GH Update Monday 2/4/08

General Hospital Update Monday 2/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Claudia says hi to Johnny. She asks her father how he is doing and Anthony asks who is pretending to be his daughter. Johnny asks Claudia what she is doing there and Claudia tells him to ask Trevor because he sent for her.

Sonny says that timing is everything. Kate tries to explain the situation with Jax to Sonny. Jax offers to leave, but Kate stops him. Kate says that she and Sonny don’t owe each other anything.

Jason waits and looks out the window. He opens the door to leave.

Liz starts to fall asleep while driving, but keeps waking herself up.

Monica takes a drink while driving and slams on the brakes.

Carly dials a number on her cell phone while driving and swerves.

Sam fights off her attacker and gets hit by a car. She lies on the side of the road and the car keeps going.

Jason goes back inside and calls Liz. He tells her that the roads are bad and he is worried about her. He asks her to call him.

Lucky tells Lulu that he will always love Liz. Lucky tells her that they changed as they grew up and that he and Liz have too much stuff between them now. Lucky says that he appreciates Liz separating herself from Jason for Jake’s sake, but he doesn’t know how long it will last. Lulu explains that Spinelli told her and that she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t know what to do. She apologizes to Lucky. They discuss their mother. Lulu asks Lucky what happened with Sam. Lucky explains that he saw the kind of person that Sam can be. Lulu says that she just wants to Lucky to be happy and it seemed like he was happy with Sam. Lucky explains that he has dealt with enough lies. Lucky explains that he doesn’t care what happens now.

Monica gets back in the car and closes the flask. She gets back out.

Anthony yells at Trevor for bringing Claudia back. Trevor realizes that Claudia has changed and explains that Trevor called Claudia back for her father. Anthony tells them to leave and to get him his wife. Claudia tells Trevor and Johnny to go, but says that she is going to stay and talk to her father.

Jax offers to leave, but Kate stops him again. Kate tells Sonny that Jax knows everything. Kate admits that her past does hurt a lot and explains that Jax knows about her past.

Carly sits up and sees the gash on her head. She puts the car in park says, “We’re both going to be okay.”

Sonny reminds Kate that she couldn’t say anything about her past while they were out that night, but realizes that she told Jax. Jax steps in and Sonny tells him that the conversation isn’t happening. Sonny says that he doesn’t have to care about Kate because he won’t be seeing her around there anymore. Kate explains that she has decided not to go back to Manhattan and has decided to stay in Port Charles permanently.

Trevor tells Claudia that he will tell her anything she wants to know, but Claudia insists that she wants to talk to her father first. Trevor and Johnny leave. Claudia hugs Johnny before he leaves. She shuts the door. Johnny asks Trevor what is going on and Trevor claims that Anthony is failing. Johnny tells Trevor that he knows why Trevor brought Claudia there.

Epiphany tells Ian that there is more to him than he lets on. Patrick walks up and tells Epiphany that not many doctors can switch their specialty like Ian does. Patrick says that he is happy to have someone from medical school that knows what they want and don’t want out of life. Robin comes up and asks if anyone has seen Nikolas. Nadine tells them that Nikolas left to go out for a drive. They discuss Nikolas’ condition.

Nikolas stands outside and he turns around and sees Emily. She realizes that things are changing and he admits that he shouldn’t have left the hospital. She asks him where his car is and he admits that he doesn’t know. She tells him that it will be okay and asks what he remembers. He says that he remembers enough to be afraid to tell anyone.

Johnny tells Trevor that he couldn’t control Johnny anymore, so he brought Claudia in to run the business. Trevor tells Johnny to think with his head for once in his life and to learn the business before Sonny kills him. Trevor says that he isn’t going to let anyone run the empire into the ground. Johnny says that he is going to sit back and watch.

Anthony tells Claudia that she looks good and asks why she came. Claudia says that Trevor sent for her, but Anthony asks her what she wants.

Kate tells Sonny that she won’t grovel or deal with his cold shoulder. She explains that Connie and Sonny wouldn’t have made it, but Kate and Sonny could. Kate explains why she would prefer to be “Kate Howard” rather than “Mrs. Sonny Corinthos.” Kate says that Sonny won’t be able to stay away from her forever and tells him that he already cares. Sonny tells her that they are done, but she says that they aren’t. Sonny walks out.

Monica shows up at the hospital and starts crying in the locker room.

