GH Update Tuesday 2/5/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny tells Lulu not to get involved in it, but Lulu steps in between Sonny and Johnny.

Carly tells Jax that she had to do something important and that she was trying to call him.

Liz wakes up startled and Jason asks her if she remembers her dream. He thinks that it might have been about Sam holding Jake.

Sam lies unconscious on the side of the road. Her attacker also lies on the road, but starts to move their hand.

Maxie opens the door to Cooper’s apartment and Spinelli follows her inside. She says that she doesn’t want anyone to know that they are there. Jerry listens from outside the door. They discuss what could have gotten Cooper killed.

Sam’s attacker gets up off the ground and sees her lying there.

Carly makes Jax promise not to be mad. She says that she might have scratched the car a little. She says that there was stuff blowing across the road and that she swerved to miss something in the road and hit her head on the steering wheel. Jax asks her what was so important and says that he doesn’t care if she scratched the car because she is okay. He asks her what happened and she says that she can’t and she runs up the stairs.

Liz tells Jason that she saw someone holding Jake in the road and tried to hit the brake, but she hit the gas and hit them and then everything went black. She said that the next thing she knew was that Jake was in the backseat and he was safe. Liz tells him that being there is worth all the trouble getting there.

Sonny tells Lulu to get out of the way. Johnny realizes that Sonny is trying to get rid of the Zacchara family. Sonny tells Lulu that one of these times she is going to get grabbed and not get rescued. Johnny says that Sonny won’t shoot him in front of a witness, but Sonny keeps his gun where it is. Lulu tries to get them to stop, but Johnny tells Sonny to do it. Johnny tells Sonny that he has wanted to do it since the ball and now is his chance. Sonny hits Johnny and tells him that he is crazy like Anthony. Sonny tells Johnny that if he does anything to make Sonny want him dead again, he will be. Sonny tells Lulu to stay away from Johnny and Lulu admits that Johnny already has warned her to stay away from him. Sonny leaves and Lulu asks Johnny what is wrong with him. Johnny tells Lulu that Logan wants to give her a nice safe life so she should run away with him. Lulu says that maybe she wants to run away with Johnny.

Ric calls Alexis to check in. She asks him if he has made a decision about the waterfront property and asks how things are going. Ric tells her that he feels good. She shows up at Lucky’s door and Ric tells her to kiss the girls for him.

Lucky asks Alexis what is wrong. Alexis tells Lucky that she just stopped to drop off something for Sam. Lucky tells Alexis to hold on to it because Sam left and she won’t be coming back.

Sam’s attacker gets to their feet and walks over to Sam. They look down at Sam and then leave.

Maxie and Spinelli start going through things. Jerry continues listening. Spinelli and Maxie discuss the possibilities of Coop’s DNA match to Georgie’s attacker. Jerry hears Maxie say that she never should have told Spinelli about Coop’s role in the hostage crisis and then turns and leaves. Spinelli and Maxie discuss Georgie. Maxie tells Spinelli that her mom used to hold her, and then it was Coop and Georgie. Spinelli sits next to her and holds her.

Patrick and Robin discuss Ian being involved with Nikolas’ case. Ian comes up and they discuss his previous case. Leyla comes up and tells them that Nikolas left again.

A detective takes Monica’s statement and asks what took her so long to report her car being stolen. Tracy comes up and asks what is going on.

Liz and Jason look at pictures she drew while she was in the hospital. Liz tells Jason that she can’t help but imagine the 4 of them being a family and asks Jason if there is anything they could do to make it happen.

Carly runs back down the stairs and tells Jax that everything is okay. She tells Jax that she loves him. He asks if she totaled the car. She tells him that she was coming home from the hospital and she wanted to tell him something to his face. She tells Jax that she is pregnant. They embrace.

Sonny visits Anthony and asks how he feels about dying.

Johnny tells Lulu that she shouldn’t tease him and she tells him that he shouldn’t tease Sonny. Lulu kisses Johnny.

Maxie thanks Spinelli for comforting her. They continue searching. She finds a present in a desk drawer. They hear footsteps approaching and they hide. Someone grabs the doorknob.

Someone finds Sam lying unconscious along the road and they kneel down to look at her.

The waitress shuts the sign off at the diner and Ric comes in and offers to walk her to the bus stop. She says that every time she sees him, she expects it to be the last. She says that she is a waitress and he is a tourist. She apologizes for calling him a sellout, but he admits that he is one. She pulls a couple of chairs down and goes to make some tea.

