GH Update Wednesday 2/6/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/6/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Luke walks in to Lucky’s house and sees Lulu there with Logan who is barely dressed.

Trevor asks Johnny about rearranging the office. Johnny admits that he hasn’t been in there yet and Claudia walks in and announces that she did it because it is time things got shaken up. Johnny smiles and Claudia walks behind the desk. Trevor tells her to inflict her taste on another room because he has important documents in there. She tells Trevor that a lot of things have changed. She tells Johnny that she is sure he isn’t fine and that is one of the things that she intends to fix while she is there. Johnny tells her that he doesn’t need fixing. Trevor asks her how long she plans on staying and she says that she will leave when she is ready.

Ric wakes up next to the waitress from the diner. He asks her what is wrong and she tells him that she shouldn’t be there.

Alexis thanks Patrick for saving Sam. Patrick admits that Ian helped and she tells Patrick that she wants to thank Ian too. Patrick agrees to pass on the message and then gets a page. Alexis stands in the hall and Jerry brings her some coffee. Alexis wonders who would have left Sam lying in the street and kept on driving.

Tracy listens as the detective tells Monica that they have found her car smashed into a park bench. He tells her that it doesn’t look like the bench was the first thing that the car hit and that there were traces of alcohol in the front seat. He tells her that they brought it in to dust for prints and that she can pick it up later. The detective walks away and Tracy says that there is something fishy about it.

Epiphany tells Leyla to run some tests. Leyla asks if Epiphany went home the night before and the orderly says no. Epiphany yells at the orderly for taking some juice off the cart. Epiphany tells him to stick to doing his job and leaves.

Detective Harper runs into Lucky and announces that he is there to do the follow-up on Sam’s hit and run accident. Lucky informs him that Sam hasn’t regained consciousness yet and that he is on his way to the crime scene. Lucky tells Detective Harper that he put himself in charge of the investigation and needs to be informed immediately if Sam wakes up.

Liz calls Audrey and says that she will be there soon to get the boys. Jason comes in with some firewood and Liz tells him that she and the boys can move back into her house. She asks him what is wrong and he tells her that he checked her car and it looks like she hit something because there is blood on the bumper. Liz and Jason come back in and they discuss what she might have hit. Liz suggests that she go back and look for it because it might not be dead or it might have tags. Jason offers to do it so that she can go see the boys. She admits that Leo and Robin didn’t want to check her out and she says that because of her selfishness, some animal might be hurt. Liz kisses him and leaves.

Luke asks Lulu what Logan is doing there. Lulu tells Luke that she has been there more than he is in the last year. Lulu tells Luke that she isn’t a child anymore. Logan tells Luke that he has no right to parent Lulu. Logan tells Luke that he doesn’t care how long it will take for Lulu to love and trust him because he loves her.

Ric apologizes for pressuring her. She tells him why she shouldn’t be there and he tells her that they didn’t do anything wrong. Ric offers to go down to the breakfast room and make her coffee so that she can stay in bed.

Trevor offers to guide Claudia through some things. Johnny says that Trevor brought her there because Johnny has a mind of his own. Trevor asks them why they think the worst of them, and Claudia replies that he makes it easy for them because no one has ever seen the best of him. They discuss “Uncle Rudy” and Trevor says that Rudy is a dirt bag loser. Claudia tells Trevor about how she remembers him. Trevor tells them that if they think they are going to take on Sonny, they need to work together. Claudia tells Trevor that they aren’t going to work together; he is going to work for her. Johnny stands by and smiles.

She looks out the window and then sees the papers on the table. She starts looking at them and the phone rings. She tells someone that she can’t do something and tells him or her to leave her alone. She hangs up and Ric walks in with breakfast. He asks her if something happened while he was gone to make her shake.

Luke asks them to tell Lucky that he was there, but changes his mind. Lulu offers to go back to the Quartermaine’s if it means that Luke will stay there. Luke tells her that he isn’t drinking or smoking because the doctor told him not to. Luke leaves. Lulu tells Logan that he said everything that needed to be said and that she believed him. She asks him if she is wrong to believe him.

