GH Update Monday 2/11/08

General Hospital Update Monday 2/11/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

The families wait for Trevor to get to the meeting. One of them asks about the Zacchara that ordered the meeting. Claudia walks in and looks at Sonny. She walks around the table and announces that she is Anthony Zacchara’s daughter.

Trevor asks Marianna if Ric has signed the papers for the waterfront property. He tells her to deliver the deed to him. She asks him why she would betray Ric. Trevor tells her to see what happens if she doesn’t come through for him and reminds her that he has a lot of information on her. Trevor hangs up.

Ric walks in the door as she is putting her cell phone away.

Maxie and Spinelli discuss Sam’s attack. Spinelli explains that Logan was in Kelly’s and he was favoring his side and Maxie thinks that Logan could be the killer.

Lucky asks Jason why he was at the scene of Sam’s accident and tells Jason that it wasn’t a coincidence.

Liz brings the boys home and she says that the house looks like new. Cameron tells her that nothing bad will happen.

Sam wakes up in her hospital room and there is someone standing over her with something in their hands. She tries to get up, but the person puts a hand over her mouth. They tell her that it isn’t any fun if she can’t struggle. The person runs out of the room and Sam starts screaming for help. Ian runs into Sam’s room and she asks if he saw the person.

Jason and Lucky discuss Jason’s possible reasons for running Sam down. Jason explains that if he wanted something to happen to Sam, he would have done it before. Lucky suggests that the opportunity didn’t present itself until now. Lucky says that Liz lied claiming to be protecting Lucky, but she was really protecting Jason. Jason tells Lucky that he should take himself off of Sam’s case because he is too close to it.

Liz tells Cameron that she wants to spend as much time with him as she can. Nikolas walks in and tells her that it sounds like she is going somewhere.

Ric and Marianna enjoy talking over a drink. They both discuss what the smell makes them think about. They discuss their parents. Ric tells her that he can talk to her about anything and she reminds him that he doesn’t know her at all. The phone rings and Ric tells the person at the front desk that he will be right down. He explains that there is a problem with his credit card and leaves. Marianna watches the deed.

Claudia insists that she knows Sonny by name only. Sonny asks her why she is there. Claudia explains that she is there to represent her family and her father’s interests. One of the other families makes fun of her father. Sonny tells her that Anthony came to try to run Sonny’s territory and all he got for it was a piece of Sonny’s collarbone. Claudia reminds Sonny that he has children. One of the other families tells her that there is a code and that families are off limits. She tells Sonny to talk to her about her father the way he would want her to talk to his children about him. Sonny tells her that she has nothing to bring to the table and that she shouldn’t be there. Claudia claims that she has something to tell them all that might change their minds.

Maxie listens to Spinelli talk into a recorder. Spinelli says that he is just giving a detailed report for his first case. He explains that all things will be done on the Internet eventually. Maxie and Spinelli discuss Logan’s lack of alibis for the attacks. Maxie reminds him that they are talking about Georgie’s killer and he tells her that nothing is more important than bringing Georgie’s killer to justice. Maxie leans over and kisses Spinelli.

Ian helps Sam back into bed and asks who she is talking about. Sam describes the person who just ran out of her room. Sam tells Ian what the killer said to her. Ian offers to have a nurse bring her something to calm her down, but she refuses. Sam asks him how she knows about her injuries. He explains that the stitches in her side are from him and she realizes that he helped Patrick operate on her. Ian leaves.

Liz and Nikolas discuss her leaving the hospital so soon and then the discussion changes to his surgery. Nikolas explains that she is the closest to Emily and he hasn’t felt her presence in a while. She reminds him that he will die if the doctor’s don’t operate and realizes that he is waiting for a sign from Emily. She tells him that Emily is gone, but reminds him that Spencer needs him and that he can spend the rest of his life with his son. She asks him if he knows how lucky and blessed he is.

Jason shows up and Max gives him an update on the meeting. Jason tells Max to tell Sonny nothing.

Trevor explains that the Zacchara organization has acquired some land. Claudia brings up Lorenzo’s piers and that her family has made some alliances recently. Sonny asks if she is talking about Mr. Morrow.

Jerry walks into Sam’s room and asks her what is going on. Ian walks past and sees Jerry inside the room. He keeps walking. Sam explains to Jerry and Lucky what happened. Lucky says that he is there on a different matter and Jerry apologizes to Sam for not being there. Jerry leaves so that Lucky and Sam can talk. Sam and Lucky argue about what happened. She tells Lucky that it was the doctor that helped Patrick operate on her. She tells him to go ask Patrick because she is tired. He stands there and she tells him to go and leave her alone. Lucky leaves.

