GH Update Monday 2/18/08

General Hospital Update Monday 2/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nikolas lies on the floor. Patrick tells Liz that they need to move him, but Liz tells him that Nikolas is remembering the night that Emily died. Nikolas remembers telling Emily to leave and then someone punching him. He sees someone strangling Emily but he can’t see who because it is fuzzy.

Lulu confronts Logan with the device used to create untraceable text messages. She freaks out and realizes that Logan is the text message killer.

Spinelli shows Jason pictures of Claudia. Johnny comes in and confronts them about looking up pictures of his sister on the Internet.

Sonny orders someone to find Skye because she has something that he wants. Claudia takes off her coat and shows Sonny a red dress and her red heals. She kisses Sonny.

Carly walks around a warehouse.

Kate walks into a warehouse and checks her phone.

Michael tries to get a dumpster open. Michael hears something and drops the gun and it goes off.

Carly lies on the floor of the warehouse. She starts to move and Jax comes running. She tells Jax that her legs gave out. He tells her that he just heard a gunshot and asks if she is okay.

Michael reaches down to pick up the gun and sees Kate lying on the ground.

Sonny pulls back from kissing Claudia. Claudia tells Sonny that she has a lot of surprises for him and he says that is what he is worried about.

Patrick tells Liz that they need to get Nikolas moved. Ian and Robin run up. Ian starts checking Nikolas out and makes orders. Liz tells Ian that Nikolas is remembering Emily’s death. Nikolas keeps watching as the killer strangles Emily, but it is fuzzy. Ian tells Liz that if he keeps seeing it like this, Nikolas won’t see anything else ever again.

Logan claims that he isn’t the killer, but Lulu tells him that all the evidence says that he is. Lulu says that she came there to prove everyone wrong. Lulu says that she is going to the police, but Logan grabs her and tells her that he isn’t letting her go anywhere. Logan covers Lulu’s mouth as she tries to scream. Logan pulls his hand off her mouth and tells her that she isn’t going anywhere until he explains. Logan asks her what she thinks that she knows. Lulu tells Logan that Maxie and Spinelli think that Cooper was close to catching the real killer when he was killed. Lulu asks Logan why his dog tags were in Coop’s room and Logan admits that Coop found them in the park where Georgie was murdered.

Johnny asks why Jason is looking up his sister. Jason explains that he asked Spinelli to look her up because Sonny met her at the meeting she called with the five families. Johnny asks them if they have seen Lulu. Spinelli tells Johnny that he told Lulu that Logan is suspected as the killer. Maxie comes in and tells Spinelli that they were right and that Logan is the killer.

Ian orders tests on Nikolas. Ian confronts Patrick and Liz about what they were doing with Nikolas. Liz tells Ian that Nikolas has been blaming himself for Emily’s death. Ian leaves after lecturing them. Patrick tells them that Ian wasn’t always like that.

Jerry apologizes to Alexis, but she tells him that nothing will excuse what he did.

Carly suggests that maybe a car backfired or something and that Jax didn’t hear a gunshot. Jax turns to look around, but Carly stops him.

Michael tries to wake Kate up, but can’t. He reaches for her phone and when he puts it down he sees blood on his hand.

Sonny asks Claudia what she wants. Claudia tells Sonny that she isn’t like anyone he has ever met, especially the “bloodless stick” Kate Howard.

Michael remembers what Sonny said about guns. He picks up his backpack and runs.

Jax tells Carly that he is going to take her to the hospital to get checked out because he isn’t taking any chances with her and the baby.

Logan tells Lulu that he didn’t kill Georgie, but that he was in the park that night. Logan tells Lulu that he went to the park because he was angry and he ripped his dog tags off and threw them on the ground, but he didn’t see Georgie. Logan gets upset and throws something against the wall to get Lulu to stop accusing him of murder. He says that he didn’t kill anyone. She picks up something and asks him how explains it.

Maxie explains that she took the pill to the hospital and Ian told her about the effects. Jason gets a call and Liz tells him that Nikolas “saw” who really killed Emily.

Emily walks into Nikolas’ room and he explains that he saw what happened the night she was killed. He tells Emily that he didn’t kill her. Nadine walks up and asks if he remembers who did kill Emily.

