GH Update Wednesday 2/27/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/27/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jason walks into Sonny’s office and sees Claudia sitting behind the desk.

Kate wakes up and sees Sonny. He tells her that his business deal is being handled.

Some men push Trevor down.

Max and Milo put Johnny in a padded room.

Lulu tells Liz that she needs to talk to someone. Scott tells Lulu that before the day is over she will be arrested for attempted murder of Logan.

Diego comes back with his breakfast and tells her that there is no point in wasting good food if she is going to die. Sam tells Diego that he won’t get away with it because people will come looking for her. Diego tells her that she will be part of Jason’s burial ground. He grabs a pill bottle and she asks him what he is taking. He explains that when she shot him, his liver was damaged. Diego tells Sam that he almost felt bad about Georgie. Sam says that Lorenzo got what he deserved. Diego puts a bomb on Sam’s lap and tells her that she and everyone else will get what they deserve too.

Kate tells Sonny everything that she can remember about Claudia’s visit. Dr. Julian comes in and Sonny leaves for a little while. Sonny tells Kate that the woman won’t bother her again.

Jason tells Claudia that if she wants to keep the peace, she needs to tell him what she knows about Michael’s disappearance and Kate’s shooting. Claudia asks Jason what he wanted to be when he grew up and he replies that he has been told that he wanted to be a doctor. Claudia realizes that he was in an accident. Jason asks her about his proposal. Claudia suggests that he can offer a truce between the families.

Johnny pounds on the door to the padded room and starts screaming.

Ian walks up. Scott tells Lulu that she will pay for what she did. Ian grabs a hold of Scott’s arm and tells him to behave accordingly. Lucky walks up and suggests that he and Scott go somewhere to talk. Ian lets go of Scott. Lucky and Scott walk away. Ian tells Liz that she can take a break and stay with Lulu. Ian asks for some contact numbers for some of his patients.

Nadine sees Nikolas lying on the ground unconscious. Nadine helps him up and asks him what happened. Nikolas explains that he had to leave the hospital and says that he has to get back to Wyndemere. Nadine helps Nikolas.

Epiphany gets ready to be discharged from the hospital. Cashius tells Epiphany that his mother died from a heart attack. He explains the similarities between Epiphany and his mother. Dr. Julian tells Epiphany that they are going to take a little detour.

Mike gets the restaurant ready for the “Go Red” party. Monica asks what the local group is called. Bobbie tells Maxie that she doesn’t have to be there and that everyone will understand if she doesn’t stay. Maxie tells Spinelli that there is a lot he doesn’t know about her. Spinelli explains that he only has 12 hours to turn over all of his evidence against the text message killer to Mac.

Diego tells Sam that the bomb isn’t set to go off yet. Sam asks what Coop ever did to Diego. Diego explains that Coop was getting too close. Diego leaves and tells Sam that she can scream all she wants. Diego tells Sam that he wants Carly to know it was him and that he wants Sonny to mourn her death. Diego explains that he is taking away the prize that everyone thought that they would get when they killed Lorenzo.

Johnny asks what is going on and Sonny tells him that it is whatever Trevor makes it.

Nadine and Nikolas get to Wyndemere and she asks him if he is sure about this. Nikolas says that Emily is the key to remembering what happened the night Emily died. Nikolas tells Nadine to wait in the hall until he tells her that it is okay to come in. She wishes him luck. Nikolas goes into the ballroom and sees Emily.

Maxie and Spinelli go over the evidence. He tells her to take notes on the evidence.

Jason tells Claudia that they are done. Claudia offers to bring down Trevor. Jason agrees to pass the message on to Sonny.

Maxie pulls out the gift-wrap from Coop’s Valentine’s Day present to her. She tells Spinelli that there is writing on the gift-wrap. Maxie reads the message “TMK – DRN 17” to Spinelli and he grabs it.

Diego walks around. Coop’s message is written on the wall where Diego is walking.

Sam gets untied and realizes that the door is locked. She sees an air vent.

Claudia asks Jason about where Johnny is. Claudia tells Jason that he might be the only reason that Johnny isn’t dead already. Claudia tells Jason to get Sonny to release Johnny in 20 minutes or all bets are off.

Johnny asks where he is and Sonny explains that it is an abandoned psychiatric ward. Sonny explains that there is a reason that Johnny has no socks, shoes or shirt while he is there. Sonny asks where Michael is and explains his meeting with Trevor. Sonny and Max walk back out the door.

Lulu and Lucky discuss Lulu’s attractions to Johnny and Logan. Lucky explains what happened with Liz and Sam. Lucky admits that he isn’t sure that he is over Sam. Lucky tells Lulu to take her time to make a decision about Johnny and Logan.

Liz hands Ian a piece of paper with Nikolas’ phone number and Sam’s address and phone number on it. Liz admits that she doesn’t like Sam.

Sam gets into the air vent and starts moving around.

Diego picks up a bomb and sets it. He places it on a rafter.

Monica talks to the group at Kelly’s. Epiphany walks in and they greet her. She turns and walks back out. Monica, Dr. Julian and Cashius walk outside and tell Epiphany what the “Go Red Movement” is about. They tell her why she should be there. Epiphany tells them that it feels like an intervention.

Jason tells Sonny that Claudia is offering a deal. Sonny tells Jason that he isn’t going to inform him of Johnny’s whereabouts. Sonny tells Jason to get back to work. Jason tells Sonny that he knows what his priorities are.

Claudia walks back into Sonny’s office. Claudia suggests that she should tell Kate about the way that she met Sonny.

Sam moves around in the air ducts. She punches another vent out and crawls through it. She collapses in pain and Diego turns the lights on. Diego explains that he made it so that she couldn’t get out. He tells Sam that they have to make it look like she left.

Emily tells Nikolas to focus on what he saw. Nikolas sits down while holding onto Emily’s hand. They close their eyes and Nikolas remembers the night of the ball. Nikolas opens his eyes and Emily gasps for breath. He begs her not to leave him again.

Epiphany walks back into Kelly’s and introduces herself. She sits down.

Sonny questions Trevor about Kate’s shooting and Trevor claims he doesn’t know anything about Kate’s shooting. Trevor is thrown on the ground again. Sonny tells Trevor that Michael is missing and Trevor claims that he doesn’t know anything. Trevor tells Sonny that when he gets out of there, Sonny will be charged with assault. Sonny asks Trevor why he thinks that he is getting out of there.

Johnny beats on the walls of the room. He starts tearing away the padding and screams through the bars.

Claudia tells Jason that he will have trouble keeping the peace after that day. She walks out of Sonny’s office.

Maxie asks Spinelli what the numbers mean. Spinelli and Maxie try to figure out the clue. Lulu walks up, flips their table over and tells them to let it go already.

Nikolas holds Emily and begs her not to go. She tells him to see the rest. He remembers the rest of Emily’s attack. He remembers seeing Diego strangle Emily.

Diego walks into Sam’s apartment and starts packing some bags of her stuff. He puts his mask on and gets ready to leave. He opens the door, as Liz gets ready to knock on it.

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