GH Update Monday 3/3/08

General Hospital Update Monday 3/3/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Liz asks Diego why he killed Emily. Diego explains that Emily was Jason’s sister. Liz attacks Diego and the car crashes on the bridge. The car hangs half off the bridge. The car rocks back and forth and Liz wakes up. She sees Diego unconscious on the front seat and tries to move forward to get the keys to the handcuffs. The car rocks and Liz jumps back. Sam opens her eyes. Diego moves his head and Liz grabs the keys to the handcuffs and starts trying to unlock them. She gets them out and looks out the window. She sees that they are over the side of the bridge. She opens the driver’s door of the car and tries to get out over Diego, but the car rocks again. She tries again and hears Sam in the trunk. Liz tries to pop the backseat loose and Diego grabs her.

Lucky drives along the road and turns on the sirens.

Diego tells Liz to sit down and shut up. He closes the door, but Liz keeps struggling. He hears the sirens and tells Liz that if she screams, she dies first.

Lucky calls for backup.

Diego tells Liz to get down and shoots at Lucky. Liz screams for Lucky.

Jason moves around behind Lucky’s car. He moves towards Lucky and sees the car rock back and forth. Jason pulls Lucky to the back of the car and grabs his gun. He hears a gunshot from the car.

Patrick asks Robin if the baby is his and she admits it. She closes the door and tells Patrick that she planned on going to the sperm bank. Leyla comes in and tells Patrick that Dr. Julian needs a consult. Robin tells Patrick that after Georgie’s funeral she felt like she was drowning and somehow she ended up in front of Patrick’s building. She tells him that it was just about finding comfort. She tells him that she wasn’t trying to trick him into getting her pregnant and she didn’t tamper with the condom. He realizes that she knew that the condom broke. He asks her why she didn’t tell him and she says that she was going to, but nothing had changed. He tells her that he is going to be a father, so something changed.

Claudia introduces herself to Kate. Claudia tells her that she slept with Sonny. Kate wonders why Claudia would tell her about it.

Trevor gets beaten up in an alley. Sonny walks in. Trevor wants to know why it is happening. Sonny tells Trevor that Anthony will get Johnny back when he gets Michael back.

Maxie and Spinelli argue. He tells her that they are trapped.

Sam tries to get free.

Jason watches the car and moves towards it. Jason opens the door and Diego gets out. They struggle over a gun and Jason pushes Diego into the car. Liz wakes up in the backseat when the car starts to rock.

Claudia tells Kate that it is unfair to be kept in the dark. Claudia claims that she is doing Kate a favor. Kate realizes why Claudia is really there.

Trevor tells Sonny that Jason is the only sane one in the organization. Sonny tells Trevor that he wants Michael back. Trevor says that Sonny made it personal and he made it reckless. Trevor tells Sonny that he has fear in his eyes.

Patrick and Robin discuss her reactions. Patrick tells Robin that he was committed and faithful. Robin tells Patrick that she knows he would want to do the right thing and that she wasn’t going to force him into a life that he doesn’t want. Patrick tells her to stop telling him what he wants and she asks him what he wants.

Kate tells Claudia why Sonny slept with her. Kate tells Claudia that Sonny was using her, but Claudia thinks that Kate is making up excuses. Kate realizes that Claudia came there to see the competition, but Claudia denies it saying that she doesn’t see any competition.

Sonny and Trevor talk about family. Trevor suggests that Sonny is slipping. Sonny tells him that if Michael gets injured in anyway, he will go after Trevor. Trevor tells Sonny about a conversation he had with Sonny’s mother. Trevor tells Sonny that there will be consequences. Trevor leaves.

Jason and Diego fight. Liz feels the car rock. Diego runs and Liz screams for Jason. Jason jumps on the trunk of the car leveling it back out.

Patrick admits that he knew that there was something going on and that he didn’t want it, but now it is happening. He tells her that she has to let him be a part of it, but she tells him that she doesn’t have to let him be a part of anything.

Claudia tells Kate that she is a poor judge of women. Claudia tells Kate to ask Sonny about it. Claudia claims to know exactly who Kate is. Claudia leaves. Sonny arrives to see Kate and brings her a present.

Maxie and Spinelli argue about being stuck. Maxie suggests that there are alligators in there, but Spinelli refuses to believe it. Spinelli explains that he can’t get them out for 24 hours.

Jason hears his bike. He tells Liz to get down and he kicks the back window out. The car starts to rock.

Robin tells Patrick that nothing has changed and tells him that he isn’t a father in any sense of the word. Patrick asks her to give him a minute to absorb the information. She tells Patrick that she will tell people that the father was a sperm donor and it would be the truth. Robin tells him to go out to a bar and check out the hottest woman there. He says that it sounds like a good idea and leaves. Robin stands there crying.

Claudia walks into a bar and orders a drink. She asks Trevor what he wants. He tells her that Sonny kidnapped Johnny. She informs him that steps are already been taken. Claudia and Trevor discuss their motives.

Kate wonders why Sonny brought her a present. He tells her to open it and she pulls out the hat that her cousin let her wear. They discuss the hat that she wore when they were younger. Sonny explains why he bought it and she looks away. He asks her if she is okay.

Maxie and Spinelli continue to argue. She complains because her shoes are ruined. Spinelli’s computer goes off and he tells Maxie that the text message killer is dead.

Jason tells Liz to climb out and she tells him that Sam is in the trunk. Sam tries to get the ropes untied while Liz checks on Lucky. Sam starts to get out through the backseat and the car starts rocking again.

Sonny asks Kate what is going on and thinks that it might be something the doctors told her. Kate tells Sonny that it is just the medication and the memories. Kate envisions Sonny sleeping with Claudia while he is telling her about his feelings for her. He tells her that he wants to make her smile like she did when they were younger.

Trevor tells Claudia about Sonny having him kidnapped. Claudia tells Trevor that she won’t let Johnny be put at risk because Trevor wants to watch Sonny squirm. Trevor tells Claudia not to make it personal. Trevor tells her that Sonny blames them for shooting Kate. Trevor suggests that they help Sonny find Michael. Trevor leaves and Patrick walks in. He and Claudia look at each other.

Maxie and Spinelli discuss the possibility of Lorenzo being the killer. Spinelli explains that the only possibilities are Lorenzo and Diego.

Liz takes off her coat and puts it on Lucky.

Jason tells Sam to climb out. She starts to move and the car goes off the bridge. Jason yells for Sam. Liz and Lucky look towards Jason’s voice and watch the car go off the bridge.

Kate tells Sonny that she is tired. He says that he will make up the hell he put her through. He promises that things will be different and that nothing will come between them. Kate turns her head and closes her eyes. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. She opens her eyes again.

Claudia and Patrick flirt across the bar. She walks past him and leaves.

Robin has an ultrasound done and Kelly shows her images of the child.

Lucky tells Liz to check on Jason. Lucky yells for Sam, but doesn’t get a response. Liz sees cuts on Jason’s hands. He leans over the edge of the bridge and yells for Sam again.

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