GH Update Tuesday 2/26/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/26/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin finds a bag hanging from her locker at the hospital. She opens the bag to find a stuffed animal and a card from Patrick. Patrick comes out and she thanks him. He asks her what is really going on.

Kate starts coughing and gets a pain in her stomach. Sonny and Kate talk about business and the past. He asks her if she knows who did this to her and asks her who the last person she saw that day was. Kate explains that she saw Trevor and that it wasn’t pleasant. Max comes in and Sonny tells Kate that he will be right back.

Jason tries to get Carly to calm down and breathe. Jax comes in and Carly tells him that Lorenzo might still be alive.

Lucky asks Liz if he can take the boys for a couple of days. She asks about Sam.

Sam struggles with Diego. Maxie stands outside Sam’s door and gets a phone call. Diego looks out and sees Maxie.

Patrick asks Robin if everything is going okay with the pregnancy. Robin tells him that so far the baby is fine. Patrick asks her if she has had second thoughts about using the sperm bank. Robin confronts Patrick about his views about women. Patrick says that he is interested. Robin says that friends are all she needs. Robin says that she made the choice to have the baby without the father’s input and that it is her baby.

Mac calls Maxie and tells her that there is news about the killer. Mac tells Maxie that Logan is in a coma. Diego puts Sam on the ground and she watches as he winds the cord around his hands.

Lucky tells Liz that Sam isn’t in the picture. Lucky says that he wants to take the boys fishing. Lucky tells Liz that he isn’t in charge of Sam’s hit and run case anymore. Detective Harper comes in and tells Lucky that there is new information in the text message killer case.

Jax tells Jason that he doesn’t need to worry Carly. Carly tells Jax that Lorenzo might have taken Michael. Jason leaves and tells Carly to go get herself checked out. Carly tells Jax that she is fine and that Jason was helping her. Jax tells Carly that Jason isn’t going to be the guardian of their child like he is with Sonny’s.

Claudia walks into Kate’s room. Kate asks if she knows her and Claudia says that it is time for introductions.

Robin and Nadine talk about how Nadine’s aunt could tell the gender of the baby. Robin gives the stuffed animal to Nadine to give to a sick kid.

Dr. Julian tells Epiphany that she is a model patient. Dr. Julian says that one more day in the hospital won’t do her any harm and leaves. She admits that she feels like a failure.

Marianna tells Ric that she feels like she is taking advantage of him. Someone knocks and Ric tells Marianna that she doesn’t have to hide. Alexis and Kristina show up to see Ric.

Scott, Lucky and Detective Harper show up to talk to Spinelli about putting Logan in a coma.

Diego watches Maxie in the hall while she talks to Mac about how she feels about her sister’s killer. Sam watches Diego, but keeps looking away.

Scott and Lucky discuss what Lulu did to Logan. Lucky explains that Logan has an alibi for the night of Sam’s attack.

Sam gets up and moves. Diego keeps watching Maxie. Maxie and Mac talk about Logan being a suspect. Sam tries to knock a vase off the desk and Diego catches it. Diego watches Maxie walk away.

Robin looks for a patient’s file. Robin and Patrick argue about Joe Smith’s actions in the emergency room. Robin tells Patrick that there is more to life than being a good doctor and leaves. Patrick heads for the elevator and tells someone to cancel all his consults for the day.

Claudia talks to Kate. Kate asks who she is.

Jason and Sonny discuss the possibility that Lorenzo is still alive and the conversation changes to Michael.

Kate’s monitors start going off and Sonny runs into the room. Regina tells Sonny to stand back so that they can help her. Sonny looks out into the hallway and sees Claudia walking away. Sonny asks her what she did. Sonny tells Jason to do something with Claudia. Dr. Julian tells Sonny that Kate needs rest.

Epiphany says that she is a failure at being a nurse. Liz comes in and tells Epiphany that she is happy to hear that she is being allowed to come back to work. Liz tells Epiphany that she didn't fail; she just ignored some of the signs.

Carly and Jax come home and she calls Morgan downstairs. She hugs him and has him tell Mercedes that they will have ice cream in the kitchen. Carly tells Morgan that they will eat ice cream from around the middle and leave the middle for Michael. Carly and Jax talk about the things that the doctor told her. Carly breaks down thinking about how she could have changed things with Michael. Jax assures Carly that Michael is a survivor and that he knows that Carly loves him. Carly explains why she is freaked out by the possibility of Lorenzo being alive.

Marianna goes to get some coffee. Alexis and Ric discuss Marianna. Alexis asks Ric about the waterfront property. Ric tells Alexis that Jerry called him about Kristina’s condition. Alexis and Ric call for Kristina. Marianna brings Kristina back out to Alexis.

Patrick tells Robin that there is something he wants to show her. She turns around to see Joe with Angie at the nurse’s station. Robin turns back to Patrick. Patrick convinced Mac that Joe isn’t a flight risk and that Patrick helped Joe get a job. Joe thanks Patrick and a nurse shows Angie to her room.

Epiphany and Liz talk about Stan and Epiphany’s condition. Liz reminds Epiphany of all of Stan’s good qualities. Epiphany and Liz talk about being moms. Liz tells Epiphany that she is missed more than she knows and Epiphany claims that she is going to make Liz eat her words.

Jason and Claudia talk about what he is supposed to do with her. Claudia tells Sonny that Kate was already having breathing problems when she walked into the room. Sonny tells Claudia to stay away from him and anyone he cares about and tells her to ask Johnny what will happen if she doesn’t. Jason wonders what Sonny meant about Johnny. Sonny walks away.

Lucky tells Spinelli that he has 24 hours to get all information about the text message killer to the cops.

A woman tells Mike that she is reserving some tables for the following day.

Maxie runs in and tells Spinelli that Logan is in a coma. Spinelli tells Maxie that Logan isn’t the killer. Maxie tells Spinelli that she was just at Sam’s and if he had called, she could have warned Sam.

The orderly gives Epiphany the urn with Stan’s ashes.

Jax takes care of the bowls from the ice cream while Carly and Morgan sleep on the couch.

Sonny sits in Kate’s hospital room.

Robin wipes tears from her face and tells Patrick that she needs to be a doctor now. Patrick says that a father should be there when his child is born and suggests that it isn’t just her baby. Robin hurries out of the locker room.

Liz tells Jason that Lucky wants to spend more time with the boys. Jason tells Liz to give him more time before she considers confessing.

Diego takes the tape off Sam’s mouth. She asks where they are and he says, “Home sweet home.” He tells her that it will be sad to say goodbye.

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