GH Update Thursday 1/31/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/31/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Monica is at home drinking and looking at a picture of Emily. Edward comes in and tells her alcohol won’t numb the “pain.” Luke arrives.

Liz wakes up to find Lucky in her hospital room. He’s undecided about how to handle the situation with Sam.

Jason finds Nikolas waiting in the office at the coffee house. Nik wonders if Cooper killed Emily.

Carly and Jax are at home. Carly is reading the article about Coop. Michael listens in on the conversation.

Sonny goes into a hotel bar. A dark haired woman makes eye contact with him.

Back at GH, Lucky talks to Liz about Sam’s behavior. Lucky thinks his past jealousy helped to end his marriage to Liz. Lucky regrets cheating on Liz. He continues to dwell on the past. Lucky is very disturbed with Sam’s behavior regarding Jake’s kidnapping. Lucky leaves Liz’s hospital room.

Back in his office, Jason talks to Nik about Cooper’s guilt. Max interrupts so Jason leaves the office. Emily appears. Max tells Jason that Sonny was dropped off at a hotel bar.

At the bar, the stranger (Claudia Zacchara) buys Sonny a drink.

At home, Jax and Carly discuss Coop. Jax thinks the kids are exposed to more “violence” than “stability.” Carly and Jax discuss having a baby. Jax goes off to work, assuming Carly is safe. Carly locks her door.

Kate is out walking by herself. She hears someone approaching. It’s Daniel from Kelly’s. He says he wants to photograph her. Suddenly Daniel changes his mind and walks away. Jax approaches Kate. Jax wonders why Kate is back in town.

Sonny and Claudia are still in the bar. She sends him a note that says, “I’m no lady.”

Back at the Q mansion, Alice welcomes Luke home. Monica tells Luke about the lawsuit. Luke promises to talk with Tracy. Lulu arrives and she’s happy to see her dad. Monica brings up the alleged forging of the will. Monica leaves the room, angry. Edward says Lulu is welcome to stay but Luke must go.

Back at the coffee shop, Nik talks with Emily about her murder. Emily tries to help Nik remember what really happened that night. Nik is skeptical about “recreating the moment.” Emily wants Nik to “get angry” and see what he remembers.

Jason instructs Max to keep his eyes and ears open. Max tells Jason that he “liked Kate.”

Jax and Kate continue their talk outside. Kate tells Jax that she hurt Sonny. Jax isn’t too concerned. Kate tells Jax she’s “a complete fraud.”

At the hotel bar, Sonny has the bartender pass a room key to Claudia.

Lucky goes home. Sam is there waiting for him. Sam says she’s been “withholding things from” Lucky. Sam admits that she was first attracted to Lucky because of revenge. Sam admits to having strong feelings for Lucky.

Jax calls Kate “genuine.” Kate says her life is full of “fabrication.” Jax is confused by Kate’s words.

Sonny waits in his hotel room.

Claudia is still in the hotel bar. She learns that Sonny has paid her tab.

At the Q mansion, Alice tries to help Luke find a place to stay. Luke has a conversation with Lulu about his “escape” from GH. Tracy arrives.

Back at the coffee house, Emily urges Nikolas to recreate the night of the murder. Nik agrees finally. The two of them relive that night. Nik gets upset. Just as Nik seems to remember something, Jason runs back to the office. Jason wonders why Nik was “yelling.” Nik tells Jason he was remembering the night of Emily’s murder. Nik can’t place Coop at the murder scene. Jason is skeptical of Coop’s guilt. Nik leaves the office.

Back at the Q mansion, Luke compliments Tracy. Edward has words with Tracy. Monica returns and wants Tracy to leave. Alice offers to “take out the trash.” Monica gives Tracy a few minutes to vacate the house. Monica and Edward leave the room. Lulu leaves Tracy and Luke alone. Luke suggests that he and Tracy share the money from the will with the family. Tracy knocks Luke over.

Kate and Jax are still outside, talking. Kate starts to tell Jax about her childhood.

Sonny is in his hotel room thinking about Kate. He relives the marriage proposal. Sonny opens the door and finds Claudia.

At home, Carly has a talk with Michael. Michael vows to “protect” his mom. Carly tells Michael that the killer is dead. Michael worries about “other bad guys.”

At home, Lucky says he “can’t believe” Sam. She’s confused. Lucky tells Sam he knows all about Sam’s past deeds regarding the kids. Lucky is appalled that Sam stood by and watched while Jake was kidnapped.

Back at the Q mansion, Tracy and Luke argue. Tracy is tired of Luke’s games. She tells Luke she wants a divorce.

Outside of his room, Sonny tells Claudia he doesn’t appreciate being “kept waiting.” Claudia is offended that Sonny paid her tab. She puts some money in his pocket. Sonny pulls Claudia inside his room.

Jax and Kate are still outside. Kate asks Jax not to share her undisclosed secret with anyone.

Jason goes to Carly’s looking for Jax. Jason gets angry when Carly asks about Jake. Jason says Cooper may have been innocent. Michael is listening.

Nikolas goes to GH to check on Liz. Emily is with him. Emily advises Nikolas to start living again. Nadine watches as Nikolas interacts with an invisible Emily.

At Lucky’s, Sam tries to explain her behavior. Lucky isn’t interested in Sam’s version of the truth. Lucky tells Sam to “get the hell out of” his life.

Next Time:

Sam receives a message from the killer

Sonny and Claudia get to know each other

Lucky gives Sam a warning

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