Claudia and Sonny discuss Kate. Sonny calls Max into the office. Sonny tells Max to wait to give Claudia her coat until she gets outside so that she won’t get too warm and asks Max to show her to her car. Sonny tells Claudia that he doesn’t want her anywhere near there. Claudia walks out of Sonny’s office and through the coffee shop. She tells Sonny that there won’t be a warning when she takes him down.

Alexis confronts Jerry with leaving Sam’s hospital room. She tells Jerry that someone tried to kill Sam and then showed up at her house and scared Kristina and that Kristina now walks around in a catatonic state. Jerry tells Alexis that he was burying someone.

Jason tells Maxie, Spinelli and Johnny not to do anything about it yet. Jason leaves and Maxie tells Spinelli to keep looking. Johnny asks Maxie if Logan could really be the killer. Maxie tells him that as long as Lulu and Logan are “tight” then Lulu should be fine. Johnny says that there could be a problem and walks away. Mike comes out and asks them if they have seen Daniel because he said that he had a pulled muscle in his side and hasn’t been heard from since.

Spinelli “daydreams” about being in an old film. Maxie asks Spinelli if he has anything on Logan.

Logan tells Lulu about the war and that he thought he could get a job at a garage. Logan tells Lulu that the day that they got into a fight, he came to apologize and saw her with Johnny.

Claudia comes across Kate’s body and kneels down beside her. Claudia checks for a pulse and then leaves.

Michael keeps running and ends up on a boat. He throws the gun overboard and leans up against the railing.

Jerry comes in with a rose. Lainey comes out with Kristina. Lainey pulls Alexis off to the side. Jerry gives Kristina the rose. Lainey tells Alexis that Kristina isn’t as far gone as the last time, but warns Alexis not to push the issue of remembering. Lainey leaves. Alexis asks Jerry why it was so important to him to help Maxie give Coop a proper burial. Jerry explains that Cooper was one of the gunmen at the Metro Court. Alexis gets Kristina ready to go home. They leave. Ian sees them walk past.

Patrick and Ian discuss their pasts and how much they have changed.

Spinelli tries to quiet Maxie down when she talks about him hacking into the hospital records. She asks him why it is so hard for him to think that someone could love him. They go over the information about the drug. She reaches over his shoulder to correct a mistake that he made and he jumps up and says that he can’t do it anymore.

Nikolas tells Nadine about the night that Emily died. Nikolas tells Nadine that Emily is there. Nadine suggests that maybe his subconscious won’t let him see Emily dying.

Lulu realizes that Logan followed her and he tells her that he thought that she might go there. Lulu claims that she didn’t do anything with Johnny, but Logan says that he saw different. Lulu tells Logan that they kissed, but Johnny stopped. Logan explains that he was going to use the evidence to set up Johnny to look like the killer and asks Lulu if she believes it.

Spinelli tells Maxie that she is invading his personal bubble and that she is breaking his concentration. Maxie thinks that it is because he hates her and that she threatened him into helping her find Georgie’s killer.

Logan says that he was going to put it all in the trunk of Johnny’s car and call the police because he wanted to prove that there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Lulu says that she is going to the police. Logan grabs her and holds his hand over her mouth. Johnny knocks on the door and tells Logan that it is time that they have a talk.

Nadine asks Nikolas if he has asked Emily who killed her. Emily and Nadine tell Nikolas to ask Emily if she remembers what happened the night she died.

Jason and Liz discuss Nikolas remembering what happened the night Emily died. Jason asks her to keep him posted. She asks him if they can see each other that night. Jason gets a call from Sonny about shots fired around a warehouse that Kate wanted to buy. Jason hangs up and tells Liz that they can’t meet that night.

Jax calls Kate to warn her about the building. Carly comes out and tells Jax what the doctor told her. Jax is convinced that the baby is going to be a girl.

Michael hides on the boat and listens to two men talking.

Claudia walks through the house and pulls a rose out of the vase. She smashes the mirror.

Sonny calls Max about Claudia. He hangs up when he sees Kate lying on the ground.

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