GH Update Thursday 2/14/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/14/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Tracy and Luke are at Kelly’s. Luke takes Tracy’s order. Tracy is surprised to see him.

Kate goes to the coffee house to see Sonny. Kate says Sonny is “scared” and immature.

Claudia and Jason play pool at Jake’s.

At GH, Liz tells Nadine about Epiphany’s condition. Dr. Devlin takes Sam for a walk to the nurse’s desk. The doctor asks Liz to keep an eye on Sam.

A stranger is lurking outside of Alexis’ house. Kristina sees the person and she lets out a scream. Alexis is concerned.

Spinelli is at Kelly’s with Maxie. He tries to convince Maxie to open Coop’s Valentine’s Day gift. Spinelli goes off to assist Jason.

At Kelly’s, Tracy is at the counter with Luke. They bicker back and forth. Luke says he now works and lives at Kelly’s. Tracy is broke because Monica “froze” her money. Luke invites Tracy to stay at Kelly’s with him. Tracy tries to leave but she hurts her ankle.

At Alexis’ house, Diane calls the police while Alexis questions Kristina. The mayor is still there.

Kate reminds Sonny about his immature teenage days. Kate tries to apologize to Sonny. Kate makes Sonny laugh.

Claudia and Jason are still at Jake’s. Claudia makes a bet with Jason.

At GH, Liz hesitates at Dr. Devlin’s request. Sam fills the doctor in on her past with Liz. Dr. Devlin orders Liz to help Sam. Nadine offers to intervene. Sam wants to talk “the truth” with Liz.

Kate tells Sonny she still loves him. She accepts the fact that Sonny needs “time” to forgive her.


Jake’s, Coleman leers at Claudia as she and Jason continue their game. Claudia insists on a dance if she beats Jason. Spinelli interrupts Claudia’s concentration as he runs into Jake’s. Claudia is annoyed. Spinelli is smitten with Claudia. Jason and Spinelli leave the bar.

At GH, Sam accuses Liz of wanting her dead. They rehash the situation with Lucky and Jake. Sam is upset that Liz told Lucky the truth. Nikolas gets off the elevator.

Jax and Carly go to the GH nursery to look at babies. Jax goes to check on Carly’s appointment with Dr. Lee. Carly and Robin run into each other. They each figure out that the other is expecting. Carly and Robin exchange insults. Patrick interrupts.

Mac, Scott, and Lucky arrive at Alexis’ house. Diane and Alexis fill them in. Harper comes in after checking the property. He’s found nothing suspicious.

Nikolas talks with Sam at GH. Nik tells Sam he may have hit her with his car.

Jason and Spinelli try to break into the police impound yard. Jason uses Spinelli’s code’s to break the door lock. Spinelli asks Jason about Claudia. Jason says she annoyed him.

Kate offers Sonny some hope. Before she leaves his office, Kate plants a kiss on Sonny. Claudia walks in on the kiss. Claudia leaves, unnoticed. Kate tells Sonny she has no “contact” with her family. Sonny says Kate “doesn’t love herself.” Kate says she “wants to be free” to love him. Sonny gives Kate some hope. Kate leaves Sonny’s office. Claudia returns.

At GH, Carly continues to insult Robin in front of Patrick. Jax returns and asks Robin to keep their secret. Jax is happy after hearing Robin’s news. Jax takes Carly to her appointment. Patrick offers Robin his support before he leaves.

Jason can’t break the code on the impound lot door. Spinelli brings up Maxie. He suggests just checking to see if the door is unlocked, like Maxie would do. Jason finds that the door is unlocked.

Mac and Maxie are at Kelly’s. Mac tells Maxie about the incident at Alexis’. Mac convinces Maxie to open Coop’s present. It’s a gold heart, which really touches Maxie. Mac says he helped Coop decide on the gift.

At Kelly’s, Luke tries to help Tracy. He offers to take her to GH. Tracy wonders if Monica hit Sam. Luke says Tracy could gain “leverage” by pinning the accident on Monica.

Claudia walks into Sonny’s office. Claudia tries to make a deal with Sonny. Claudia says she’s in charge of the family. Claudia accuses Sonny of still being in love with Kate. Sonny demands that Kate stay out of his dealings with Claudia.

Spinelli returns to Kelly’s. He watches Maxie from the window. Spinelli daydreams about himself and Maxie. In the daydream, Maxie kisses Spinelli. Spinelli runs into Kelly’s and straight to Maxie. Maxie fills Spinelli in about Alexis.

Liz and Nadine talk at the nurse’s desk. Nik is still with Sam. He tells Sam he “could have hit” her with his car. Sam tells Nik not to worry. Nik sees Emily.

Jason arrives at GH to see Liz. Jason says, “Nikolas is innocent.”

Jax takes Carly to Jake’s to satisfy her food craving. Jax has rented out the bar as a Valentine’s Day surprise for Carly.

At GH, Patrick tells Robin Epiphany’s operation was “a success.” He then gives Robin some flowers. Patrick compliments Robin before walking away.

At Kelly’s, Luke says he can try to prove Monica’s guilt. Tracy tells Luke she “hates” him. Luke kisses Tracy but Tracy gets up and leaves, slowly.

At Kelly’s, Spinelli wonders what the “killer has in common with the victims.”

Still with Alexis, Diane wonders whom Kristina saw and why it scared her. Kristina dreams about the person she saw. She wakes up screaming.

A man in black with a mask walks into a room He takes down a picture of Sam and Kristina and rips it to pieces.

At GH, Jason tells Liz Nik’s car damage doesn’t match Sam’s injury. Liz’s car damage matches Sam’s injury.

Sonny escorts Claudia out of his office. He warns Claudia about hurting his loved ones. Claudia seems satisfied to have gotten a rise out of Sonny. She walks out, leaving Sonny with a vague threat.

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Claudia has a plan

Nikolas’ health is in jeopardy

Spinelli warns Lulu

Michael’s choices have serious repercussions

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