GH Update Friday 2/29/08

General Hospital Update Friday 2/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the hospital, Patrick wants to find out what is going on with Robin and her pregnancy. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it. It’s none of his business. He's made it clear he wants no part of having a relationship with her nor having a child. They are ready to perform surgery. But he is distracted about her business and how she wants to do things on her own. He knows she's hiding something.

Sonny visits Kate in the hospital and reflects about how when she first came to town, how she distanced herself from Manhattan and everything. He asks her if she still wants to be with him after what he has “done to her”. She asks just what he has done to her.

Lulu goes looking for Johnny at his house. But he is not there. Anthony’s daughter comes down the stairs and eyes her coldly. He demands to know whom Lulu is. Lulu replies that she is a ‘Friend” of Johnny’s. Anthony's daughter replies that she never thought Johnny had any friends and ass her if she knows what happens to “little girls” who get mixed up with Johnny Zacchara.

Sam is being held captive by Diego Alcazar. And at that point, Alexis is leaving messages for her but unable to find her.

Jason goes to Elizabeth’s home and notices that she is not there. But she is getting calls on her cell phone.

Diego is driving both Elizabeth and Sam when Elizabeth smacks him and causes his car to go out of control. At that point, he has an accident. The car goes out of control and almost goes off the bridge. And all three of them are unconscious.

In Kate’s hospital room, after she has not answered Sonny’s question about what, specifically he has done to her, he replies that he remembers their history and many of the things he has “done to her. She then tells him that she has memories of their younger days when she was jealous of girls who like him. But she asks him to finish what he was about to tell her in regard to: “all the terrible things he’s done to her.” He tells her he is afraid that she is in this hospital room because of him. He tells her he knows that she had a “conversation” with Trevor and he asks her what exactly it was that Trevor said to her. Knowing what really happened and not wanting to reveal it to Sonny, she tells Sonny that she does not believe that Trevor would shoot her. He then tells her that even if Trevor would not do it, he believe it would have had to be somebody who was involved in the Zacchara organization.

Max and Milo go to find Johnny. It looks like they have “abducted” him and have him in a “padded cell” where he cannot get out.

After Lulu goes looking for Johnny and runs into his sister, a servant comes and apologizes to Ms. Zacchara for letting this girl get in their without his knowledge. She tells him, sarcastically that she will forgive him in his next paycheck which will be the last he gets. Claudia then reveals to Lulu that she is Anthony's daughter and Johnny’s half sister. She introduces herself to Lulu in a sarcastic way. And she tells Lulu that she knows that she (Lulu) is the reason why her father is in the hospital, paralyzed.

Jason picks up Elizabeth’s cell phone and he hears the conversation where “somebody” informs her that she is responsible for what happened to his father.

Right then, Diego’s car slips. And it looks like it might fall in the river. Elizabeth sits up and seems to know what is going on.

At the hospital, Patrick and Ian are observing Robin and how good she is with patients. She cares about a man who is devastated by what happened to his daughter. And they tell Dr. Ford that he does not care about anybody. He is arrogant and has no compassion for anybody.

Jerry Jax goes to see Alexis. She doesn’t want to talk to him and reminds him that she is the DA. She is worried about Sam. She knows that something is wrong and her daughter might be in danger. But right then, she notices that he is bleeding and it looks like he has been shot.

Spinelli and Maxie are out on a mission trying to find the killer. They know that something is going on that is not right.

Jason is able to tell from Elizabeth’s phone that Diego Alcazar is telling her that he is going to do to her what was done to his father. He knows that although everybody believes that Diego Alcazar is dead, that is his voice. And he has concluded that he has taken Elizabeth (and maybe Sam as well) to hangman’s bridge.

Right then, while entrapped in the car, Elizabeth is the only one awake. She goes into the pockets of unconscious Diego and finds some things of interest. But she notices that the car is suspended on the bridge, hanging and ready to fall.

