GH Update Tuesday 3/4/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Epiphany asks Regina where everyone is and isn’t pleased to find out that Liz, Nadine and Monica are nowhere to be found. Everyone welcomes Epiphany back. Epiphany says that nothing has changed around there and Patrick tells her that some things have.

Sonny shows up at Carly’s and tells her that there is no news on Michael. Sonny asks her how she and Morgan are doing. Carly tells Sonny that she is pregnant.

Maxie complains because Spinelli can’t get them out of there and she doesn’t have cell phone service. She drops her phone in the “mess” on the floor.

Nikolas and Nadine show up at the place where Sam shot Diego.

Lucky tells Liz to check on Jason. Lucky yells for Sam. Liz sees the cuts on Jason’s hands. Lucky looks over the bridge and hears Sam calling for help. He sees her but she starts to slip. Sam keeps yelling for help. Sam struggles to hang on to the bridge and Lucky grabs her hand. Lucky struggles trying to help her up.

Maxie’s phone rings and Spinelli tells her that she should answer it. Maxie tells him that her phone is in the sewer water and she isn’t going to put it anywhere near her face. Spinelli reaches for the phone as it stops ringing.

Nikolas and Nadine look for evidence that Diego is living there. She searches through her purse for a flashlight. Nikolas explains why he hates the killer. Nadine suggests that Diego feels justified.

Michael brings in firewood and the woman thanks him. She suggests that he calls home and tells them his reasons for running away. He explains that he ran away because he shot someone.

Sonny and Carly discuss her pregnancy. Carly explains that Sonny and Jason are the only people who know about her pregnancy and that she was going to tell the boys the night that Michael disappeared, but it didn’t happen because Michael never came home. Carly and Sonny discuss Michael’s disappearance. Sonny tells Carly that the Zacchara’s are behind Michael’s disappearance. Jax comes in. He asks Sonny about the possibility that he is wrong about it and it costs hem Michael.

Patrick goes over the patient charts. Ian comments on a nurse’s demotion. Patrick comments on Ian’s changes. Epiphany asks Patrick if there is anything she can help him with and Patrick announces that he isn’t there officially. Patrick and Robin start ranting and Epiphany asks them what is wrong between them now.

Spinelli daydreams about being in a black and white film with Maxie.

Nikolas and Nadine discuss his surgery and his motives for going after Diego. Nadine tells Nikolas that Emily will still be gone no matter what he does. Nikolas tells her that she is an amazing nurse, but her life doesn’t go much past the locket outside the hospital. Nikolas asks who the person in the locket is, but Nadine refuses to talk about it. Nikolas tells her to leave and walks away from her. She starts putting things back in her purse and Diego walks out of a door and watches her.

Lucky tells Sam to hold on and to trust him. He pulls her up on the bridge and holds her. She tells him that he didn’t have to save her life, but he claims that he did. Liz holds Jason and watches Lucky and Sam. They hear sirens and Lucky and Sam stand up.

Jerry walks into Alexis’ office. Alexis asks him why he doesn’t knock. She tells him that she has work to do. Alexis offers to help him find another attorney and recommends Diane. Alexis gives him another attorney’s name and Jerry says that the purpose is to spend time alone with her.

Patrick tells Robin to tell Epiphany what the problem is and Robin explains that she doesn’t have a problem. Robin says that the screaming is better coming from the baby than the father.

Sam explains that everyone thought that Diego was dead and tells them that Diego told her that he wanted revenge. Mac realizes that Jason is responsible. Liz explains that Jason saved all of their lives. Lucky tells Mac that Diego is still out there. Mac wonders why Georgie was murdered. Sam tells Mac that it was supposed to be Maxie because Maxie sent him to prison, but Georgie got Maxie’s text and showed up in the park and saw his face so he had to kill her. Liz explains that she was at Sam’s apartment at the wrong time.

Maxie sits down next to Spinelli. She asks him what was wrong with Georgie that made him never notice her.

Nikolas wanders around and trips over some ropes. He tries to get a door open.

Nadine keeps putting things in her purse and Diego grabs her. She struggles, but he doesn’t let go.

Alexis tells Jerry that their relationship is professional only. She tells him that she doesn’t play with fire. He comments on her past relationships with Ric and Sonny. Alexis explains why he should use Diane as his attorney. He tells her that he doesn’t want another attorney and that he wants her.

Nikolas trips over ropes.

Nadine keeps struggling and grabs something out of her purse and sprays it in Diego’s eyes. She hits him with a board and yells for Nikolas.

Nikolas remembers seeing Emily die.

Spinelli tells Maxie that there was nothing wrong with Georgie. Spinelli explains that he hasn’t ever been in a position to give everything to someone. He goes back to his computer.

Mac and Lucky realize what happened at Sam’s apartment. Sam tells them that Diego drugged her when he took her into and out of the warehouse. Mac promises Sam that he will get Diego. Lucky tells Mac that he is too close to the case. Mac tells Lucky to go to the hospital and get patched up. Liz asks about Jason. She turns around and sees Sam. Liz explains that Max saw Diego kidnap her and probably called Jason. Sam asks why Liz was at her apartment. Mac comes over to take Liz’s statement.

Nikolas rushes to where he left Nadine. He finds Chloroform and a cloth. He runs back up the stairs.

Spinelli tells Maxie that the signal is too bad to raise the gate. Spinelli tells Maxie to try to get through the bars. She tries, but gets stuck.

Alexis tells Jerry that she isn’t going to do it and that Diane is capable. He tries to change her mind. She tells him to leave her alone. He asks her for a reason and she tells him that the reason is his brother.

Sonny and Jax discuss the possibility that the Zacchara’s took Michael. Sonny tells Jax that they are his kids and they start arguing. Carly tells them to stop.

Michael tells the woman that he shot his father’s girlfriend on accident. She asks where he got the gun and he explains that he bought it, but didn’t know how to use it. He admits that he doesn’t know if he killed her or not. She explains that no one is looking for him on the news. Michael suggests that they don’t care and she tells him to find out. Michael tells her about his father’s warning. She goes to fix dinner and asks him if he is staying. She tells him that running away can cause more trouble.

Patrick and Robin discuss the labels. Robin asks him if he was relieved when he thought the baby wasn’t his and he admits that he was. Robin tells him that the baby was conceived in grief, not love and she isn’t going to add his confusion to the mix.

Sonny tells Carly and Jax that he has it under control and that Jason is looking into the Lorenzo thing. He tells Carly to be a good mother and to let him bring Michael home. He asks her if she trusts him and she goes back inside. Sonny leaves.

Michael curls up on the couch and the woman brings him the phone.

Ian kisses Leyla and asks if his heart was in it. She tells him that if he tries it again, she will report him for sexual harassment.

Lucky visits Sam and says that he is going after Diego. Sam tries to talk him out of it and tells him to be careful. Ian comes in.

Patrick consults on Jason’s case. He explains the damage to Jason’s hands.

Maxie tells Spinelli to do something, but yells at him when he tries to help her. Spinelli’s computer goes off and tells Maxie that the grates are going to be going into the ceiling.

Diego checks his computer and gets ready to set the explosives. Nikolas comes up behind him and tells him that the game is over.

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