GH Update Monday 3/10/08

General Hospital Update Monday 3/10/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Ian helps Sam. Ian introduces himself to Lucky. Lucky tells Ian that he took himself off of Sam’s case. Ian tells Sam that they have to go run some tests. Sam thanks Lucky and Ian takes Sam back inside. Epiphany and Cassius walk outside and talk. Cassius explains that Mr. Morrow might have had something to do with Stan’s murder. Cassius goes back inside.

Jax and Jerry talk about Carly. Jax tells Jerry that Carly is pregnant and that their mother doesn’t know. Jerry tells Jax that he can come pick up the proposal and read it. Jerry congratulates Jax and Jax leaves.

Mike tells Ric and Marianna that he will be with them soon. Ric goes out to the car to get his wallet. Mike gets over whelmed and Marianna steps up to help him. Mike tells her that she is amazing and asks her if she is looking for a job.

Robin tells Patrick that she is raising her baby on her own and that the father is some anonymous donor. She tells him that he is only the “genetic donor.” Patrick tells her that she doesn’t get to decide what kind of a father he will be and walks away.

Emily tells Nikolas that the tumor and the symptom will get worse and that he won’t be in charge of anything. Nikolas insists that she is lying to him. She tells him that if he truly loves her, he will live. She starts to walk away and Nikolas falls to his knees and starts holding his head. Alexis walks in and calls an ambulance for an unconscious Nikolas.

Marianna tells Mike all the things that she did. She turns around to see Randy.

Jerry tells someone that he has made the first step. Ian hangs up the phone and looks in the mirror.

Sonny tells Kate that he hopes she will decide to stay with him when she gets out of the hospital. He tells her that he has to make some calls about Michael and leaves. She reaches for the hat and starts having pains.

Johnny continues to draw sheet music all over the walls of his “room.” He steps back and looks at it.

Lulu visits Logan and talks to him. Scott confronts her about putting Logan in a coma. Logan moves his hand against Lulu’s.

Liz talks to Jason about what happened. Jason asks Liz why she was at Sam’s. Lucky overhears as she admits that she went to Sam’s to confess that she might have hit Sam on the road that night because she can’t live with the guilt anymore.

Lulu tells Scott that Logan’s hand moved. Patrick walks in and tells Scott that it might be because of Lulu that Logan might be getting better.

Johnny stands up and backs away from the door when Sonny and Max walk in. Sonny tells Johnny that he needs motivation.

Patrick checks Logan’s vitals and explains that most coma victims react to their visitors. Scott is skeptical about Lulu helping Logan. Patrick gets paged and leaves.

Sonny admires the music all over the room. Sonny suggests that Johnny is going to lose fingers. Sonny talks about Claudia trying to get a reaction out of Johnny.

Trevor wants to find Johnny. The guard asks if Trevor is close to getting the piers.

Marianna asks Randy what he is doing there. Randy tells her that he is responsible for her being in the country. Randy tells her that if she walks out the door with him, he won’t call immigration. Ric walks up and tells Randy that he is the only one leaving.

Jason and Liz discuss their meeting the night that Sam was hit. Lucky continues listening outside the door. Jason tells Liz that there is no reason to say anything and Lucky walks away.

Ian and Patrick discuss Nikolas’ case. Patrick tells Alexis that she can’t be in the room and Epiphany tells Patrick that they are getting things ready for the operating room. Nikolas opens his eyes and Ian tells him that he is in the hospital. Nikolas admits that he didn’t start the experimental drugs. Robin tells Patrick that she is going to scrub in for Nikolas’ surgery, but Patrick tells her that she isn’t going to be in the operating room.

Ric tells Randy that he can’t control Marianna anymore. Ric explains that Marianna is legal to be in the country. Randy gets up and leaves. Marianna suggests that Randy was right about Ric.

Lulu reminds Scott that he killed Rick Webber and let Laura take the fall. Lulu tells Scott that Logan still loves her. She tells Scott that if he cares about Logan, he will let her stay there and talk to Logan to try to bring him back to consciousness. Scott leaves.

Johnny tells Sonny that he isn’t any closer to having Michael back. Sonny tells Johnny that he is to call Trevor to get Michael back.

Michael picks up the phone and hangs it up a couple of times. The woman tells him that running doesn’t make things better, but it does make them worse.

Jason and Liz discuss what will happen if she confesses. Jason explains that Monica could have hit Sam that night. Jason asks her for a chance to find out from Monica. Liz gets paged and leaves. Spinelli comes in and gives Jason pictures. Jason tells Spinelli to show the pictures to Mike because he saw Michael trying to buy bullets.

Nikolas is taken into surgery. Monica takes a drink from her water bottle when she watches him go past the nurse’s station.

Robin and Patrick discuss his reasons for not wanting her in the operating room. He explains that he was worried about the baby because they are using a portable CT scan to monitor the tumor during surgery. Robin tells him that she will wear protective shielding and he tells her that she will be important to the surgery. Robin leaves and Leyla walks in and tells him that Robin doesn’t want him to step into the role of surrogate father. Patrick tells Leyla that Robin wants to do it on her own and that it is fine with him. Leyla tries to stop him, but he walks away.

The woman tells Michael that fathers don’t always meant what they say. She asks Michael about his father.

Sonny tells Johnny that if he doesn’t have Michael back in 24 hours, Johnny won’t be around after the 24 hours are up. Sonny, Max and Milo walk out of the room. Max suggests that maybe the Zacchara family doesn’t have Michael.

Nikolas’ surgery starts. Nikolas tells Nadine that he wants to say goodbye to Emily first, but she assures him that Emily won’t leave without saying goodbye. He looks up and sees Emily standing on the other side of the window.

Patrick and Robin discuss the surgery. Nikolas sees Emily. She leans down and kisses him before his surgery starts.

Marianna tells Ric that she doesn’t need him to protect her. She explains that Mike just hired her, so she is going to start paying him back. He realizes that she thinks of him the same way as she thinks of Randy. She tells him that she has to work. Ric leaves. She and Mike discuss Ric. Liz walks in and sees Marianna.

Trevor makes a call and tells someone that Johnny is nowhere to be found.

Lulu apologizes to Logan for hurting him. She tells him that she was scared of meaning so much to someone. She admits that she wasn’t honest with him, but that she wants to be. She asks him to wake up so that they can make it right. She gets a call from Johnny.

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