GH Update Friday 2/1/08

General Hospital Update Friday 2/1/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky is at home arguing with Sam about Liz. Sam tries to explain her past behavior. Lucky is very upset.

Jason is at Carly’s house. Michael listens as Jason tells Carly Coop may have been innocent. Carly is skeptical with Jason’s theory. Michael goes upstairs. Carly asks Jason who the killer is.

Logan and Lulu see each other on the docks. Lulu tells Logan she needs a place to live. Logan offers his apartment.

Jax and Kate are still talking outside. Kate asks Jax to keep a secret for her. Kate starts to tell Jax about Connie.

Sonny and Claudia are in his hotel room “getting to know each other.”

On the docks, Lulu declines Logan’s offer to move in with him. Logan thinks Lulu’s refusal is because of Johnny. Logan tests Lulu’s devotion by asking her to spend the night

Trevor and his flunky are at the hospital to check on Anthony. They have been trying to locate Claudia. Johnny arrives and asks who they are looking for.

At the hotel, Claudia asks Sonny who “the woman is” he’s trying to “forget.” Claudia says Sonny is obviously “hurt and angry.”

Jax thinks Kate is “kidding” about her past. He asks why Kate changed her identity. Kate tells him it was because of her career. Kate tells Jax all about her past with Sonny. Jax is amused. Kate tells Jax about Sonny’s proposal.

At Lucky’s house, Sam insists she would never “hurt Jake.” Lucky can’t believe that Sam stood by and watched as Jake was abducted. Sam says she wanted “revenge.” Lucky is very disappointed with Sam. He accuses Sam of “playing” him. Sam gets emotional trying to defend her actions. Sam claims to have “real feelings” for Lucky. Lucky doubts that Sam cares for him. Lucky escorts Sam out the door.

On the docks, Lulu refuses to spend the night with Logan. Lulu says she has nothing to “prove to” Logan. Lulu wonders if she should be on her own. She leaves Logan on the docks. He’s clearly upset.

Liz is at GH having a dream about Sam taking Jake away. Robin wakes Liz from her dream. Liz gets out of bed and tries to run from the room. Patrick and Robin try to calm her down.

Jason is still at Carly’s house. He tells Carly to be cautious. Jason tells Carly about the message he got from Coop. Meanwhile Michael is upstairs looking at his gun.

Sam takes a walk on the docks. She gets a threatening text message.

Trevor orders his man to find Claudia. Trevor tells Johnny he’s looking for a boat. He doesn’t let on that Claudia is coming to town.

Sonny and Claudia are still in his room. She gets dressed and prepares to leave. Sonny and Claudia don’t exchange names. Claudia reads Sonny as a “haunted man.” Sonny wonders what “haunts” Claudia.

Kate is still with Jax. She confides in him about her relationship with Sonny.

Still at home, Carly walks Jason outside. Suddenly Carly feels sick. Jason gets a call and tells Carly he has to go. Liz is calling Jason.

Lucky is at home. Sam calls and tells him about the text message. Lucky thinks Sam is playing games with him. Lulu comes over so Lucky hangs up the phone. Sam gets another text message. Sam is clearly shaken up. She looks around for the killer. Sam yells out to the killer that she “can’t see” him. Sam gets a message saying the killer is watching her. Suddenly, a masked man attacks Sam. She fights back hard and then runs. The man runs after her.

Liz tells Jason she’s leaving the hospital. She wants to meet him at the safe house. Jason offers to come and get Liz. She tells him she can get to the safe house on her own. The conversation ends.

Carly is still at home and feeling sick. She wonders if she’s pregnant. Michael is upstairs playing with the gun. Michael drops the gun on the floor. Hearing the noise from upstairs, Carly heads up. Hearing his mom coming upstairs, Michael hides the gun under his pillow and pretends to be in bed. Carly checks on Michael then she tells him she has a short errand to run. Michael picks up the gun when Carly leaves his bedroom.

Jax and Kate continue their discussion of Connie. Kate wants Jax to keep her entire past a secret.

Claudia leaves Sonny’s room. She won’t answer his question. Claudia says she and Sonny are both destructive. She leaves Sonny standing in the doorway.

At GH, Patrick and Robin discuss her baby. Monica runs into Tracy. The two of them argue. Monica tells Tracy to go find Luke. Tracy says she will surely win the malpractice case. Tracy blames Monica for almost killing Luke. Tracy informs Monica that she is “suspended” from performing surgery. Tracy brings up Monica’s drinking. Tracy walks away.

Carly goes to GH to see Dr. Lee.

Liz prepares to leave GH. Robin advises Liz against checking out of the hospital. Liz asks if Patrick knows the truth about the baby. Liz tells Robin to be truthful about the baby. Robin runs into Patrick. Patrick acts strangely toward Robin.

Jason arrives at the safe house.

Sam tries to escape her attacker. He catches up with her but Sam manages to knock him out. Sam approaches her attacker and tries to lift his mask. The attacker is faking and he jumps up and chases Sam.

Lulu is still at Lucky’s confiding in him about Logan. Lucky is preoccupied. Lucky won’t go into details with Lulu. Lucky and Lulu have a discussion about love.

Trevor talks with Johnny about trust. The two are still at the hospital. Trevor fills Johnny in on Anthony’s condition. Trevor says Anthony’s days may be numbered. Trevor and Johnny go into Anthony’s room. Anthony is awake and sassy. Anthony brings up Johnny’s mother. Anthony tells Johnny his nurses can’t be trusted. Claudia shows up. Anthony doesn’t seem to recognize her.

Jax opens the front door to find Sonny. Kate is in the house with Jax. They are both wearing robes since they got caught in the rain.

Carly is driving home in the rain from GH. She makes a phone call.

Jason is at the safe house waiting for Liz.

Liz is driving to the safe house.

Lucky and Lulu are still at his house. Lulu wants Lucky to confide in her.

Monica is driving home from GH. She’s drinking from a flask.

Sam is on the run, trying to get away from her attacker. She pushes him down and a car suddenly crosses her path.

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Johnny questions Claudia

Sam is unable to escape danger

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