GH Update Tuesday 2/12/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Alexis asks Mac if they have found the suspect in Sam’s accident. Mac says that it is Lucky’s case and Lucky says that it isn’t anymore.

A guard stands outside Sam’s door. She has a nightmare about the night of the attack and wakes up screaming.

Liz tells Jason that she wants to tell the police the truth, but he begs her not to say anything yet. He says that they have 4 possible people who could have hit Sam. Liz tells Jason not to do it to himself and he reminds her that she doesn’t know she did it. She reminds him that he doesn’t know she didn’t do it.

Lulu remembers kissing Johnny. Logan walks up and watches her.

Epiphany tells Liz that a patient needs meds and then yells at Liz because they don’t have all the meds for the patient.

Jason calls Carly to see if she is going to be home.

Luke tells Monica that Tracy is willing to drop the malpractice suit. Monica reminds herself to check the charts and that in a minute she can go to the supply room and have a drink. Luke says that Tracy misses her family and that she doesn’t want to waste time being away from her family. Luke claims that Tracy is willing to take the first step, but Tracy denies it. Monica tells Tracy to start sleeping in her car instead of in the boardroom because security has been called. Tracy suggests that Monica passed out in the on call room again. Luke tries to break up the fight, but Tracy suggests that Monica was driving drunk and that she hit public property. Tracy and Luke leave. Monica starts to leave, but Jason stops her and tells her that her car was stolen the night that Sam was the victim of a hit and run.

Patrick asks Sam why he wasn’t informed that someone was in her room threatening her. Sam tells Patrick what happened and what the attacker told her. Sam and Patrick discuss what is going on with the killer and why it isn’t on the news. Sam breaks down and Patrick comforts her. Robin walks up and sees it.

Lucky tells everyone that he doesn’t know what to believe when it comes to Sam. Alexis tells everyone that Sam claimed that the text message killer was in her room the previous night and Lucky tells them what Sam said the night of her accident. Alexis accuses Lucky of wanting Sam dead.

Logan startles Lulu. They discuss the reasons for Lulu being upset. Lulu starts to walk away and Logan admits that he knows that Luke raped Laura.

Alexis says that Sam is too good of a liar to come up with a story that could be easily dismissed. The mayor reminds Alexis that she went on TV and announced that Cooper was the killer. Scott offers to check the hospitals for rib injuries. Mac tells Alexis that Cooper Barrett was the killer and reminds her of all the evidence they had against Cooper.

Logan tells Lulu that Scott told him about the rape. Logan admits that there is no excuse for what he did and tells her about the things that she gave him. He tells her that she isn’t like anyone else he has met, but Johnny has changed everything between them.

Johnny asks Patrick about Anthony’s condition. Johnny tells Patrick what the visits with Anthony are like and asks if there is any chance that Anthony could be getting better.

Regina and Kelly bring Robin baby presents. Epiphany yells at everyone for standing around. Liz tells Leyla that the insulin will be in soon. Epiphany says that this is unacceptable. Robin wonders if Epiphany has talked to Lainey yet. Ms. Sneed talks to an orderly about moving a patient without a transport sheet. Everyone takes the blame, but Epiphany tells them that they don’t need to cover for her. Epiphany gives them all orders and they all leave.

Jason and Monica talk about what Tracy said. Monica realizes that Jason thinks she hit Sam. Jason walks away and Monica takes a drink of water.

A delivery person comes in with a box for Epiphany. She opens the box to find an urn containing Stan’s ashes. She tells everyone to get back to work.

Alexis and Mac discuss Lucky’s actions. Alexis says that the public needs to be notified and that the case needs to be reopened. Scott says that maybe Sam set the whole thing up. The mayor tells Alexis and Scott to work together on this case. Alexis admits that it is personal.

Lulu tells Logan not to blame it on Johnny. Logan says that it wasn’t about the sex and tells her that it was about holding onto all the good in her. Logan tells Lulu that he has to let her find out who Johnny is on her own and that he will be there waiting. Logan walks away.

