GH Update Wednesday 3/5/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu goes to Lucky’s house and Scott follows her in. Scott tells Lulu to stay away from Logan. Luke reminds Scott that he wanted Logan and Lulu apart all along.

Ric and Marianna get home and talk about her new status in the United States.

Maxie tells Spinelli to get her unstuck. He tells her that he can’t override the previous override.

Nikolas fights with Diego. Nikolas turns Diego’s head and Diego screams.

Patrick explains the situation to Jason while Liz listens. Jason asks Patrick when he can go back to work. Patrick tells Jason that he might not ever work for Sonny again and tells Jason that there are no guarantees. Patrick explains the surgery to Jason. Patrick explains that he won’t be performing the surgery. Patrick tells Jason to think of other lines of work.

Ian inspects Sam. Sam tells Ian that she is in too much pain to fight with her doctor. Ian tells her that it isn’t an emergency, but she needs to get the work done soon. Sam asks Ian if he is 2 different types of men, as well as 2 types of doctors. Ian asks her how bad she wants to know.

Alexis and Jerry talk about her past relationships. Jerry says that he will have to hire Diane as his attorney and sue Alexis for breach of contract.

Spinelli tries to get the gates to stop going up. Maxie tells him to get her out of there. The gate goes up and he rolls under it. She asks him to pull her out of the gate. He breaks a bar and helps her climb out. She grabs her shoes and the flashlight and they go up the ladder.

Diego and Nikolas argue over whose loss was worse. Diego gets free and starts to strangle Nikolas.

Maxie and Spinelli find the contents of Nadine’s purse. Maxie realizes that Spinelli smelled Chloroform on Nadine’s handkerchief. They go up the stairs to find Nadine.

Scott and Lulu argue over what happened with Logan. Luke defends his daughter, but Lulu tells him to stop. Scott suggests that Lulu is protecting Johnny.

Johnny draws music notes on the walls of the room. Sonny comes in and Johnny tells him that it is music therapy to calm him down.

Diego picks up the passport off the table after seeing his computer on the ground.

Spinelli falls and Maxie tells him that she doesn’t want to be up there by herself. Diego tells her that she won’t be and she turns around to look at him.

Alexis closes the door. Jerry and Alexis discuss his threat of charges against her. Jerry runs his finger down her face. She asks him what the account number is and picks up the phone.

Ian tells Sam about brave women and the men who lived double lives. Ian admits that he is curious about Sam and that he thinks that another doctor should take her case.

Ric brings Marianna some coffee. She admits that she was looking for a job and a room to rent. Ric tells Marianna that no one will hurt her ever again. They start kissing.

Randy picks up a picture of him and Marianna out of the snow.

Liz visits Jason. He asks if the cops found Diego. Liz and Jason discuss the risks that they have both taken. Liz tells him that saving her life probably ruined his.

Emily grabs Nikolas’ hand and tells him that he has more to do. She tells him that he can’t go yet.

Diego says that Maxie is a wonderful parting gift and that she will be long gone before the cops get there. She kicks him, but he grabs her and puts a rope around her neck. Nikolas tells him to let her go.

Alexis goes over files and Diane shows up to see her. Diane tells Alexis that it is an intervention and that she brought beer.

Ian tells Sam that he could recommend any doctor to her. She tells him that she wants him to be her doctor. She tells him that he is the reason that she is there and he tells her that blackmail doesn’t work for her. Ian leaves and tells her that no one will bother her for the rest of the night, including him.

Nikolas and Diego argue. Nikolas sees Diego strangling Emily. Maxie grabs something in her hand and grips it good. Nikolas envisions Emily’s death and Maxie stabs Diego in the leg.

Liz and Jason discuss his condition. Jason tells Liz not to feel guilty. Liz asks Jason how he knew where to find them and a cop walks in asking the same question.

Jason and Johnny discuss his “music therapy.” Sonny reminds Johnny that Kate was shot and Michael is missing. Sonny hits Johnny in the gut. Johnny tells Sonny that he doesn’t know anything about Kate or Michael. Johnny tells Sonny that he hasn’t eaten anything since he has been there and Sonny tells him that it means that his people are following orders. Sonny gives Johnny the marker back and leaves. Johnny throws the marker.

Luke tells Scott to leave. Scott suggests, again, that Lulu is covering for Johnny. Luke wants to know what Logan did to Lulu. Lulu tells Scott that Logan wouldn’t stop when she asked him to let go. Luke asks Alice to throw Scott out. Scott tells Lulu that she is hiding something and it will come out because it always does. Lulu speaks up and says, “What, like what you did to my mother?” Luke asks what Scott did to Laura.

Ric and Marianna lay on the couch covered with a blanket. He tells her that he wants to take her somewhere downtown the following day. He offers to take her to see the waterfront properties because she has a good sense about things. Marianna tells Ric about her mother. They kiss and Ric holds her.

Alexis tells Diane about her visit with Jerry. Diane compares Sonny and Jerry.

Liz tells the detective that Jason can’t answer questions because he is on his way to surgery. Patrick comes in and announces that he is taking Jason to the operating room. Jason tells the detective to check the warehouse where Sam shot Diego.

Diego and Nikolas fight. Diego slips on some rope and hangs himself. Spinelli and Nikolas rush over and look.

Scott tells Luke what Lulu is talking about. Alice offers to walk Scott out. Lulu asks about Alice and Luke tells her that Alice will be there until he can move around on his own. Luke asks Lulu if she is protecting Johnny and Lulu tells Luke that she thought Logan was the killer and hit him. Lulu admits that what she did to Logan and what Laura did to Rick Webber are a little too close for comfort. Lulu asks about Laura’s records and Luke tells her where to look. Luke tells Lulu that secrets always come out. Lulu goes upstairs.

Mac and Lucky rush in and Nikolas tells them that Diego is upstairs hanging from the catwalk. Nikolas looks down and sees Nadine’s things and asks what happened to Nadine. Nikolas collapses.

Johnny remembers playing music for Lulu.

Lulu looks through her mom’s old records.

Marianna looks at the deed while Ric sleeps on the couch.

Randy gets Ric’s number.

Two women on the corner ask Ian if he wants to party. He picks out the brunette.

Regina helps Sam walk through the hospital.

Jason is taken into surgery and Patrick tells Liz that he doesn’t know how it will turn out. Liz and Patrick talk about children and the parents getting back together.

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