GH Update Monday 2/25/08

General Hospital Update Monday 2/25/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nikolas reminds Emily that she never answered him. Emily tells Nikolas that Logan wasn’t the man who hurt her.

Sam tells Diego that he is dead and asks him how he is standing there. He says that a funny thing happened to him on the way to the morgue.

Ric and Trevor talk about Marianna. Ric asks Trevor if he is keeping tabs on him.

Carly asks Michael if it is him and he says it is.

Alexis visits Kate in the hospital. Alexis asks Kate who “Olivia” is.

Sonny tells Johnny that the next one is for Michael and he won’t miss. Claudia shows up and pulls her gun. She tells Sonny that she won’t miss either.

Carly asks Michael if he is okay. Michael says that he is sorry and that it is his fault. She asks him where he is. She hears someone and Michael hangs up. He runs from the people on the boat.

Claudia tells Sonny to drop the gun. Johnny asks what is going on and Claudia announces that someone shot Kate. Johnny tells Claudia to shut up. Sonny says that someone took Michael and Claudia tells him that they don’t know anything about that. Johnny walks down the stairs and tells Sonny that no one there has Michael. Johnny tells Claudia to lose the gun. Claudia announces that Sonny can either hold hands with Kate from the next hospital bed or he can slip back into hers.

Jason asks Alexis where Sonny is. Alexis tells Jason to let Sonny know that Kate woke up.

Nikolas asks Emily why she disappeared when he tried to get her to remember who killed her. She tells him that it was too terrible. Lulu walks in and tells Nikolas that she has done something terrible.

Diego tells Sam that Lorenzo felt a pulse while he was holding Diego’s body. Diego walks towards Sam and tells her that a surgeon from Mercy Hospital disappeared without a trace the day that Diego was shot and that Lorenzo made the surgeon help him. Diego says that it was the beginning of the end for the people who destroyed his family.

Trevor tells Ric that he is watching out for him. Trevor asks Ric if he has signed the deed yet. Ric says that he is going to get dried off and Trevor can either wait outside or keep Marianna company. Ric goes to get changed and Trevor reminds Marianna of their deal. Trevor asks Marianna if Ric has signed the deed yet and she claims that she doesn’t know. Trevor tells her to go get the deed and they will all look at it together.

Maxie and Spinelli discuss Logan and what is going to happen to him. Spinelli asks Maxie why she is still sitting at his table and reminds her that they have no reason to be together anymore.

Diego tells Sam about the last time he spoke to Lorenzo. Diego says that he was supposed to start with Carly, but Leticia saw him. Diego moves towards Sam and she backs away.

Lulu tells Nikolas about going over to Logan’s and finding the evidence. She tells Nikolas that she hit Logan in the head with a wrench and now he is in a coma. Lulu says it is just like what happened to Laura.

Claudia tells Johnny about her first encounter with Sonny. Johnny explains that he isn’t afraid of death. Johnny asks Claudia if she knows anything about Michael. Johnny goes upstairs and tells Sonny to either go shoot Trevor or nail his sister on the living room rug or whatever he wants to do. Claudia asks Sonny what he wants to do about them being alone.

Marianna claims that she doesn’t know where the deed is, but Trevor thinks that she is lying. Trevor tells her that she will have a problem if he calls Naturalization. Marianna tells Trevor to do whatever he wants with her, but to leave Ric alone.

Claudia and Sonny talk about their half-brothers and the discuss turns to the hotel room and his office. She says that only a fool would turn her down twice.

Dr. Julian tells Kate that she is allowed to smile and thank him for saving her life. He tells her that some of the credit goes to Sonny because if it weren’t for him, she would be lying in the alley for a long time. Alexis asks Kate who “Olivia” is.

Lulu is afraid that she will turn out like Laura.

Sam tells Diego that her boyfriend is a cop and that he is coming. Diego reminds her that she told Lucky to go. Diego tells her that she truly did say goodbye to Lucky. He goes around behind her and she starts to struggle. He tells her that it is time to die. Sam grabs a cane and hits Diego in the head with it. She grabs her cell phone and makes a call. Diego jumps up and starts to strangle her. He tells her that he will make sure she ends up like his father.

Nikolas asks Lulu if she is questioning what happened to Logan, or if she is questioning Logan’s guilt. Nikolas tells Lulu that she needs to quit operating on guilt. Nikolas tells Lulu that if Logan is innocent, he is just as guilty about what happened as she is. Lulu admits that she didn’t know who she wanted to be with. Lulu asks Nikolas why he hasn’t had the surgery and he admits that it is because of his fear that he will open his eyes and never see or feel Emily again. Lulu assures Nikolas that he will find a way to have Emily in his life forever.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she will sit there if she feels like it. He asks her why she wants to and she explains that he helped her when she wanted him to. Spinelli suggests that Maxie is lonely, but Maxie claims that she doesn’t want to be “wounded” anymore. Spinelli suggests that they share something because they are often misunderstood. She gets up and leaves.

Trevor and Marianna discuss Ric. Marianna tells Trevor that she won’t help him. Trevor asks Marianna if she really thinks that she fits into Ric’s life. Ric tells Trevor that Marianna fits into his life better than Trevor does.

Sonny and Claudia kiss, but he hits her gun out of her hand and pulls back. He draws his gun. Claudia tells Sonny that he is whipped and Kate is nothing. Jason runs up with his gun drawn. Jason tells Sonny that they need to go because there is something that Sonny needs to hear about. Sonny picks up Claudia’s gun and they leave. Claudia smashes the vases on the table.

Jax looks at Carly’s phone and realizes that there is no way to trace Michael’s call. Jax tries to calm Carly down. Jax says that he is going to go talk to Sonny about calling the police about Michael. Jax tells Carly that someone needs to stay there in case Michael comes home.

Ric tells Marianna to get some rest. Ric tells Trevor to treat Marianna with respect and kindness. Trevor reminds Ric that it is his job to report Marianna. Ric tells Trevor that the conversation about the waterfront property is over. Ric tells Trevor to get out.

Johnny and Claudia discuss Sonny. Johnny hugs Claudia and tells her that she is a mess. Claudia says that it will pass and he asks her if she wants something or if she has thought about being on something. Claudia tells Johnny that he doesn’t know what hell is.

Kate says that she doesn’t even know Olivia’s last name. Alexis leaves to pick up Kristina.

Jason asks Sonny why he wants a war. Sonny says that he knows what he has to do and he is going to go do it.

Marianna comes out and models a sweater for Ric. She looks at the price tag and Ric quickly removes it. Marianna tells Ric that she can’t do this to him for another second.

Carly tells Jason that she heard from Michael. Jason tells Carly that contacting the police about Michael is a bad idea. Carly starts freaking out and Jason tells her to calm down. Jason asks Carly if she thinks it is possible that Lorenzo is still alive. Carly starts to get abdominal pains.

Sonny tells Kate that it isn’t fair that she came around when he wasn’t there. Sonny tells her that she will get better. She asks him why he keeps looking at the clock and he explains that he has a sensitive business deal going down.

Lulu calls Johnny and he asks her if she is calling to cancel. She tells him that she will see him at the haunted star. Johnny walks through the house and someone knocks him down. They drag him down the hall.

Nikolas and Emily discuss what could happen with her if he can figure out the identity of the killer.

Diego puts tape over Sam’s mouth and tells her that he will answer all of her questions later. He drags her towards the door. Maxie stops at the door and brushes something off her coat. Diego reaches for the door handle.

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