make a break for it. Lucky tells her that he wants to make it up to her and she tells him that she has a couple ideas. She tells him to stop beating himself up because he saved her life. She asks him to get her a glass of water and tells him that he could find out who the driver was in the hit and run. Sam asks Lucky if there is something that he isn’t telling her.

The doctors try to bring Nikolas back. Nikolas “dreams” about being with Emily and walking through a door with her.

Ric and Liz talk about Marianna. Marianna brings Liz her food and Liz leaves. Ric tells Liz that Marianna is special to him.

Patrick continues working on Nikolas. Nikolas opens a door and sees a very bright light shine through. He doesn’t understand how Heaven can have gargoyles too. Emily tells Nikolas that it isn’t Heaven. She tells him that he is still alive, but she isn’t. Nikolas wants to know why she brought him there and she tells him that she did it to convince him to stay alive.

Bobbie walks around the hospital with Spencer. Alexis tells Bobbie that Nikolas collapsed. Alexis tells Spencer to sit down and color while she talks to Bobbie about Nikolas. Alexis tells Bobbie that Nikolas is fixed on Emily. Bobbie realizes that it was a good thing that Alexis was with Nikolas and that it wasn’t just Nikolas and Spencer. Alexis suggests that it might help convince Nikolas to live if he can see Spencer.

Sam and Lucky discuss her hit and run. She tells him that someone who doesn’t come forward is just as guilty as the person who committed the crime. Lucky tells Sam that he can stay and help if she is getting out of there. Ian comes in and says that Sam isn’t going anywhere with Lucky. Lucky and Ian start arguing. Alexis calls Lucky and tells him about Nikolas. Sam tells Ian that it was unnecessary and he says that part of her really enjoyed it.

Sonny visits Jason in the hospital. Jason tells Sonny that there was gun oil in Michael’s backpack and that Spinelli found a video of Michael running toward the piers. Sonny asks Jason when he is going to be back to help find Michael and Liz tells him that Jason isn’t going to jeopardize his recovery of the use of his hands by going back to work for Sonny now. Sonny tells Liz to stay out of it. Liz tells Sonny about Jason’s injuries and the road to recovery. Liz tells Sonny that Jason gave him his life and asks Sonny not to take Jason’s hands. Jason asks Liz to leave. Sonny and Jason argue about which of their enemies Jason has been going after. Sonny suggests that Jason meant for it to work out this way.

Ric tells Marianna that it was weird to see her talking to Liz. Ric and Marianna discuss how different things should be. Marianna tells him that they all do things that they regret.

Lulu tells Scott that she didn’t use Logan to get back at Scott. Lulu and Scott argue about Luke and Laura’s relationship. Lulu says that maybe she should tell her dad the truth and Lucky asks what she is talking about.

The doctors try to work on Nikolas. Nikolas tells Emily that he refuses to let her go. She tells him that it can’t last because his vision of her will change as the tumor grows. She asks him to let go of her, for Spencer. She tells Nikolas that it is too late for the experimental drug. She tells him that he has to choose. The doctors keep working on Nikolas.

Sonny and Jason discuss what happened. Sonny suggests that maybe this is just an excuse. Sonny tells Jason that Johnny will die in 24 hours unless he gets Michael back. Jason asks him what he will do when Johnny is dead and he still doesn’t have Michael back.

Johnny continues writing music.

Lulu explains to Lucky that Scott thinks she used Logan as payback for Scott taking Laura away from them by taking over as her guardian. Scott tells Lulu that when he comes back he wants to be alone with Logan. Scott leaves. Lulu asks about Nikolas and tells Lucky about what Patrick told her.

Alexis reads to Spencer. Ian and Sam walk through the hospital. Sam asks Alexis why she is there and Alexis tells her that Nikolas collapsed and that now he is in surgery. Liz listens as Sam tells Alexis that she and Lucky were talking about the hit and run and the new leads that Lucky is following when she called.

The doctors keep working on Nikolas. Nikolas tells Emily that he doesn’t want to choose between her and Spencer. She tells him that he has to do it for Spencer. Nikolas tells her that he can’t do it. Nikolas tells Emily that there has to be a way for him to live and not have to choose. Nikolas hears Spencer call for him and looks up. Nikolas looks back down and Emily is gone. The doctors are happy when they see a pulse on Nikolas’ monitors. Patrick tells them that they need to work fast.

Ric tells Marianna that he has a present for her, but he should probably hold on to it until the appropriate time. She starts wrestling him for it and kisses him on the cheek.

Trevor tells the guard to push on Marianna for the deed to the waterfront property. Sonny walks in and tells Trevor that it has to end now. Two men walk in behind Sonny with their guns drawn.

Sam and Ian talk about how much she is pushing herself towards her recovery. Ian says that it is a good thing he didn’t let her go home with Lucky because he isn’t sure that Lucky would have given her the motivation that she needed. Sam asks Ian why he changed his mind about being her doctor.

Nikolas starts struggling and pushing people. Robin falls and Patrick rushes over to her.

Lulu takes Logan’s hand.

Johnny finishes writing the song on the walls and writes “Lulu’s” over it.

Sonny tells Trevor that he has 23 hours to get Michael back or Johnny dies. Sonny tells Trevor that if he is killed, Johnny dies.

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