GH Update Thursday 2/7/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/7/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Luke runs into Tracy on the Haunted Star. Tracy tells Luke their marriage is “over.”

Claudia talks business with Trevor at the Zacchara house. Claudia wants to meet Sonny.

Sonny is in his office remembering his night of passion with Claudia. He sends Max out to pick up Michael. Jason comes in.

Jax and Carly are at home having a talk about the baby. Carly says she sent her car off to the repair shop.

Sam wakes up at GH to find Liz in her room. After Liz reminds her, Sam remembers the accident. Liz wonders if Sam knows who ran her down.

Nikolas is on the docks, talking to Robin on the phone. He mentions having “car trouble.” Emily is with Nik. Nik says he misplaced his car and it was found in a “chop shop.” He had another blackout.

Back at GH, Sam is upset that Liz is in her room. Liz leaves.

In his office, Sonny asks Jason to locate Mr. Moreau. Sonny vents about Johnny. Jason seems preoccupied. Sonny tells Jason about his visit with AZ.

Back at the house, Trevor tells Claudia to be patient about Sonny. Claudia holds a letter opener to Trevor’s throat. She gives Trevor a list of demands regarding the house. She also insists on meeting with “the five families.” Trevor calls Claudia “reckless.” She walks away as Johnny enters. Johnny is amused with the way his sister treats Trevor.

Back at the house, Carly and Jax discuss hotel business. She brushes off Jax’s questions about the car. Jax finds Carly’s behavior strange and asks her what she’s “afraid” of.

Luke and Tracy continue their scuffle on the Haunted Star. Luke suggests the two of them live on the boat. Tracy is tired of Luke sponging off her. She asks him where he’s been. Luke tries to make things up to Tracy. Tracy rejects Luke.

Carly says she’s afraid of “something Jason told” her. She tells Jax what Jason said about the killer.

Logan and Lulu are at the Spencer house. He talks about the war. Logan tells Lulu about his war “scars.” He says he’s been waiting to find Lulu for a long time.

Nikolas and Emily are still talking on the docks. They discuss the night of the Ball. Emily wants Nik’s pain to “end.” Nadine comes upon Nikolas.

Lucky goes to see Sam at GH.

On the docks, Nadine feels like she’s interrupted something. She tells Nik everyone was “worried” about him at the hospital. Nadine talks to Nik about Emily. She figures out that Nik can see Emily.

At the Spencer house, Lulu pulls away from Logan – she gets upset because he’s forcing himself on her.

At the Zacchara house, Trevor tells Johnny that Claudia is trouble. Johnny is confident that Claudia can handle herself. Claudia listens outside the door. Johnny walks out of the room and past Claudia.

Still at the coffee house, Sonny tells Jason to get hold of Skye’s waterfront property. Sonny casually mentions a woman and Jason wonders if he’s talking about Kate. Jason takes a call from Liz. They agree to meet at the safe house. Sonny is annoyed that Jason is leaving before they are finished discussing business. Jason leaves the office anyway.

At GH, Sam apologizes to Lucky. Lucky says he’ll find out who ran Sam down. Lucky says he has “a suspect.” Sam tells Lucky about the text messages and the attack. Lucky is skeptical of Sam’s story.

At the Spencer house, Lulu overreacts to Logan’s advances. Lulu says Logan shouldn’t “force” himself on her. Scott comes to the door looking for Lucky. Lulu lets Scott in and she leaves the house in a hurry.

Claudia stops Johnny in the hall and tries to talk to him. Johnny tells Claudia about his wild behavior. Johnny resents that Claudia left him when he was young. Claudia remembers the day she was “sent away” from home. Johnny walks away from his sister.

On the docks, Nadine tries to get Nik to open up about his visions of Emily. Nik tells Nadine that he can “see, hear, and touch” Emily. Emily disappears. Nik tells Nadine he will “lose” Emily if he has brain surgery.

On the Haunted Star, Luke asks Tracy about the lawsuit against Monica. Tracy resents it that Luke has continued to “hurt” her. Luke says that he and Tracy are made for each other. Tracy gets frustrated and leaves the ship.

Nik and Nadine are still on the docks. He’s upset with his situation. Nadine says Nik is “wasting” time. She thinks Nik should make the most of his time with Emily. Nadine tells Nik to stop “blaming” himself for Emily’s death.

Still at home, Carly and Jax continue to discuss the killer. Jax is skeptical. Carly is nervous that the killer is still on the loose. Jax lets it slip that he wants a baby girl.

Max brings Michael to Sonny’s office. They discuss the gun that Michael tried to steal. Michael says he wants to “protect” Carly. Michael wants Sonny’s assurance that the killer “will never get” into his house “again.”

Still at Lucky’s house, Scott asks Logan what the problem is with Lulu. Logan says he only asked Lulu for a “commitment.” He admits to “coming on too strong” to Lulu. Scott warns Logan about being overly aggressive. Scott tells Logan about Laura’s rape and how Lulu found out about it.

Lulu goes to the Haunted Star. She attempts to play the piano. Johnny suddenly appears. Lulu is happy to see him.

Nadine and Nik are still on the docks. Nadine tries to talk Nik into the operation. Nik appreciates Nadine’s concern. Nadine heads for the hospital. Emily appears so Nikolas follows her.

On the Haunted Star, Johnny plays a song on the piano for Lulu.

At the Zacchara house, Claudia tells Trevor to back off of Johnny. Trevor tells Claudia he’s set up a meeting. He warns Claudia about Sonny.

Sonny is still in his office with Michael. He warns Michael that playing with guns will result in punishment. Sonny promises that he and Jason will “protect” Carly. Michael isn’t impressed, and says their protection didn’t save Emily and Leticia. Michael leaves Sonny’s office.

Lucky is still at GH with Sam. She knows he doesn’t believe her story about the killer. Lucky says he needs more proof. Sam says she “lost” her phone.

Jason and Liz meet at the safe house. Liz wonders if she’s “the one” who ran Sam down.

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Lucky keeps his suspicion from Sam

Sonny sees a familiar face

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