GH Update Tuesday 2/19/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny calls an ambulance for Kate.

Nadine asks Nikolas if Emily has an opinion. Emily tells Nikolas that she hasn’t tried to see who killed her and Nikolas tells her not to try.

Alexis tells Jerry that she doesn’t need his help. He says that he is doing it for Kristina and tells Alexis that he will find whoever did this to Kristina.

Lulu thinks that Logan just wanted to cover his tracks and turns to leave. She says that she is going to the police. Johnny pounds on the door and tells Logan that they need to talk. Logan grabs Lulu and puts a hand over her mouth. He tells her that he can’t let her go because no one will believe him. Johnny keeps pounding on the door. Logan says that he can’t let Johnny come in and play the hero again. Lulu hits Logan and yells for Johnny. She grabs a wrench and hits Logan as Johnny busts in.

Robin looks at baby blankets on the computer. Leyla offers an opinion and says that she thinks that they should be civil. Leyla says that she isn’t a home wrecker and Robin isn’t a victim. Leyla tells Robin that it was brave to go after what she wanted. Patrick sees Robin and suggests that she is trying to avoid him.

Nikolas tells Nadine and Emily that he isn’t going to make Emily see who killed her. Nadine tells Nikolas that he had a seizure that caused him to go back to the moments before Emily was killed. Nadine tells Nikolas that he wants closure and he says that he wants Emily not closure. Nadine tells him that he can have a life beyond this with his son and the fact that he brought Emily’s killer to justice. Nadine wonders why he is resisting the idea.

Ric looks at a gift bag while drinking coffee. Marianna takes care of another customer and remembers trying to burn the deed. She tries to fill Ric’s coffee and he gives her a Valentine’s present that she reluctantly accepts. Ric asks her what she has done.

Sonny tells Kate that she needs to hold on and continues talking to her while he waits for the ambulance. He admits that he loves the girl she was and the woman that she is. He begs her not to leave him. Jason runs up and asks what happened. Sonny says that the Zacchara’s did it and tells Jason about Claudia’s visit to his office. Sonny hears the sirens and tells Jason to get out of there.

Michael listens as the men on the boat say that they are ready to go.

Detective Harper questions Sonny about being at the scene. Sonny asks the medics how Kate is doing. Detective Harper tries to stop Sonny and Sonny tells him that the only way to stop him from getting in the ambulance is to kill him. Detective Harper says that they can question Sonny at the hospital. Sonny walks towards the ambulance.

Robin says that she doesn’t have a reason to avoid Patrick, but he says that the baby is a reason. Robin says that a sperm bank doesn’t give you much information and Patrick asks her if she thinks about the father at all. Ian walks up and suggests that they need to treat Nikolas before he slips away all together.

Nikolas tells Nadine and Emily that he doesn’t want to put Emily through it. Emily says that she wants to do it, but he doesn’t want to watch her go through that. Nadine says that maybe Emily wants to do it for him. Nadine leaves and Nikolas asks Emily what happens next. Emily tells Nikolas that it is about Leticia and Georgie too and now that person is after Sam and Alexis. Nikolas admits that he is afraid that if he remembers who killed Emily that he will lose her. Emily tells him that they need to make every moment count.

Alexis reads Kristina a story, but doesn’t get a reaction out of her daughter. Jerry talks on his phone while he watches Alexis and Kristina.

Lulu tells Johnny the reason she went to see Logan. Lulu tells Johnny that Logan admitted to doing it to set up Johnny. Johnny goes to check Logan and Lulu asks if she killed Logan.

Marianna tells Ric that she has to get back to work. He tells her that he isn’t going anywhere until she answers his question and assures her that he has done worse. She admits that she wishes she had burned the deed. Ric says that he knows she is scared of someone or something and he offers to help her. Her boss tells her that her order is up.

Lulu can’t believe that she did that to Logan. Lucky tells Lulu that he warned her. Johnny and Lulu tell Lucky about Logan being the text message killer and tell Lucky about the evidence against Logan. Scott walks up and Lulu starts to tell him what happened. Lucky tells Scott that he has to take himself off the case. Scott admits that he already suspected that Logan is the killer.

Robin tells Ian that she has known Nikolas for a long time. Ian and Robin argue about the right way to treat Nikolas. Patrick stands up for Robin and tells Ian to back off. Ian walks away and Robin tells Patrick that he didn’t have to do that. Patrick says that he knows and Robin walks away.

