GH Update Friday 2/8/08

General Hospital Update Friday 2/8/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is on the docks with Max. Max tells Sonny that a “five family meeting” has been called.

Claudia is annoyed and on the phone with Trevor. She’s at the Metro Court restaurant. Jax and Carly come in.

Lulu and Johnny are on the Haunted Star. He plays a song on the piano.

Scott takes Logan to GH to get his ribs checked. Logan feels bad for how he treated Lulu.

Lucky is in Sam’s hospital room. He wants “proof” that Sam was attacked. Sam is offended by Lucky’s attitude.

Liz is at the safe house with Jason. Liz fears that she ran Sam down. Liz admits to falling asleep while she was driving to meet Jason the previous night. Liz wants to confess to hitting Sam. Jason says they need proof of Liz’s guilt.

At GH, Sam and Lucky bicker about their relationship. Lucky feels guilty that Sam got hurt. Sam says she’s responsible for her past actions. She admits that she had a “mental and moral breakdown” after her breakup with Jason. Lucky gets ready to leave Sam’s room. She begs him to go to the docks and retrieve her phone. Lucky leaves.

Ric and Marianna goof around in his hotel room. They’ve just returned from a walk. Ric compliments Marianna.

Max tells Sonny that Johnny “may not be at” the meeting. Sonny says he wants to get his hands on the Alcazar piers. Sonny sends Max to check out the meeting site.

Claudia is still at the Metro Court. She’s still on the phone with Trevor. Claudia is curious about Trevor’s past with Sonny. Claudia ends the call. Carly and Jax are still in the restaurant. Jax notices that Kate is in the restaurant. Jax goes to see Kate while Carly literally runs right into Claudia. Carly apologizes then introduces herself to Claudia. They make small talk while Jax visits with Kate.

Michael escorts Morgan out of his room. Michael takes some money out of Carly’s purse. Michael takes his gun and prepares to leave the house.

Spinelli and Maxie are at Kelly’s talking about Cooper. Spinelli is still trying to find the killer. Spinelli reminds Maxie that Coop’s boot prints were in the snow near Georgie’s body. The two discuss finding Logan’s dog tags in Coop’s room. Maxie reminds Spinelli that her attacker smelled “sweet.” Mac comes into Kelly’s. Mac asks Maxie if Coop had any family or other friends in town. Jerry walks by Maxie’s table.

Alexis talks to Patrick at GH. Patrick says Sam will be fine in time. Scott approaches Alexis. Patrick leaves. Scott offers to stand in for Alexis as the D.A. Alexis declines the offer then walks away. Logan approaches Scott. Logan says he’s got a bruised rib and he will be fine. Lucky arrives at the hospital and is cornered by Scott. Lucky tells Scott that Sam kicked her attacker in the ribs. Scott looks concerned as Lucky walks away.

Lulu and Johnny are still on the Haunted Star. Johnny says Lulu makes him “feel funny in a good way.” Lulu says she feels the same about Johnny. Johnny leans toward Lulu.

At GH, Robin approaches Epiphany at the desk. Epiphany seems preoccupied. Maxie comes to see Robin. Robin puts Maxie on hold while she tends to something. Jerry approaches Maxie and tells her about Sam. Jerry offers to take Maxie to Sam’s room.

Logan approaches Spinelli at Kelly’s, looking for Lulu. Spinelli gets rid of Logan quickly. Jason arrives looking for evidence regarding Sam’s accident.

Michael meets some kids on the piers. Michael wants to buy some bullets for the gun.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Claudia trash Kate. Sonny comes into the restaurant. Claudia heads for the ladies room. Sonny gets a call from Max. Kate sees Sonny and continues to talk with Jax. Jax asks Kate about her family. Carly interrupts the conversation. Jax escorts Carly away from Kate. Max tells Sonny “there’s a new Zacchara in town.”

Ric and Marianna are still in his hotel room. Ric wants to know more about her. Marianna fills Ric in a little. Marianna doesn’t want to get emotionally involved with Ric.

Jason is still with Spinelli at Kelly’s. Spinelli says Nik’s car was stolen but never reported. He also says that Monica’s car was reported stolen near the accident site. Spinelli says Carly’s car was also in a recent accident.

At GH, Jerry tells Maxie he will pay for Coop’s burial. Maxie isn’t impressed. Alexis comes out of Sam’s room and sees Jerry. Maxie goes in to see Sam. Diane interrupts Jerry and Alexis. She offers to take Alexis for “walk in the park.” Diane and Alexis head off. Sam is happy to see Maxie. They talk about Coop. Sam tells Maxie about the attack.

Johnny wonders if Lulu will be “waiting” for him if he walks away from the violent life. Logan boards the Star just in time to catch Lulu kissing Johnny. He watches them in silence. Johnny feels guilty about what he’s doing.

At GH, Maxie goes back to see Robin. Maxie asks Robin to identify the pill she found in Coop’s room. Maxie leaves the hospital. A distracted Epiphany is at the desk.

Cassius arrives at Kelly’s. He gets in Spinelli’s face about solving Stan’s murder. Cassius tells Spinelli to hurry up with the investigation. Cassius leaves. Jason is outside on the phone with Liz. He tells Liz there’s no “proof” that she hit Sam.

Michael is on the docks, paying for the bullets. Mike interrupts Michael’s transaction. Mike demands to know what Michael bought from the kids on the docks.

Ric is still with Marianna. Ric tells Marianna about some of the “revenge” in his life. He tells Marianna a little bit about his past with Liz. Ric wonders why he is so drawn to Marianna. She tells Ric to let go of his “hatred.” Marianna slips and tells Ric that he’s a good person, regardless of what Trevor thinks.

On the Haunted Star, Johnny says he can’t make any “promises” to Lulu. He leaves the ship.

On the docks, Mike takes the bullets from Michael. He asks if Michael has a gun. Michael lies and says he doesn’t. Mike makes Michael throw the bullets in the water. Michael has secretly hidden one bullet.

Lucky runs into Jason outside of Kelly’s. He asks Jason about Sam’s accident.

Sam wakes up to find someone in her hospital room.

Marianna covers her tracks about Trevor. Ric asks Marianna to stay with him and she agrees. Ric leaves the room for a few minutes. Marianna gets a call from Trevor.

Sonny meets with the five families. Claudia shows up, much to Sonny’s surprise.

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Maxie surprises Spinelli

Claudia introduces herself

Sam can’t seem to stay out of danger

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