GH Update Wednesday 2/13/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/13/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny tells Max and Milo to figure out how the Zacchara organization got so close.  He tells them that he needs to see Jason now.  Luke shows up and tells Sonny that he needs Lukeís help.

Claudia tells someone to go get what she wants and to not come back until he has it.  Claudia tells Trevor that she is trying to get Sonny where she wants him.  Trevor suggests that she wants him at the nearest hotel. 

Kate shows Jax some pictures and pages for her new magazine idea.  Jax admits that he canít stop thinking about her past. 

Sam asks Jason how he got past the guard.  He says that it doesnít matter and she says that it does.  Jason claims that he wants to ask her a few questions about the hit and run.  Sam wonders why he cares who ran her down.

Liz admits to Lucky that she doesnít know how to tell him what she needs to say.  Lucky asks her what she is talking about and Liz admits that she thinks that she is responsible for Samís hit and run. 

Kate begs Jax to leave it alone, but he wants to know what happened to her all those years ago.  She claims that it is something that has to stay buried.  She asks him what he thinks of her ideas.  He insists that he loves her ideas.  Jax suggests that she is doing it to get Sonny back.

Luke tells Sonny why he would be great for Sonnyís business.  Sonny asks Luke about his condition.  Sonny tells Luke that things have changed in the business.  Luke realizes that Sonny thinks that he is too feeble.  Sonny tells Luke that it is getting real dangerous.

Trevor tells Claudia that the meeting was about business, not about her pleasure.  Claudia tells Trevor that she is tired of working behind the scenes.  She says that she will find out what her father would want.  She says that she can still find out what is going on in his mind even though he is crazy.

Liz tells Lucky that she hasnít been sleeping.  Lucky tells Liz to stop because she is afraid that the lie about Jake will come out and he assures her that it wonít.  Lucky tells Liz that it isnít her fault; he dragged Samís lies out of her.  Lucky suggests that Jason might have been at fault.

Jason and Sam argue about her accident and he asks her what she saw.  Sam says that all she saw was headlights because she was too busy fighting off the text message killer.  She asks Jason if he is just hearing about it or if he is waiting around there for the killer to finish her off.

The killer gets ready and grabs some wire off a shelf.  He looks towards the pictures and leaves. 

Diane comes to visit Alexis.  Diane suggests that Alexis needs to relax.  Diane tells Alexis that she is taking on Joe Smithís case against the hospital.

Jason tells Sam that he believes her and that he doesnít want this guy to get to her or anyone else.  Sam asks Jason what is in it for him.  Jason apologizes to Sam.  Sam suggests that Jason is doing this for Liz.  Sam tells Jason to get out.  Ian comes in and tells Jason that he better have a good reason for visiting Sam or he will have security arrest Jason.

Lucky tells Liz that he knows Jason is a sore subject between them and tells Liz that Jason was at the scene without a good reason.  Liz reminds Lucky that Jason drives a motorcycle and a car hit Sam.  Lucky yells at Liz for defending Jason.  Lucky tells Liz that Jason might not be responsible for Samís accident, but he knows something about it.

Patrick asks Robin if the sperm donor was really anonymous.  She asks him why he wants to know.  The orderly comes in and tells them that he found Epiphany unconscious in the locker room.

Luke reminds Sonny that he knows what it is like to cheat death and asks Sonny what he wanted to do when he did it.  Sonny says that he wouldnít put other peopleís lives at risk and that is what Luke is asking him to do.  Luke tells Sonny that he owes him for saving Jason after the train wreck.  Luke tells Sonny that he isnít giving up on this.  Luke leaves and Mike walks in.  Mike tells Sonny that he caught Michael buying bullets on the docks the previous night.

Ian asks Sam if Jason was threatening her.  She tells Ian about her past with Jason.  Ian tells Jason that he has to respect the people that are sick and stay out of the way of the people trying to help.  Jason tells Sam that if she wants to tell him, he would like to know if she remembers anything and leaves.  Sam comments that Jason likes to walk on the wild side, but someday he will meet his match.

Claudia walks into Jakeís and says that she is looking for trouble.  Luke says that he can arrange that.

Jax and Kate talk about Monte Carlo when they first met.  Kate says that she will pay the price with Sonny.

Morgan pulls the shoebox out from under Michaelís bed and opens it.  He pulls the shirt out and sees the gun lying in the box.