Johnny walks up to the roof of the hospital and jumps up on the edge. Luke comes out and asks if Johnny needs a shove.

Carly tells Jason that he scared her on the phone. Jason asks the boys to go upstairs and Morgan runs up the stairs. Michael doesn’t want to go upstairs, but Carly tells him that not doing what she wants is acting childish. Michael reluctantly goes upstairs and Jason admits that he is worried about Michael. Jason asks about Carly’s car accident. Jason asks Carly why she didn’t report her accident to the police. Carly wonders why Jason cares who hit Sam.

Liz checks Sam’s vitals. Sam starts talking in her sleep and Liz tries to calm her down. Sam wakes up and Liz says that she is sorry. Sam wonders what Liz would be sorry about. Liz tells Sam that she was having a nightmare. Sam explains that she was seeing the car that hit her. Liz asks if Sam saw the person inside the car. Lucky asks how Sam is doing. Liz gives him an update and Lucky asks if he can talk to Sam about the accident. Liz tells him to keep it short because Sam needs to rest. Liz leaves and closes the door.

Lucky tells Sam that he found her cell phone smashed on the docks. Sam has the details of the attack jumbled and Lucky tells her that he isn’t running the investigation anymore.

Epiphany puts the urn in a drawer. Everyone offers to take over for Epiphany so that she can go home. Epiphany yells at Leyla for the patients getting their medication late.

Patrick tells Leyla that the things that Epiphany said didn’t have anything to do with Leyla. Patrick hugs Leyla. Robin and Liz walk in the opposite direction. Robin and Liz discuss Patrick. Liz tells Robin that no man is ready to be a father until it happens.

Carly and Jason discuss Sam’s accident. Michael listens from the stairs while Carly says that maybe she needs Jason’s protection and tells him that he needs to get the killer off the streets.

Michael runs up to his room and pulls a shoebox from under his bed. Michael puts a bullet into the gun he bought. Michael points the gun around the room and hears someone coming. He puts the gun away and Morgan walks into the room. Michael and Morgan leave the room.

Carly tells Jason about her accident. Carly tells Jason that she would be more than happy to admit it if she hit Sam, but she didn’t. Jason asks what Carly is really hiding. Lulu shows up and says that she needs to talk. Jason leaves. Lulu tells Carly that she needs help with Johnny and Logan. Lulu tells Carly about both guys.

Luke and Johnny discuss being on the ledge. They sit down and discuss Lulu. Luke tells Johnny that he worries too much because Lulu has his survival skills. Luke tells Johnny that he can’t stop Lulu from getting hurt because that is life. Johnny says that he is going to stay away from Lulu. Luke says that if he were different and wanted to control his daughter’s love life, he would have dropped Logan off the roof a long time ago.

Someone sits in a room drinking a beer. They look at pictures of the women who have been attacked and clippings about the text message killer.

Liz says that as a last resort they will have Dr. Ford make Epiphany go home. Liz offers to take over Epiphany’s shift. Epiphany tells them to leave her alone and grabs the urn. She walks away.

Mac shows up to see Sam. He asks Robin if Sam is up for it. Robin rambles about the father of her baby as Patrick watches. Mac confronts her with the fact that she used an anonymous donor. Robin admits that she wanted everyone to think that, but he isn’t anonymous. Robin tells Mac that the father’s life isn’t compatible with children. Robin walks away and Patrick walks in the opposite direction.

Epiphany walks into the locker room. She starts crying while holding the urn. She starts grabbing her chest and falls off the bench onto the floor.

Carly and Lulu discuss Lulu’s choice.

Morgan plays with a ball and it rolls under Michael’s bed. Morgan reaches for the shoebox.

Jason watches Sam sleep.

Liz stops Lucky when he walks into the hospital and tells him that she has to talk to him about something that she has done.

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