Nikolas and Emily admit that they aren’t sure what to do. Emily puts her hands on Nikolas’ and tells him to focus on what he saw. He closes his eyes and remembers the night that Emily was killed. The images are still fuzzy. Emily and Nikolas open their eyes and look at each other.

The medics bring Kate into the hospital. Dr. Julian tells them to put her into one of the cubicles. Dr. Julian tells Monica that if it were up to him, she would be in the operating room. Monica takes a drink of water. Leyla tells Sonny that he has to let go of Kate because they have to prepare her for surgery. Sonny asks Dr. Julian how Kate is doing and Dr. Julian says that Kate’s heart is in danger and she could suffer permanent damage.

Emily starts gasping for breath and Nikolas begs her to stop. Nadine comes in and asks what happened. Nikolas says that Emily is gone. Nadine asks what Emily said. Ian comes in.

Alexis tells Jerry that Mac has police posted around the grounds. Alexis tries to figure out why Jerry would be trying to help her and Kristina.

Marianna thanks one of her customers and then goes back over to Ric’s table. She tells him the truth about when she came to the country. Ric gets a call from Alexis’ phone. Jerry tells Ric that Alexis is trying to be strong. Ric says that if she is having trouble at work, then she will have to go to Scott. Jerry tells Ric that Kristina saw the face of a serial killer and is now in a catatonic state.

Dr. Julian operates on Kate as Bobbie watches. Sonny paces the hallway and Jason shows up. Jason explains that he is still waiting for word on who did this to Kate.

Michael continues to hide on the boat.

Sonny says that they expect people to live by their code. Sonny claims that Kate was right to run and that she should have kept running. Sonny admits to Jason that he wanted to cut every trace of Kate out of his heart and his life. Sonny says that no one knows how tough Kate is.

Dr. Julian tells the surgical team that Kate is bleeding fast and that he can’t see where it is coming from. Leyla tells Dr. Julian that Kate’s blood pressure is bottoming out. Dr. Julian asks for more suction. He asks someone to hang another bag of blood. He drops something, but one of the nurses tells him that she got it.

Sonny says that Kate could accept him the way he was, but he wanted her to change. Jason tells Sonny that Kate wanted to make it work and tells Sonny that he can’t blame himself. Bobbie comes out and tells Sonny that it could take hours. She tells Sonny that Kate is in good hands. Ms. Sneed walks up and tells Sonny that she heard he was responsible for Kate’s condition. Sonny pulls money out and tells Ms. Sneed to take it. Jason tells Sonny that Ms. Sneed is only doing her job and leaves to do his.

Ric tells Jerry to inform Alexis about the conversation. Ric says to tell Alexis that he is on his way. Ric tells Marianna that he has to go because Kristina needs him and that he didn’t want this to be this way. They say goodbye for now and he leaves. She sees the deed on the table.

Ian asks Nadine if he can have some time with Nikolas alone. Nikolas and Ian talk about his attack of memory. Nikolas tells Ian that he didn’t kill Emily. Ian tells Nikolas that the tumor is going to kill him and asks Nikolas if he wants to die. Nikolas admits that he doesn’t want to die and Ian asks what Nikolas wants. Nikolas says that he doesn’t want to have to surgery, but he knows that is impossible.

The medics bring Logan into the hospital. Patrick orders tests and Lucky informs him that the patient is the text message killer.

Ian tells Nikolas about an experimental drug treatment that he would like to try. Ian says that his motives don’t matter. Nikolas says that he is in that condition because of a drug that he was injected with and Ian tells him that he wants to help Nikolas. Ian explains the possible effects of the drug. Ian asks Nikolas to guarantee that the conversation goes no further than the two of them.

Marianna catches Ric outside of the diner and gives him the folder. He thanks her and leaves. She goes back inside the diner and her boss tells her that now she has to deal with her.

Scott and Johnny argue about Logan. Lulu tells Patrick that they have to save Logan. Patrick orders some x-rays and some tests. Liz goes to get a portable x-ray machine.

Sonny and Ms. Sneed walk down the hospital corridor. Sonny sees Johnny and tells Johnny that if anything happens to Kate, Johnny will die.

Dr. Julian finds another artery that is bleeding. Kate flat lines.

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