Lucky sees Alexis and Diane in the hall. Lucky explains what Sam told him. Alexis asks where Jerry was and Lucky explains that Jerry was MIA. Lucky leaves. Alexis asks Diane if Sam might have done this to get attention, but Diane doesn’t understand why Sam would make it up. Alexis wonders why Sam would use the text message killer.

An officer disturbs Spinelli and Maxie’s kiss. She says that they were talking about their homework and Spinelli starts rambling. The officer leaves. Spinelli tells her that she violated his bubble, but she says that she stopped a cop from breaking up their stakeout. She tells him that being a good detective isn’t about the rules. Spinelli tells her that she should have warned him. They start eating a bag of chips.

Marianna gets a match and lights the deed on fire. She starts watching it burn and Ric runs in.

Claudia says that she has every reason to be there. Someone starts ragging on Johnny and then says that Johnny is ready for the nuthouse like Anthony. One of the families tells her that if Johnny gets out of line again, he might be the next one to take a leap off a building. Claudia starts fighting with him for threatening her brother. The guard tries to break up the fight while Sonny sits by and watches. The man who threatened Johnny tells Claudia that it is about time someone taught her and her brother respect. Claudia knees the man in the groin and tells him that no one taught him how to treat a lady.

Jason calls Liz and tells her that Lucky thinks that Jason hit Sam. Jason explains what Lucky thinks is Jason’s motive. Jason tells Liz not to say anything until he finds out who else was on the road. They hang up.

Nikolas tells Liz that Spencer turns 2 in a few days. He asks her to help plan Spencer’s party. Nikolas asks what is wrong and Liz tells him that Sam is in the hospital and that she was a hit and run victim. Nikolas realizes that he was on that part of the road during the time that Sam got hit and that he might have run Sam down.

Diane lectures Alexis about Jerry and they discuss Jerry. They discuss themselves and their jobs. Diane says that some men can’t change and some men don’t want to change.

Jerry walks into a room and someone pours a drink. They call Jerry by a few names and then ask if Jerry has brought them some very important property. Jerry explains that the link is Alexis Davis.

Ric puts the fire out and is happy to see that it is still in tact. He asks Marianna what she was thinking. She gives him a reason and starts rambling. He goes through the papers and makes sure that they are all there. She tells him that she knows part of him wishes she had burnt it. Ric reaches for her and she pulls away. He sees a bruise and asks her not to lie to him.

The fight gets broken up. Max busts in, but Sonny tells him to go. Claudia says that what happens in that room stays in that room and everyone agrees. Claudia says that it was nice to meet everyone and that once the piers are acquired, there will be some negotiating to do. She leaves.

Spinelli drinks his soda while Maxie tries to fix her makeup. She tells him that he is cut off. She pulls the Valentine’s Day gift out of her purse. Spinelli has a daydream of himself and Maxie in an old black and white film.

All of the families leave and agree to wait to see if Sonny or the Zacchara’s needed to be removed. Sonny calls Max inside and asks about Jason and the piers.

Marianna claims that she is clumsy, but Ric thinks that someone hurt her. She leaves.

Jerry is asked who holds the deed to the piers and Jerry tells the man that if he can afford it, Jerry could make an offer on the piers. The man tells Jerry to get him the piers.

Sonny tells Jason that he wants the piers, no matter what it takes. Jason says that he is working on it, but Sonny thinks that Jason is distracted. Sonny walks out of the room and his phone rings. Claudia is on the other end and tells Sonny that it is getting interesting.

Spinelli thinks that they should just go. Maxie reminds him that a big part of detective work is stakeouts. Spinelli reminds her that he agreed to find Georgie’s killer and Maxie tells him to be prepared to go all the way.

Lucky sits by Sam’s side. She wakes up and asks him what is going on. He says that he didn’t want to wake her up and that he talked to Patrick. He explains that he couldn’t find Dr. Ian Devlin, but Sam thinks that he didn’t even try. Sam asks Lucky if it is going to take her dying for him to believe her. She asks if he wants her to die and Lucky admits that he doesn’t want that. Lucky walks out.

Liz tells Jason that she wanted to tell Nikolas the truth and that she is afraid of being taken away from her kids. Jason asks her to go hold Jake and tell him how loved he is and she agrees.

Trevor asks Marianna if she stole the deed and Marianna admits that she tried. She tells Trevor that she told Ric to burn it. Trevor tells her to get him the deed.

Sonny asks Claudia how she got the number. She tells him that just because they slept together, doesn’t mean that she won’t kill him and he tells her that the feeling is mutual. She tells him that it doesn’t mean that she won’t sleep with him again either and hangs up.

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