GH Update Thursday 3/6/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/6/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Liz is at GH in Jason’s room. Carly comes in and demands to know why Liz caused Jason’s injury.

Spinelli arrives at Kelly’s. Mike shows him the newspaper article that mentions his name in the TMK case. Spinelli is out of it. Cassius comes and congratulates Spinelli.

Robin and Nik go looking for Nadine. They return to the scene of Diego’s death. Emily appears.

Diane visits Kate in the hospital. Kate is preoccupied and crying. Diane is concerned.

Claudia arrives at the coffee house. Max won’t let her in to see Sonny. Claudia flusters Max. Sonny orders Max to get his car. Claudia makes a threat about Michael. Claudia says she has no idea where Michael is. Claudia wants to find Johnny.

Back at GH, Kate says she was just “feeling sorry” for herself. Diane and Kate share a laugh. Jax arrives to see Kate.

At GH, Liz tells Carly that all is being done to help Jason. Carly is upset that Jason hurt himself saving Liz and Sam. Carly accuses Liz of wanting Jason to retire. Epiphany comes to get Liz. She and Carly get into it. Epiphany puts Carly in her place. Epiphany leaves. Liz tells Carly to take her “drama” to Jax.

Ric takes Marianna to see the waterfront property. He fills her in on the Alcazar family. Marianna has a bad feeling about trouble brewing on the property. As Ric and Marianna walk away we see Diego’s bomb up above.

Spinelli sits down with Cassius to discuss Stan’s death. Cassius puts pressure on Spinelli. Cassius offers his help to solve the murder. Spinelli promises to help Cassius.

Jerry visits the man with the tattoo. Jerry’s associate calls him a failure and puts pressure on him. Jerry’s associate threatens to “waste” him.

Ric and Marianna are still lurking around the waterfront property. Ric has plans to transform the property and turn it into something else. Marianna wonders what Sonny and Trevor will think about Ric’s plans. Trevor suddenly arrives.

Nik and Robin continue to search for Nadine. Nik tells Robin to leave so he can be with Emily. Nik screams at Robin to “leave.” He calms down so Robin does what Nik asks. Nik talks with Emily. The two of them discuss Nadine’s fate.

Spinelli lights a candle at Georgie’s grave. Maxie arrives with flowers. It’s Georgie’s birthday.

Emily and Nik discuss Diego. Emily tells Nik he’s a good person. Nik is worried about Nadine.

At GH, Patrick explains Jason’s condition to Liz. Patrick gets paged so he leaves Jason’s room. Jason is still asleep and Liz talks to him.

Sonny is still with Claudia at the coffee house. Claudia is worried about Johnny. Claudia insists her family doesn’t have Michael.

Jax visits with Kate in her hospital room. Carly listens to their conversation at the door. Kate tells Jax that Sonny “cheated on” her. Carly looks pleased with Kate’s news.

At Georgie’s grave, Spinelli tells Maxie that Mac just left. Maxie asks Spinelli to stay with her. Maxie talks to Spinelli about Georgie. Spinelli does his best to comfort Maxie.

Nikolas and Emily search for Nadine. Nik feels guilty for leaving Nadine by herself. Meanwhile, Nadine is bound and gagged nearby. Nadine tries to scream. Nik tries to get the elevator to work. Emily disappears. Nik remembers his argument with Nadine. Suddenly Nik calls out as Nadine removes the tape from her mouth. Nadine calls out to Nik.

Jax and Kate discuss Sonny. Dr. Lee catches Carly outside of Kate’s room. Carly walks away with Dr. Lee. Kate explains Sonny’s infidelity to Jax. Jax tries to be supportive.

Claudia is still with Sonny at the coffee house. She insists that she’s not the “enemy.” Claudia says Trevor doesn’t have Michael. Claudia says Sonny’s “judgment” is “clouded.” Claudia threatens a “war” if Johnny is harmed, as she walks out the door.

Still on the waterfront, Ric tells Trevor he’s “trespassing.” Trevor insults Ric. Marianna stands up for Ric. Trevor advises Ric to sell the property. Trevor insults Marianna. Marianna walks away to wait for Ric. Trevor insults Marianna again and he and Ric get physical. Meanwhile the bomb is still ticking up above.

Nik tells Emily that Nadine has been found. Nik says he’s “afraid” of losing Emily by having surgery. Emily tries to talk Nik into moving on with his life.

Ric and Trevor argue about Marianna and happiness. Trevor says Marianna is “playing” Ric. Again, Trevor tells Ric to consider selling the property. Trevor walks away from an angry Ric.

Jerry is still with his associate. Jerry’s associate threatens him with his past. Jerry’s associate threatens Jax and Carly and the new baby. It’s news to Jerry that Carly is pregnant. Jerry’s associate brings up Stan’s death along with Jerry’s other screw-ups. Jerry warns his associate to stay away from Jax. Jerry is offended when his associate “dismisses” him.

At GH, Jax advises Kate to talk with Sonny. Jax gives Kate a box of chocolate. Jax heads off to find Carly as Sonny walks in. Sonny grills Jax about Michael. Jax gives Sonny a snide answer and leaves. Sonny goes in to see Kate.

Liz brings Jake to see Jason. Jason is still asleep so Liz takes the baby and leaves. Patrick watches Liz and Jake as they leave Jason’s room.

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