Alexis demands to Jerry that he tells her who shot him and why. And she reminds him that she is not asking him as a friend. He does not answer. He reminds her that her nephew assaulted him in a fit of rage. She tells him she knows her nephew did not do it. He reminds her that Nikolas has a tumor the size of a golf ball. She tells him that she knows he has some secret about something. He just wandered into her office because he needs to hide from something. She asks just what it is. She tells him she believes that he went into her office in order to check her messages and find Rick. She tells him she believes that he wants to Waterfront Property. He asks her where Ric is. But he tells her he does not want her locked up nor out of the picture. Not now. He tells her that there will be a battle. And he is the only person with a vested interest in keeping Ric alive. She asks if he believes or wants her to believe that he is doing this for her benefit.

Claudia asks Lulu if she really “likes” Johnny. She replies yes. Claudia tells her good because she will give her a chance to prove it.

In Kate’s hospital room, Sonny reminds her that Easter is coming up soon. And he wants to buy her a big yellow hat. She laughs.

Jason tells Max that he knows that not only is Elizabeth in danger so is same. And he asks what about Nikolas and the nurse. Right then, Nikolas enters with the nurse he met at that hospital and asks Jason what he is asking about them.

Elizabeth is struggling to get out of the car while Sam is stuck in the trunk with duct tape over her mouth. And at that point, Diego awakens, grabs Elizabeth and asks her if she is going anywhere.

Kate talks to Sonny about the types of costumes she can design for Easter. She talks all about the designer expertise she has. And she reflects that it would be so great for the two of them to be together smiling and the world is so much less complicated than it is now. Lulu is outside the hospital room and is looking for Johnny. She tells Sonny she has to find him. But he tells her that she wont’ be able to find him now. He tells her that Johnny will turn up when he wants him to turn up.

Right then, Johnny struggles to get out of the padded room. He demands that somebody lets him talk to Sonny now. He is unsuccessful in getting out. But he discovers a black magic marker.

Jason goes to the hospital with Nikolas and they argue about how to save Sam and Elizabeth.

While Diego is in the car with the two women, Lucky is driving not far away trying to find them.

Diego pulls a gun on Elizabeth when she tries to fight him and escape.

At the hospital, Robin is in the maternity ward with the father of the new baby who just lost his wife. She wants to encourage him to hold his child. He asks her just how it can work. She tells him one day at a time and one emotion at a time. She really has a great way with this man and his baby. He is really grateful to her. Patrick observes them and looks at Robin in awe. The man cries. Robin holds the baby and talks to her. She really bonds with the baby. Patrick is looking at her through the window. She turns and sees him.

Maxie and Spinelli are brainstorming to find a way to get past a gate in order to find the killer. He is dependent upon his computer and all of his “jargon”. She reminds him that his plan has ruined her very expensive shoes.

Nikolas talks to his nurse friend about what it’s meant for him to lose Emily. He did not know that he would not have any more time with her. He tells her he is determined to get revenge upon Diego Alcazar for killing his fiancé. She then tells him that maybe he should return to Windermere to “find” Emily. Hearing that, he tells her that she has inspired him with an idea. And he tells her he wants to take her somewhere.

Lucky finds Diego’s car suspended from a bridge. He attempts to rescue the women. But Diego shoots him and he falls to the ground.

Alexis gets on the phone to inform Lucky that she is worried about Sam.

Jerry is on the phone with a mysterious contact who has a tattoo, and he reveals to this individual that he has another identity. And he is determined to obtain the Waterfront Property.

Claudia finds Sonny. He knows that she knows where Michael is. But she reminds him all that she remembers about their history. And she tells him he must tell her where Johnny is in order to find Michael. He tells her he knows that Trevor has something to do with it.

Patrick finds Robin in the locker room and asks her how it was to hold Joe’s baby. She asks him if they have to get into this now. He tells her that she must have seen that all children need both a mother and a father. She tells him that she knows what she is doing with her patients and with her own life in regard to her own baby. He tells her that she must tell him who her baby’s father is. And he tells her that he knows that he is the baby’s father. She hesitates but replies to him that the answer to that is yes. She is.

When Johnny is stuck in the padded room, he draws lines with the black magic marker. And he writes music with notes while we hear piano music

Outside Kate’s room, Sonny declares that Johnny will stay in captivity until he gets his son back. Claudia walks into Kate’s room to inform her that he has been sleeping with Sonny behind Kate’s back.

Maxie and Spinelli are attempting to get the guard rail to move.

After lucky gets shot by Diego, Jason appears and is ready to save the two women.

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