Johnny tells Claudia that it was a setup. Claudia asks him how he is doing. Johnny reminds her that he hasn’t heard from her in a long time and she claims that she didn’t think it was good for him. Johnny tells her that he doesn’t have the strength to fight with her. She asks him to stay because she wants to know all the power players in the war. Johnny tells her to find out all she can about Jason.

Detectives look around the crime scene and Jason walks up. One of them tells Jason that Sam was the victim of a hit and run accident the previous night and asks if Jason knows anything about it.

Liz walks in to the hospital and Lucky asks her about checking herself out of the hospital the previous night. She admits it and asks him what is going on. Lucky tells Liz that Sam is in intensive care and informs Liz that Sam was the victim of a hit and run.

She explains that she always wondered what it would be like to spend the night there. Ric suggests that they introduce themselves. She admits that she knows his name is Richard and he admits that he knows her name is Marianna. He tells her that he wants her to show him her favorite beach and then he is going to buy her lunch. He leaves to take a shower and she grabs a cup of coffee. She looks at the papers and he comes back out and suggests that they take a shower together.

Monica tells Tracy to back off or she will give Tracy a reason to file assault charges. Tracy asks Monica why she didn’t go home the previous night. Monica claims that she decided to take a nap in her office. Tracy asks if she napped or passed out. Tracy says that there is a lot to get at about the previous night.

Liz asks Lucky about Sam’s accident. Lucky explains the accident and blames himself. Lucky tells Liz about his argument with Sam and about Sam claiming to have gotten a text message from the killer. Liz reminds him that Cooper Barrett was the killer and Lucky wonders if Sam was telling the truth about the killer being alive.

Lulu takes care of Logan’s wounds. Logan admits that he wants to make love to her, but he knows that she isn’t ready. He tells her that things are good and they can only get better.

Johnny and Claudia discuss Sonny and Jason. Claudia asks Johnny about his love life, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it. She reminds him that she used to tell him everything. She tells him not to fall in love because love hurts and love kills.

Liz asks Lucky if Sam will be okay. Lucky says that they will know more when Sam wakes up. Liz asks if they have any clues and Lucky tells her that the rain probably washed away any evidence that there was. Lucky realizes that Liz was out in the storm when she says that it was a bad night to be driving. Lucky gets a page and tells Liz that he has to go.

Epiphany tells the orderly that she isn’t going to have another meltdown. He tells her that she allowed herself a moment to grieve. He walks away.

Monica asks Bobbie to take her home and Bobbie agrees. Monica tells her that she can’t ask any questions. Tracy watches them get on the elevator. Luke walks up behind Tracy and asks her where she spent the night. She asks him what he wants and he says that he wants her. She says that she doesn’t believe him and walks away.

Claudia sits behind the desk and Trevor comes in. He admits that he didn’t realize how much she changed. She tells him that he isn’t doing a very good job of getting the waterfront property, but he claims that he is working on it. Trevor tells her that he is in Anthony’s place now.

Ric brings Marianna a present and tells her that she would be warmer in it. She says that she can’t take gifts from him and tells him to have a nice walk and tells him where he can have lunch. She claims that she has an early shift the next day. He asks her what is going on.

Liz goes up to Sam’s room and Jason calls her. She asks if she can call him back. Liz looks in at Sam.

Trevor claims that he doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot and Claudia tells him that she doesn’t like being used. She tells him that she will keep him around as long as she thinks that he is being useful. He warns her that he will destroy her and her whole family if she treats him like that. She tells him about her conversation with Johnny and asks about Trevor’s relationship with Sonny. She suggests that they use something to knock the families off guard while she gets the lay of the land. Trevor tells her that he will think of something, but she tells him that she already has.

Marianna and Ric talk. Ric tells her to think of it as an exchange for the coffee that she has given him. She opens it and tries on the new coat. They get ready to go and the phone rings. Ric answers it, but there is no one on the line. They walk out of the room.

Lulu tells Logan that all she needs is to be allowed to be herself. He pulls her over against him.

Jason runs down to the docks and Johnny starts a conversation. Johnny tells Jason that someone told him that love kills and he is having a hard time believing it. Johnny asks what Jason thinks, but Jason runs off.

Cruz tells Lucky that they might have a timeframe and that Jason showed up earlier.

Liz walks into Sam’s room and remembers driving in the storm. Liz asks if she did this to Sam. Sam opens her eyes and looks at Liz.

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