Alexis and Diane discuss Joeís case.  Kristina comes in and tells Alexis that she left Ariel on the porch.  Alexis goes out to find Kristinaís doll.  Someone watches Alexis from behind the trees. 

Ian tells Sam that she is coming around very quickly.  She asks him if he was afraid of Jason and tells Ian all about Jason.  Ian asks her about the pain and comments on her medications.  Ian tells her that he can take care of the scar later if she wants.  Lucky comes in.

Alexis sees something.  Diane yells out at Alexis to let her know that they found the doll.  Diane asks Alexis what is wrong and Alexis admits that she isnít sure.

Dr. Julian tells Epiphany that she suffered a heart attack.  Epiphany tells Dr. Julian that as soon as she catches her breath she is going back to work.

Luke tells Claudia that he isnít an upstanding citizen.  She asks Luke what he is selling and he asks her what she is buying.  Luke says that he is the town oracle.  She pulls out a big wad of cash and Coleman says that he knows things too.  Luke spills peanuts on the floor and tells Coleman to pick them up before someone falls.  Claudia tells Luke that she wants information on Sonny and asks what Sonnyís weakness is.  Luke tells Claudia that going after Sonnyís family will be a serious mistake. 

Michael yells at Morgan for being in his room.  Michael pulls the shoebox out of Morganís hands.  Morgan runs out of the room and Sonny walks up to the doorway.  He asks Michael what is going on in there.  Michael puts the shoebox back under his bed and Sonny sits down on his bed.  Sonny asks what was going on with Michael and Morgan.  Sonny and Michael talk about the gun and the bullets.  Sonny asks why Michael had the bullets and if he has something to put them in.  Sonny tells Michael not to go anywhere near guns.  Sonny leaves and Michael pulls the shoebox back out from under his bed.

Claudia and Luke talk about Sonny.  Luke tells Claudia that the further she stays away from Sonny, the longer she will live.  Claudia gets up and asks about the ladies room.  Coleman tells her where it is.  Coleman asks Luke if he wants a drink.  Luke says that he is there for a job.  Luke puts the bowl of peanuts in his coat and leaves.

Kate tells Jax that she knows all about Sonny and they discuss her past.  Jax asks her why she isnít being more direct and then changes the conversation back to the magazine.  He tells her that he found some property.  She says that she is being a fool and that she is going about it the wrong way.  She thanks Jax and tells him that she will be in touch about the property and leaves.

Alexis and Diane put their coats from the bar on and take a picture.  Diane shows Alexis what she got that morning and explains that the men from the bar sent a photo and asked for one in return.  Alexis looks out the window and tells Diane that there is someone out there.  Diane looks and asks if there is a back door.  Diane shuts the lights off and pulls the gun out.  She tells Alexis to make sure the girls stay in their room.

Liz meets Jason on the roof of the hospital.  He tells her that he might have proof that she didnít hit Sam.  Liz admits that she almost told Lucky the truth.  Jason tells Liz that the killer might still be out there and makes her promise that she will be careful.  They hug.

Ian apologizes to Lucky for not being there when Lucky wanted to question him.  Ian says that no one could fake the terror he saw in Samís face the night the killer was in her room.  Ian leaves.  Lucky says that he still needs evidence.  She hopes that he solves the case because she realizes that he canít stand being around her.  He tells her that it isnít true.

The orderly tells Epiphany that she has a higher risk of having a heart attack.  She asks him what business it is of his.  Dr. Julian comes in and Epiphany tells him that she has agreed to go through with it.  Patrick tells her that everyone that loves her is going to be there to make sure that Leo does right by her.  Epiphany tells Liz that she is in charge of the desk until Epiphany gets back.  Patrick tells her that it will be at least a week, but Epiphany tells him that if she has anything to say about it she wonít be in there that long.  She tells everyone to get back to work because she knows that she isnít the only patient in the hospital.  She asks where Stanís ashes are.  Liz tells her that she will be okay.

Kristina comes out and Alexis tells her to get back in her room.  Diane holds the mayor at gunpoint and tells him not to move.  Alexis comes out and asks Diane what she is doing.  They both apologize to the mayor.  The mayor asks what happens at the lake.  Kristina comes out and looks out the window and screams when she sees someone watching the house.

Kate walks into Sonnyís office and tells him that they need to talk.

Claudia shoots a game of pool at Colemanís bar.  Jason walks in and asks if Spinelli has been in there yet.  Claudia asks Jason if he is interested in taking her on and throws some cash on the pool table.  

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