GH Update Thursday 2/21/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/21/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly is at home with Morgan. Jason comes over and Carly happily announces she’s pregnant.

Johnny and Lulu are on the GH roof. Lulu is worried about the situation with Logan.

Maxie is in Logan’s hospital room. She wants to get revenge for Georgie’s murder.

Claudia visits her father at Shadybrook.

At GH, Sonny pulls a gun on Trevor and demands to know who shot Kate. Sonny threatens Trevor. Dr. Julian comes to talk to Sonny. Jax appears. Dr. Julian says Kate is in “guarded condition.” Dr. Julian leaves. Sonny holds a gun on Trevor. Jax tries to calm Sonny down. Sonny threatens Trevor again.

Jason is at Carly’s house. He’s happy about Carly’s baby news. Carly talks about the night of Sam’s accident.

Lulu and Johnny are still on the hospital roof. She talks to Johnny about Logan. Johnny admits he has feelings for Lulu. He kisses her.

Maxie is still in Logan’s room. She talks to Logan about unplugging his breathing machine. Logan is unconscious.

Mac, Scott, and Spinelli are on the hospital elevator. They are looking for Maxie. They go to Logan’s room and find Maxie there. Maxie has a lamp cord in her hand. Scott snaps the cord out of Maxie’s hand. Maxie says she couldn’t go through with it and runs out of the room. Spinelli follows. Logan seems fine, according to Scott.

Alexis goes to GH to see Sam. They discuss Logan being the killer. Lucky comes and tells them about Logan’s surgery. Alexis leaves Sam alone with Lucky.

At home, Carly is mad that Jason has brought Sam into the conversation. Jason indirectly accuses Carly of running Sam down. Carly resents Jason’s accusation. Jason says Sonny sent him over to get information about Kate’s shooting. Carly wonders why the conversation has suddenly turned to Sam.

Johnny takes Lulu to the Haunted Star. Johnny sits at the piano and talks about his childhood.

Claudia visits with her father at the hospital. She questions Anthony about his visit from Trevor. Anthony disapproves of Claudia’s outfit.

Trevor discusses Kate’s shooting on the phone. He’s still at GH. Jax approaches Trevor. Trevor dismisses Jax and walks away.

Sonny goes to see Kate. He talks to her but it’s not clear if she can hear him.

At Carly’s, Jason says he wants information on Sam’s accident. Carly is suspicious of Jason’s motives. Carly wonders if Jason would “cover for” her if she did hit Sam. Jason asks what part of her car Carly damaged. Carly insists she “didn’t hit Sam.” She asks Jason to “drop” it or “go.” Carly brings up Jake’s paternity again and the fact that Jason should raise him.

Johnny plays the piano on the Haunted Star. Johnny shows Lulu the moon coming through the skylight. Johnny kisses Lulu.

Spinelli finds Maxie on the GH roof. He daydreams about himself and Maxie. Spinelli comes back to reality when Maxie notices his presence. Maxie is sad. She feels empty and afraid even though the killer has been revealed.

Sam goes to see Nikolas in his room. Nik tells Sam he didn’t cause her accident. Sam tells Nik she and Lucky are over. Sam tells Nik about Logan. Dr. Devlin comes in to see Nik. The doctor takes Sam back to her room. Emily appears.

Scott sits with Logan. Scott apologizes to Logan for abandoning him as a child. Scott promises to help Logan clear his name. Alexis comes to see Scott. Alexis says nothing further will be done until Logan can “explain himself.”

Johnny and Lulu are still on the Haunted Star. They finally give in to their feelings for each other.

Jason is still at Carly’s house. Carly asks Jason how he’s “feeling” about the sacrifice he’s made. Carly tells Jason what happened around the time Kate was shot. Max comes over and tells Carly Michael didn’t come to “practice today.”

Michael is hiding on a boat. He remembers what Sonny told him about playing with guns.

Sonny is in Kate’s hospital room. She wakes up. Sonny asks Kate who shot her.

Carly goes upstairs and asks Morgan for information about Michael. Jason calls Milo for help. Jax comes home and Carly tells him the news.

Sonny stays with Kate in her room. She doesn’t give him an answer about her shooting.

Claudia continues her visit with Anthony. They talk about ridding themselves of Trevor. Claudia leaves Anthony’s room.

Johnny and Lulu are still together on the Haunted Star.

Scott stays in Logan’s hospital room.

Nikolas walks the halls of GH and asks Emily if Logan killed her.

Meanwhile the real killer looks at his wall of victims. He appears to choose Sam as his next victim.

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