GH Update Wednesday 2/20/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/20/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Luke peeks out of his room and hears Tracy coming so he hides behind the door. She asks him why he is there. He says that he has food poisoning, but Tracy doesn’t believe him and thinks that he is up to something.

Claudia goes to visit her father and remembers telling him to get away from her. She picks up a pillow and starts to cry.

Marianna is questioned about her relationship with Ric. Marianna tells her boss that she is done. He says that he will make sure that she isn’t good for anything and starts slapping her. Ric runs in and tells him to get away from her.

Robin and Patrick check out Logan. Lulu explains that Logan was hit with a wrench. A detective says that Lulu deserves a medal for stopping the killer.

Sonny asks Johnny if he ordered the hit. Lulu walks up and asks what is going on and Sonny tells her that Kate was shot. Sonny says that just because Johnny was with Lulu doesn’t mean that he wasn’t responsible.

Dr. Julian tries to shock Kate’s heart.

Tracy asks Luke why he is in the hospital. Luke finds a glove on her and he asks her if she has been sleeping in the supply closet. Luke tells her that he has a room for her above Kelly’s. She says that she smells bourbon and Luke claims that it is from him detoxing. She asks what is in the bed and finds a box of chocolates. Luke tells her that the surprise is ruined and tells her Happy Valentine’s Day.

Ric says that it is his business now and fights with Marianna’s boss. Ric pushes him outside and tells Marianna that she is going to come with him, but she refuses.

Lulu tells Sonny that Johnny isn’t like Anthony, just like Michael and Morgan aren’t like Sonny. Lucky tells Sonny to let go of Johnny. Sonny tells Lucky that Lulu is hanging out with the wrong crowd and tells Lucky to talk some sense into Lulu. A nurse orders something for the operating room that Kate is in and Sonny tries to get answers.

Lulu tells Lucky about her visit with Logan. Maxie walks up and asks Lulu if she believes her now.

Claudia sits by her father’s bedside. He tells her that she couldn’t do it.

Tracy tells Luke that Valentine’s Day was the previous week and he says that he didn’t have money the previous week. Luke starts going through Tracy’s purse and asking her about things. Luke says that he is trying to execute a seduction because he did her wrong. Luke says that maybe she does have a good case against Monica, but it is really him that she is mad at. He asks her if they can get past this and she tells him that it depends. Tracy starts to open the chocolates, but Luke stops her. She opens it and finds them all half eaten. She smells them and realizes there is bourbon in them. Someone comes and tells Luke that she is back.

Claudia tells her father that she could have done it, but maybe she wants him to suffer and that maybe there are ways to get rid of him that won’t make her life more of a living hell than he has already made it. He asks her what ways there could be and she suggests that she will ask his doctors. She gets up and leaves.

Marianna tells Ric that she can take care of herself. She asks him why he came back and he explains that when he left, he forgot to leave his number in case she needed anything. He tells her that she needs to walk away from it so that she can figure out where she goes from there. She tells Ric that Randy can have her deported.

Nikolas asks Alfred to find a book and bring it to him. Ian comes in and asks if Nikolas has thought about the proposal. Nikolas explains that Patrick is his doctor and Robin is his friend. Ian says that this is against medical policy. Ian says that they should see results in a matter of days. Ian tells Nikolas about the results that he should be able to expect from the drug. Ian leaves and Nikolas picks up an envelope.

Logan starts having a seizure.

Spinelli shows up and asks Lulu if Logan hurt her. Maxie asks if Logan is under arrest. Patrick and Liz come through with Logan. Maxie asks why Lulu called the police and tells Lulu that she should have let Logan die.

The woman comes in and grabs a chocolate. She tells Luke that she has what he has been asking for. Luke explains that the woman is part of the custodial staff and admits that he spiked the chocolates. Tracy grabs the IV pole and hits Luke with it.

Marianna tells Ric about when she met Randy and about the violence. She tells Ric that Randy filed false information. Ric tells Marianna that he will find her the best and that she will live her life the way that she wants to live it.

