GH Update Friday 2/15/08

General Hospital Update Friday 2/15/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly is in Michael’s room putting laundry away when Jax interrupts. They consider telling the boys about the new baby. Michael arrives and has a fit that his parents are in his room.

Spinelli and Maxie are at Kelly’s. Lulu is outside with Logan.

Alexis is at home – Kate is visiting. Kate says she’s staying in town.

Claudia is at home with Johnny. Johnny is unfriendly and resentful toward Claudia. He asks why she stayed away so long.

Sonny and Jason are discussing business in their office. Jason is preoccupied.

Liz talks to Nik at GH. He’s concerned that the killer is still on the loose. Sam listens in as Liz tells Nik he isn’t responsible for the accident.

Jax corrects Michael for yelling at Carly. Michael smarts off to Jax and Carly. Michael says he needs privacy in his bedroom. Jax and Carly leave Michael’s room. Michael gets his gun and hides it in his backpack.

In his office, Sonny voices his concern over Michael. He tells Jason about Michael buying the bullets on the docks. Sonny tells Jason to focus on Claudia Zacchara. Sonny wants Spinelli’s help with the situation. He leaves the office.

At home, Claudia talks to Johnny about their childhood. She calls Anthony “manipulative and ruthless.” Claudia says Trevor took advantage of their family. Claudia wants “revenge” according to Johnny. Claudia talks to Johnny about love.

Liz and Nik talk about Sam at GH. Sam tells Nik there’s no proof that he’s guilty. Sam tells Nik to go home to his child. Nik gets upset with Sam. Nadine listens in. Dr. Devlin comes to get Sam for her therapy. Liz leaves Nik with Nadine. Nadine tries to make Nik feel better about his situation.

Claudia tells Johnny they must work together “against Trevor.” Claudia asks Johnny for information about Sonny. Johnny tells Claudia about Ric and Sonny.

At home, Alexis has no luck convincing Kristina to eat. Sonny comes over to see Kristina. Sonny tries to talk to Kristina. Kate comes into the room. Alexis takes Kristina and they leave the room. Kate voices her concern about the killer.

Logan and Lulu talk outside of Kelly’s. Logan apologizes about his behavior. Logan leaves and Lulu goes inside. Spinelli and Maxie fall down trying to get away from the window. Maxie gets up and heads for GH. Spinelli approaches Lulu. Spinelli tells Lulu to “be careful.”

Nik talks to Robin at GH. Dr. Devlin interrupts the conversation. Dr. Devlin and Robin disagree on Nik’s treatment. Nadine takes Nik to an exam room. Maxie gets off the elevator and approaches Robin. Robin says she can’t identify the pill. Robin asks Dr. Devlin about Coop’s pill. He says he can identify the drug.

At Kelly’s, Lulu wants more information from Spinelli. Spinelli tells Lulu of his beliefs about the killer. Spinelli tells Lulu that Logan is his “suspect.”

Jax and Carly go to Michaels’s room to search for drugs.

Sonny talks to Kate at Alexis’ house. They discuss Sonny’s “business.”

Jason is on the docks. He runs into Claudia. Claudia wants to shoot pool with Jason but he declines. Claudia wonders what keeps Jason so busy.

Sonny tells Kate they have a lot to work on. She wants “to work things out.” Kate talks to Sonny about her career. Sonny says his “business” is a priority. Sonny is uncertain about his future with Kate. Kate leaves to go look at a waterfront building.

Jason tells Claudia he “runs a business.” Claudia wonders if she and Jason can “have some fun.” Jason leaves without telling Claudia his name.

At GH, Nik is with Liz. Liz says Nik should investigate as to whether he’s guilty of causing Sam’s accident. Sam lurks at the desk, listening. Nadine comes to get Nik. Sam approaches Liz.

Dr. Devlin tells Maxie and Robin that Coop’s pill is a “research drug.”

At Kelly’s, Lulu is upset with Spinelli’s suspicion about Logan. Lulu places the blame on Maxie. She asks Spinelli for “proof” against Logan. Spinelli tells her about finding Logan’s dog tags in Coop’s room. He also tells Lulu that Sam injured the attacker’s ribs. Lulu is not convinced. Spinelli asks Lulu if she’s ever suspected Logan. Instead of answering, Lulu walks out of Kelly’s.

Jax and Carly search Michael’s room. Carly feels guilty about her suspicions. Carly wants to buy a building on the docks to open a teen center. According to Jax, It’s the same building that Kate wants to buy.

Kate runs into Trevor on the docks. Trevor offers his “help” to Kate. She declines his offer and Trevor leaves.

Alexis and Kristina get ready to go see Dr. Winters. Sonny is still at the house. Sonny wonders where Ric is. Alexis feels guilty about things. Alexis tells Sonny to “understand” Kate’s point of view. Alexis seems supportive of Sonny’s relationship with Kate.

Sam gives Liz a hard time at GH. Sam wonders if Jason is involved in researching her accident. She walks away from Liz.

Dr. Devlin tells Maxie and Robin that the pill is used by the military. He says a side effect of the drug is a “sweet smell” that is secreted from the body. Maxie gets upset and takes off.

Meanwhile, Nik collapses in the hospital hall and Liz tries to help him. Nik sees Emily on the night of the ball. He says he can see that someone was there.

Logan leaves his apartment. Lulu uses her key to go inside. She looks around for clues. Lulu finds a bottle of pills. She looks in the closet and finds a box. Lulu finds a mask, gloves, and a cell phone in the box. Logan comes back to his apartment.

Jason meets Spinelli at Kelly’s. Spinelli shows Jason a photo of Claudia.

Sonny is back in his office. Claudia shows up.

Carly and Kate go to the docks to see the property. Michael is there looking to hide the gun. He drops the gun and it fires.

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Nikolas is disturbed by what he remembers

Lulu’s discovery frightens her

Someone is shot on the docks

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