Lulu tells Lucky that she is going to get some takeout, but she will be back to crash. Lulu tells Lucky that he cares what happens to everyone, no matter how angry he is and that he cares too much. Lulu tells Lucky that he wants to protect Jake from Jason’s enemies and Lucky says that he wants to protect Jake from Jason too. Lucky admits that he is afraid that Liz will end up in trouble that she can’t get out of.

Liz gets to the safe house and calls for Jason. Jason comes running into the room and hugs her. Jason realizes that she is shaking and asks her what happened. Liz asks him to hold her and says that she shouldn’t have tried to come, but she is happy that she did. She says that she should have stopped to get some coffee because she felt herself nodding off and that she thinks she fell asleep at one moment. Jason tells her that she should have pulled over and that she is lucky she didn’t hit anything. Liz tells him that she was jarred awake by the car going off the road or something. She goes to get cleaned up.

Ian explains to Robin that he prefers the hopeless cases. Robin says that there is something different about Ian, but she doesn’t know what it is yet. Ian explains that he has seen a case similar to Nikolas’ before and tells Robin that Nikolas is keeping things from her.

Nikolas admits that he shouldn’t have left the hospital, but explains to Emily his reasons. He says that things are getting less and less real. Nikolas explains that he doesn’t know what happened to the car because he was mad when someone cut them off. Emily suggests that they get back to the hospital, but Nikolas wants to wait.

Johnny and Trevor think calling a family meeting would be best. They discuss Claudia.

Claudia reminds Anthony of the day that he sent her away. He claims that it was bad for her in the house and she tells him that it was good for her to be with her family. She tells Anthony to shut up and listen to what she wants.

Kate and Jax talk about Sonny. Jax asks Kate why she told him the truth and she explains that she needs his help. Carly runs in and comments on their clothing. Carly tells Kate that she has 10 seconds to get out before Carly throws her out.

Patrick asks Ian about the treatment of the patient. Ian explains that he used drug therapy to control the effects of the tumor until it could be removed more safely. Robin asks about the therapy and Ian admits that it was experimental. Ian explains that Nikolas needs his help now. Nikolas walks up and apologizes for leaving and explains that he had to get out of there for a while. Patrick introduces Ian and Nikolas.

Jax tells Carly that it isn’t what she thinks. Carly yells at Kate and tells her that she won’t be with Jax. Kate and Jax discuss her request and Carly realizes that they are keeping secrets. Kate goes to get dressed and Carly asks Jax what Kate is doing there. Carly says that she doesn’t like Kate. Jax asks Carly what she was doing. Carly tells Jax that it doesn’t matter what she was doing because he ruined everything. She storms upstairs and he yells after her.

Jason and Liz talk. She lies down and tells Jason about seeing Sam holding Jake. Liz explains the situation to Jason. Liz lies down and Jason sits next to her.

Monica gets dressed and puts some things in a trash bag, including the flask.

Anthony tells Claudia that a daughter owes her father respect. Claudia explains that she believed that Anthony shot Maria because it sounded like him. Claudia tells him that her mother is dead too and says that she died on the inside because of him. Anthony says that Maria sends him roses from the garden. Anthony says that he can move, but he says that she has to come back to see. She tells him that she will be back because they have a lot of catching up to do. Claudia says that she wants everything and tells him that she learned a lot of things while she was gone. She tells him that she loves him and that if he tries to stop her, she will kill him.

Johnny stands on the docks and Sonny tells him that he shouldn’t be walking around without his bodyguards. Johnny tells Sonny that he is unarmed. Sonny pulls his gun out.

Trevor walks up to see Claudia. She realizes that he made Johnny leave. She says that she wised up. Trevor says that Johnny needs her and she says that there is still hope for Johnny, unlike the rest of them. Claudia tells Trevor that what she does is her business and walks away.

Sonny tells Johnny that he is tired of Jason giving Johnny the benefit of the doubt. Sonny tells Johnny that he is as crazy as Anthony. Lulu comes up and tells Sonny to stop.

Carly asks Jax what the chances are of her coming down to find her husband alone. He sees the gash on her head and Carly tells him that something happened on her way home.

Jason watches Liz sleep.

Monica calls and reports her car stolen.

Nikolas stands in the waiting area and sees Emily. She realizes that he is upset. He is afraid that he only imagined her in the road and there was someone else there.

Sam lies on the side of the road unconscious.

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