GH Update Thursday 2/28/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/28/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick and Ian are at GH. The doctors agree to go have a drink. Ian walks away as Robin gets off the elevator. Patrick wants to discuss the baby with Robin.

Carly is at home painting. Jax wonders why she’s painting the nursery. Carly is worried about Michael.

Jason is at the coffee house. He’s discussing Michael on the phone with Sonny. They both have different ideas about Michael. Sonny hangs up when Jason brings up Johnny.

Nikolas and Emily return to the scene of her murder. Nikolas relives the murder. Nadine finds Nik passed out. Nikolas tells Nadine he saw the killer.

Diego goes to Sam’s to pack her things. Sam’s phone is on the floor. Diego puts on his mask and goes out the door to find Liz there. Liz tries to run but Diego catches her and drags her into the apartment.

At GH, Robin says she has “nothing” to talk with Patrick about. Joe runs off the elevator. He’s worried about his wife and the baby. Patrick promises to help Joe.

Carly is still painting the nursery. Jax thinks Michael’s disappearance has nothing to do with Sonny’s business. Jax says he’s put some investigators on the case.

Michael is asleep on a couch. Someone wakes him up.

Still at the coffee house, Jason unpacks Michael’s backpack. He finds gun oil in it.

Lulu attacks Maxie and Spinelli at the coffee house. Lulu is mad because they made Logan look guilty of the murders. Maxie stands up for Spinelli. Maxie and Lulu get into a physical fight. Jason breaks up the fight. Maxie blames Lulu for doubting Logan. Jason yells at Spinelli and tells him to stop investigating the murders.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is upset with his memories. Nadine tries to help him. Nik is afraid that Emily will disappear. Nik sees the murder again. He sees Emily remove Diego’s mask. Nik fears that nobody will believe him because Diego is presumed dead.

At the coffee house, Jason tells Spinelli to give up the “private eye stuff.” He sends Maxie off. Jason tells Spinelli about Michael. Jason has Spinelli do some investigating about Michael. He also tells Spinelli about the bank withdrawals regarding Alcazar. Jason heads off. Nikolas comes and tells Jason about Diego.

Diego is still at Sam’s. He tidies up then leaves. Sam’s phone is still on the floor.

At the coffee house, Jason believes Nikolas about Diego. Jason puts a call in to Max.

A crazy old woman holds a gun on Michael in an undisclosed location.

Sonny goes to see Kate at GH. Mike is with her.

Still wearing his face mask, Diego takes an unconscious Liz and secures her in his car. Max happens upon Diego in the parking garage. Max pulls his gun.

Dr. Lee talks to Patrick and Robin about Joe’s wife. Ian interrupts. There is concern about Joe’s wife’s condition.

Mike and Sonny talk about Michael. They are still in Kate’s room. Mike is upset that Sonny failed to tell him about Michael. Mike is offended that Sonny never introduced him to Kate.

Maxie and Spinelli are in Jason’s office. Maxie snoops around. Spinelli finds the significance of the numbers that Coop wrote. The are located somewhere in the sewer system.

At the coffee house, Nik tells Jason that nobody else knows about Diego killing Emily.

In the parking garage, Max holds his gun on Diego. Max sees Liz in the car. Max and Diego have a shoot out. Sam is in the trunk of the car. She wakes up to the gunfire. Diego drives off and runs over Max.

At GH, Ian is concerned about over the counter vitamins that Joe’s wife may be taking. Robin and Patrick are curious about his news. Dr. Lee rushes over and says Angie (Joe’s wife) is “critical.” The doctors rush to save her.

Still in Kate’s room, Mike is upset that Sonny doesn’t consider him a priority. Mike talks to Sonny about their past. Mike has a memory about seeing Sonny with Connie.

Lulu is outside on the phone leaving a message for Johnny. She’s concerned that he never showed up for their date. Lulu heads off to look for Johnny.

At the coffee house, Nikolas tells Jason he will find Diego. Jason gets a call from Max. Max tells Jason about Liz.

Diego is driving with Liz handcuffed inside the car and Sam in the trunk.

Sonny and Mike are still with Kate at GH. Mike tells Sonny he should be more foregiving. Sonny thanks Mike for taking the bullets from Michael. Mike leaves Kate’s room. Kate wakes up and says she agrees with Mike.

The old woman (Peg) gives Michael some candy. Peg grills Michael about his situation. Michael says he “did something bad.” He tries to leave but Peg stops him,

At home, Jax tells Carly that his “team” is searching for information on Michael. Carly is unhappy with the green paint she chose for the nursery.

Jason, Nadine, and Nik find Max in the parking garage. Max is hurt, but ok. Jason grills Max about what he saw.

Diego is still driving with his two prisoners. Sam is awake and in the trunk. Liz starts to wake up. She tries to free herself. Diego tells her to sit back and enjoy the ride. Liz pulls of Diego’s face mask.

At GH, Robin and Patrick discuss Angie. Patrick questions Robin about the baby.

Lulu goes to the Zacchara house looking for Johnny. She runs into Claudia.

Sonny is happy that Kate is awake. Kate asks about Michael. Kate and Sonny discuss the memory of them that Mike talked about.

Maxie and Spinelli head to the sewer system looking for clues about the killer.

Jason arrives at Sam’s.

In the car, Liz questions Diego about Emily. Liz attacks Diego and he loses control of the car. The car teeters on the edge of a bridge.

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