GH Update Friday 3/7/08

General Hospital Update Friday 3/7/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick talks to Liz about Jason at GH. Patrick questions that Liz brought Jake to see Jason.

Ric is with Marianna at the waterfront property. Diego’s bomb is still ticking.

Spinelli is at Kelly’s with Cassius. They are looking through Stan’s things. Maxie joins them. Spinelli looks through Stan’s box for clues. He finds a book called “The Island of Dr. Moreau.”

Jerry is outside of Kelly’s.

Carly is at GH with Dr. Lee. The doctor advises Carly to be stress free. Jax finds an emotional Carly. Jax gets a call from Jerry. Jerry asks Jax to be his business partner.

Kate and Sonny talk in her room at the hospital. Sonny wants to take Kate to his house. She’s hesitant about his offer.

At GH, Patrick apologizes to Liz for his comments. He promises not to tell Lucky about the visit.

Robin is sitting outside of the hospital.

Sam is walking outside the hospital. She doubles over and Lucky catches her.

Alexis goes to Wyndemere to see Nikolas. She’s worried about Kristina and Spencer. Nik wants to discuss his will. Emily appears.

At GH, Sonny wonders about Kate’s reservations. Kate asks Sonny what he’s keeping from her.

Claudia goes to see her father. He gives her a cold greeting. Claudia wants her dad’s help with Sonny.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas talks to Alexis about Diego. Alexis advises Nik to “live” his life again. Alexis tells Nik that no charges will be brought up against him for Diego’s death.

At GH, Sonny tells Kate about Michael. Kate is very concerned. Sonny shares his theory with Kate.

Anthony wonders what Claudia wants with Sonny. Claudia asks her father about Trevor. She wonders if Trevor ever gives Anthony pills when he visits. Anthony won’t give Claudia a straight answer.

Johnny is still locked up. Milo comes in to see him. Johnny talks about classical music. Milo leaves Johnny’s cell.

Lulu goes to GH to see Logan. She hides when Scott comes down the hall. Scott goes into Logan’s room and talks with Epiphany. Epiphany leaves Logan’s room and runs into Cassius.

Outside of Kelly’s, Jerry is on the phone with his mysterious associate. Jerry is surprised to learn that his associate is “gainfully employed” in town. Jax approaches Jerry.

At Wyndemere, Alexis explains Sam’s statement about Diego. Emily is still there. Nik talks to Alexis about losing Emily. He says, “Diego killed” his “reason to live.” Nik says his tumor “allows” him to “see” his past. He says he won’t have the surgery. Alexis is upset with Nik’s announcement. She tries to make him change his mind by bringing up Laura and Spencer. Alexis and Nikolas argue over his decision. Alexis threatens to have Nik deemed “insane.” Nik says he can’t live “without Emily.” Emily voices her disapproval on Nik’s decision.

Lucky assists Sam outside of the hospital. Lucky says the PCPD found some of Diego’s explosives in the sewer system. Lucky and Sam are concerned about Nikolas. Sam thanks Lucky for “saving” her. Lucky says he was glad to do it.

At GH, Liz and Patrick talk about Robin’s baby. Liz tries to be supportive.

Jerry and Jax talk inside of Kelly’s. Jax wonders why Jerry changed his mind about going into business.

Ric and Marianna arrive at Kelly’s. Randy lurks outside the window.

Alexis continues her conversation with Nik at Wyndemere. Alexis gets upset and leaves. Emily is upset with Nik. Emily tells Nik that what he sees and feels is not “real.” She tells him that his condition will soon worsen.

At GH, Patrick confides in Liz about the baby. Patrick is upset and disappointed. Liz wonders how Patrick feels about the baby. Patrick says he loves Robin. Liz advises Patrick to talk with Robin. Robin comes in as Liz is hugging Patrick.

Johnny is still locked away. He’s drawing musical notes on the wall.

Lulu is at GH. She leaves a message on Johnny’s phone. Lulu ducks out of site when Scott comes by. She goes in to see Logan.

At GH, Robin is upset with what she sees but says she doesn’t “care.” Liz leaves Robin alone with Patrick.

Lucky talks to Sam about saving her. Sam thinks Lucky would have saved anyone in the same position. Lucky says he’s sorry for “throwing” Sam “out” of his house. Sam blames herself. Sam says she’s “tired of being angry.” Lucky is still skeptical about Sam. Dr. Devlin arrives at the hospital and approaches Sam. He offers to walk her back to her room.

Sonny is still in Kate’s room. He feels guilty about Michael. Sonny talks with Kate about Michael wanting to “protect” his family. Kate tries to reassure Sonny. Sonny talks to Kate about Michael’s violent tendencies. Sonny says he will “end the game” with the Zacchara family. Kate advises Sonny not to “lash out.”

Claudia is still with her father. She’s managed to get some “information” from Anthony. Claudia is “surprised” that her father wants to “protect” her. Anthony asks about Johnny. Claudia promises that Johnny will be out for a visit soon. Claudia leaves.

At Wyndemere, Emily tells Nikolas that his death will not be pleasant. Nik disagrees with Emily. Emily says Nik’s condition will go from bad to “worse.” Emily tells Nik to have the surgery. Emily leaves as Nik falls to the floor, shattered and in pain

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