Maxie and Spinelli watch the door and she sneezes. Logan walks in and asks them what they are doing in there. Maxie tells Logan that she will find proof that Coop wasn’t the killer. Logan tells her that all she will find is trouble. He says that he needed some cash and he thought he would come by. Maxie tells him that it is disgusting that he would come to steal money from her dead ex-boyfriend. Spinelli says that Logan was being suspicious. They keep looking. Spinelli finds a pill bottle and asks if Coop was taking medication. He tells her that there is only 1 pill left.

Robin leaves a message for Nikolas. Ian asks about how erratic Nikolas has become. Ian says that he will be in the cafeteria with Leyla and tells Robin and Patrick to sort it out. Ian explains the reasons that he likes Leyla. Patrick tells Ian that Robin is hormonal because she is pregnant. Robin walks away.

Tracy says that the last time she saw Monica was when her surgical privileges were removed. Tracy asks her if she had to hock her clothes to get booze and asks Monica how much she has been drinking. The officer asks Monica if she was driving under the influence when she says her car was stolen.

Johnny pulls back from the kiss and asks Lulu why she is doing this. Johnny tells her that she needs to stay away because his life just got more complicated by someone who showed up that he was long gone. Logan walks up and Johnny says that they were saying goodnight. Lulu asks what is wrong with Logan. Logan starts collapsing to his knees.

Anthony complains about the lousy security. Sonny tells Anthony that he makes things happen. Sonny tells Anthony that if he is getting feeling back, he should run for it now. Sonny pulls his gun out and points it at Anthony. Anthony says that if he can shoot a cripple, go ahead. Anthony tells Sonny that if he does it, to make sure Maria doesn’t see it. Anthony tells Sonny that it was just about to get interesting.

Ric and the waitress look at some pictures of Molly and Kristina. He says that he might just stick around for a while. She asks about his “precious papers” and he says that they aren’t as precious after all. He tells her that she isn’t complicated and she says that maybe she isn’t so simple. Ric starts to get up to kiss her and stops. She says that maybe it isn’t a good idea and he says that there is only one way to really find out.

Jax and Carly share their joy about being pregnant. Carly tells him that it had to happen the night before he left. Carly says that the doctor told her that she has to be careful. Jax suggests that they go to the hospital to get Carly checked out and Carly tells him that she already called.

Liz and Jason discuss the pictures and the way they want things to be. Jason admits that being at the safe house is different and it’s great. Liz tells Jason that she wants him to see that there might be something in between “on and off” and he might like it. He holds her against him.

Robin tells Patrick that maybe Ian scared Nikolas off. Patrick apologizes for making comments about her hormones and tells her that he is fine with the pregnancy. She walks away and Ian asks if Robin is going to be a problem. Ian walks away. A nurse tells Patrick that a hit and run victim with a head injury is being sent up from the emergency room.

Monica tells the officer that Tracy is a liar. The officer asks her if she has been drinking and Monica dodges the question. Monica tells the cop to go find her car.

Jerry tells Patrick that he found Sam lying on the side of the road.

Alexis tells Lucky about her conversation with Sam. Alexis asks Lucky if it would have made a difference if Sam had told Lucky about her mistakes and he says no. Logan and Lulu come in. Logan explains that he and Lulu got into a fight and he went to the bar and ran into a few jerks. Logan says that he will be fine and he doesn’t need a visiting nurse like Johnny. Alexis gets a call from Jerry informing her of Sam’s accident. Lucky leaves with Alexis.

Spinelli shows Maxie the pill, but Maxie says that she has never seen that pill before. They discuss the possibilities of the pill. Spinelli pulls out dog tags and tells Maxie that they are Logan’s.

Lulu cleans up Logan’s wounds and she tells him that he can stay on the couch. Johnny watches from outside the window.

Sonny asks Anthony if he is talking or rambling. Anthony tells Sonny to get it done already. Anthony thinks that Sonny came to have him warn Johnny so that Sonny won’t have to kill him. Anthony says that everything is changing.

Ric and the waitress talk and he asks her if she would like a glass of wine. Ric tells her to be herself and offers to take her to the bus station or to home. She tells him that she has been watching him and she has realized the change in him. She wonders if she is right to stay so shut off. Ric comes over and kisses her. He lets go and she kisses him.

Jax suggests that they tell Michael and Morgan at breakfast. Carly explains that she wants to wait a little while. They start kissing.

Patrick orders tests. Alexis shows up and asks about her condition. Ian sees Jerry and walks in the other direction.

Liz has a dream about her trip to get to the safe house. She wakes up startled and sits up.

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