Trevor goes to visit Anthony. Trevor realizes that Anthony is alert.

Maxie suggests that Lulu is sleeping with Johnny. Spinelli tells Maxie that she shouldn’t be saying things that she doesn’t mean. Maxie reminds them that Logan is the text message killer and tells Lulu that she is screwed up. Mac comes in and tells Maxie that it is enough.

Sonny asks Bobbie about Kate’s surgery. Bobbie leaves.

Dr. Julian tries to get Kate’s heart restarted.

Lulu stands on the roof and cries. Johnny stands in the doorway and watches her.

Patrick begins operating on Logan.

Dr. Julian continues to work on Kate.

Sonny sits in the hallway and cries.

Luke holds his knee and Tracy tells him that it could have been a lot worse. Tracy agrees to let Luke explain. Luke tells Tracy that the custodial people have a lot of dirt on the staff at the hospital. Tracy tells Luke to keep talking. Ramona brings in a trash bag. Tracy gives her the tray of chocolates. Luke tells Tracy to look in the bag. Tracy finds Monica’s clothes.

Mac tells Maxie that she isn’t like this. Scott comes out asking about new information. Maxie walks away. Scott says that he will catch the killer, even if it is Logan. Mac tells Spinelli that Maxie obviously trusts him and asks Spinelli to keep an eye on Maxie and Spinelli agrees.

Lulu looks over and sees Johnny. Johnny says that he doesn’t want to believe that she still has feelings for Logan, but that is what it sounded like.

Jax comes up to Sonny asking what happened to Kate. Jax asks how bad it is. Sonny tells Jax that it isn’t good and fills Jax in on the things he knows so far. Bobbie tells Sonny that Kate is still fighting and asks about her next of kin.

Mac asks Spinelli what they dug up that got this all started. Spinelli explains that Maxie started it because she didn’t want to believe that Coop was the killer. Spinelli explains that Maxie forced him to help because she scares him.

Maxie overhears Liz tell Patrick what room they are putting Logan in.

Lulu explains that she was scared and confused. Lulu says that he didn’t threaten to kill her, but he wanted to take her away to convince her that he was innocent. Lulu realizes that Johnny and Luke talked about Logan.

Luke tells Tracy that the swelling is getting worse. She goes over the items in the trash bag. Luke tells Tracy that there is more in the bag and she pulls out the flask. Tracy says that Luke did okay. Tracy says that she is taking Luke to the county hospital.

Ric tells Marianna that she deserves to be happy. He says that he doesn’t want anything from her that she doesn’t want to give willingly. She tells him that she trusts him and she takes off her apron. He tells her that he isn’t going to let anyone hurt her anymore and they turn to leave.

Trevor says that he is the first one called if Anthony’s condition changes. Claudia comes around the corner and watches Trevor walk away.

Bobbie tells Sonny that there isn’t anything in Kate’s chart about the next of kin. Sonny tells Bobbie that he will take care of it. Jax explains that he knows the truth about Kate’s past. Sonny tells Jax to stay out of it because he doesn’t know anything. Jax tells Sonny that Kate is fighting for her life because of Sonny.

Claudia goes back in to see her father. Anthony asks her who she is. He starts calling for Maria and calls Claudia a whore and a bitch. A doctor comes in and tells Claudia that she has to leave.

Sonny says that Jax has no idea about anything about Kate’s life. Jax walks away and Trevor walks up. Sonny asks Trevor if he has an alibi and pulls his gun out.

Johnny explains that he came up to the roof and then Luke came up. Johnny says that he told Luke that he would stay away from Lulu. Johnny tells Lulu about his conversation with Luke. Lulu doesn’t understand how she could live with herself if she killed Logan, even if he was the killer. Johnny comforts her.

Spinelli tells Mac that Sam kicked her attacker in the ribs and Logan had the same injury. Mac says that maybe he should be talking to Maxie about Logan.

Maxie walks into Logan’s room and puts her finger on the button for his machines.

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