GH Update Friday 2/22/08

General Hospital Update Friday 2/22/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly is at home waiting for word on Michael. Jax returns. Jax wants to call the police but Carly disagrees.

Sonny is at GH with Kate. Dr. Julian comes in and gives Sonny some hope. Sonny meets Jason in the hall outside of Kate’s room. Jason tells Sonny about Michael.

Johnny and Lulu are still on the Haunted Star, sleeping.

Scott is in Logan’s hospital room. Sam is outside of the room. Alexis comes to see Sam. They talk about Logan being the killer.

The real killer is planning his next move on Sam.

At home, Carly and Jax argue about calling the police. Carly wants to follow Jason’s protocol for finding Michael. Jax is upset that Carly is choosing Jason’s way over his. Jax comes to his senses and apologizes for his behavior.

Jason and Sonny are still at GH. Sonny assumes the Zacchara organization has Michael. Jason says Claudia’s past is clean. Sonny suspects Claudia in Kate’s shooting.

Claudia is at home remembering her childhood when Trevor comes in. Trevor asks if Claudia shot Kate. Claudia denies Trevor’s accusation.

Liz goes to see Ric at his request. Marianna is at Ric’s. Liz accuses Ric of hurting Marianna. Liz tends to Marianna’s injuries.

Johnny brings Lulu breakfast on the ship. Johnny talks to Lulu about the confinement his life as a Zacchara has given him. Lulu feels guilty about Logan.

Patrick tells Scott the news is bleak about Logan. Mac is in the room. Patrick leaves Logan’s room. Scott and Mac discuss Logan’s predicament. Scott wonders if the real killer is still at large.

Alexis is still with Sam. She gives Sam a new phone. Lucky comes to see Sam. He walks away to take a call. Sam looks forward to going home.

The real killer breaks into Sam’s place.

Liz is still at Ric’s taking care of Marianna. Ric and Marianna fill Liz in on the immigration situation. Marianna leaves Ric alone with Liz. Liz wonders how much Marianna knows about Ric.

Jerry comes to GH to see Alexis. He expresses concern over Kristina. Jerry asks Alexis if Ric has returned home. Alexis is suspicious of Jerry. She agrees to meet him after Kristina’s appointment. Jerry gets a call and the news seems bad.

Carly is at home with Morgan and Jax. She sends Morgan upstairs. Carly remembers the time Faith and A.J. took Michael away. Jax leaves the house to look for Michael.

At GH, Jason shows Sonny Michael’s backpack. Sonny’s men found it on the waterfront.

Sam goes home. The killer is waiting inside her apartment. Lucky appears at Sam’s door. She’s surprised to see him. Lucky wants Sam to stay with him out of guilt. Sam says she’s “hurt” by everything that happened. Sam says she needs nothing from Lucky unless it’s accompanied by love. Lucky leaves. The killer stands behind Sam.

Lulu confides in Johnny on the Haunted Star. She’s upset about her involvement with Logan. Johnny says it isn’t Lulu’s fault. Johnny says he wants to escape his “life as it used to be.” He asks Lulu out on a “date.” Johnny and Lulu agree to meet later. Johnny heads home.

Claudia and Trevor are still at the Zacchara house. Claudia tells Trevor his days are numbered. Trevor laughs at the thought. Trevor says he’s in charge of the family business.

Liz is still at Ric’s. He talks to Liz about meeting Marianna. Ric tells Liz about the Alcazar piers. Liz is skeptical about Ric’s motives. Ric asks Liz if she still loves Jason. Ric asks Liz not to “judge” him. Liz wonders if Marianna is Ric’s “second chance at salvation.” Ric says he’s helping Marianna because he wants to.

Jason and Sonny are still at GH. Sonny is upset about Michael and Kate. Sonny dismisses Jason, telling him to “do his job.” Jason leaves but Jerry stops him.

Marianna sits by the fire at Ric’s house. Ric brings her some warm milk. Marianna asks Ric if he still loves Liz. Ric says he will always have feelings for Liz. Marianna can tell that Liz “doesn’t trust” Ric.

Jax returns home. He’s looked everywhere for Michael. Carly wonders if Michael’s been “hiding” something from her. Carly is afraid for her son.

Michael is still hiding on the ship.

Jerry tells Jason that his “contacts” have reported some interesting news about Lorenzo Alcazar. It seems that Lorenzo has been withdrawing money from his bank accounts in Venezuela recently.

Sam is at home trying to work her phone. The killer comes up behind Sam and attacks her.

Marianna looks through Ric’s papers on the Alcazar piers. Trevor comes to Ric’s door. Ric comes in from the other room, just as Trevor warns Marianna.

Carly is at home, unable to eat. Michael calls but he doesn’t speak.

Alexis goes to GH to see Kate. Kate mistakes Alexis for someone else.

Sonny goes to the Zacchara house and pulls a gun on Johnny. Sonny fires his gun.

Lulu goes to GH to see Logan.

Patrick tells Scott that Logan is in a coma.

Sam fights the killer off. The killer removes his mask. It’s Diego!

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