GH Update Wednesday 1/30/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick tells Robin to go to the sperm bank and find a father. Robin tells Patrick that she is already pregnant. Patrick thinks that she is joking.

Jax comes home and Carly comes running into the room. She tells him that the boys are at the neighbor’s house. Carly asks Jax if he remembers the talk they had before he left and the good news she wanted him to come back to.

Alexis picks up toys and watches Sam finish off a glass of wine. Alexis asks Sam what is wrong and Sam tells Alexis that she is falling in love with Lucky. Sam explains that she is afraid to trust it. Alexis tells her that she can trust it if she has told Lucky all the lies.

Lucky tells Liz that he overheard her talking with Sam and he wants to know what Sam is keeping from him. Lucky wants to know why Liz doesn’t trust Sam with the kids and Liz tells him that she would feel that way about anyone he was dating. Liz tells Lucky that he needs to ask Sam, but he wants answers from Liz.

Jason asks Max about Alcazar’s waterfront properties and Max reports that there hasn’t been any activity. Sonny comes in and asks Max to leave. Jason wants to know where Sonny has been, but Sonny wants to know why the guy who tried to kill him is still alive.

Jax asks Carly if she is pregnant. Carly tells Jax about her activities since he left. Carly tells him that they have to stay positive and shows him a chart that she made. Carly runs up the stairs after showing Jax a present that she bought for him.

Lucky wants answers from Liz, but Liz tells him that it is between him and Sam. Liz claims that she was angry when she said the things about Sam. Lucky asks Liz if she is fine with Sam watching the boys and Liz explains that she has never trusted Sam because she used Lucky to get back at Jason and Liz. Lucky asks what Sam did to get Liz so worried about him going back to drugs and tells Liz to quit trying to protect him and tell him the truth.

Sam tells Alexis the similarities between them. Sam tells Alexis that they have issues and goes over the men that they have been involved with. Alexis tells Sam to go to her room and they sit on the couch talking. Sam explains the differences in her relationship with Lucky and her relationship with Jason. Alexis tells Sam to tell Lucky because it is better to have it coming from her than someone else. Kate knocks on Alexis’ door. Sam gives her glass of wine to Kate and leaves. Alexis asks Kate what is going on with her and Kate explains that it is Sonny.

Jason tells Sonny about what Johnny did to the Zacchara boat and the shipment. Jason explains that Trevor tried to force Johnny into going along with the shipment by kidnapping Lulu. Sonny tells Jason that he is going to stop Johnny and Jason suggests that Sonny should be more worried about his own son right now.

Robin apologizes for blurting it out and Patrick congratulates her. Patrick asks Robin why she didn’t tell him, but explains that he knows why she didn’t. Patrick tells Robin that he is happy for her and gives her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Kelly comes up and realizes that Robin told Patrick. Ian and Leyla come up and Patrick tells them that Robin is pregnant. Epiphany comes up and congratulates Robin. An orderly comes up and assumes that Patrick is “out of circulation” now that he is going to be a dad.

Kate explains her situation with Sonny to Alexis. Kate tells Alexis that Sonny proposed. Diane shows up to see Alexis. Alexis tells Diane that Sonny proposed to Kate.

Jason tells Sonny that Michael tried to steal Sonny’s loaded gun. Jason tells Sonny that Michael needs to be prepared and that they can’t shield Michael from “this life” anymore.

Lucky tells Liz to stop treating him like he is damaged goods, but Liz claims that isn’t what she is doing. Lucky asks Liz why she is holding back from telling him the truth. Liz explains that Lucky is happy and that even though she can’t stand Sam, maybe they should just leave Sam’s actions in the past.

Kate tells Diane and Alexis about Sonny’s proposal and her reaction. Kate explains that she wants to be with Sonny, but she doesn’t know if there is a way to salvage their relationship. Kate explains that Sonny is in love with someone that she isn’t anymore. Diane explains that their hard work is what makes them who they are. Kate tells them about an experience she had with Michael and Morgan. Alexis tells Kate that Sonny’s children are very important to him and that is a good place to start. Kate thanks them and asks about the award ceremony. They explain the night.

Carly comes downstairs and starts to seduce Jax. Jax fixes a makeup problem for her and she pushes him down on the couch. They start kissing and Jax pulls back. He tells her that he can’t do this.

Patrick explains that he isn’t the father. The orderly apologizes. Robin tells them that she went to a sperm bank. Kelly walks away. Ian tells them that he is appalled because none of the men on staff took Robin up on her offer. Patrick explains that he and Robin broke up because of the whole baby thing. Patrick asks about Ian’s date with Leyla. Ian looks at Leyla as she makes a call.

Kelly confronts Robin about how she got pregnant and Robin explains that she didn’t want to announce it to the whole staff and that she doesn’t want Patrick to ever know. Kelly asks why and Robin says that Patrick is transparent. Kelly gets paged.

Sam stands on the docks and leaves Lucky a message.

Liz says that things should just go on for now. Lucky tells her that this isn’t the way to make up for the past because it only makes things worse the longer a lie goes on. Liz explains that while Sam was desperate to hold on to Jason, she watched Jake get kidnapped. Lucky thanks her and turns to leave, but Liz stops him. Liz tells him that Sam hired the men to harass Liz and the boys in the park to keep Jason from claiming his son. Lucky leaves and Liz yells after him trying to find out what he is going to do.

Jason explains that he is worried for Michael. Jason explains that he knows what happened with Kate and tells Sonny that Kate came looking for Sonny. Sonny assumes that Kate went back to Manhattan. Kate walks in and tells Sonny that she hasn’t gone anywhere. Jason leaves. Kate tells Sonny that some things about him haven’t changed since when they were kids. Kate tells Sonny that she knows the need to make yourself feel numb.

Lucky walks out on the docks and someone asks him if he is looking to party because he has all kinds of pills. Lucky grabs the guy and tells him to get out of there. Lucky looks down and sees a bag of pills lying on the ground. Lucky picks them up as Jason watches.

Carly apologizes for coming on so strong, but explains that she missed Jax. Jax opens his briefcase and pulls out a fertility icon that he got. Jax explains the history of the artifact. Carly asks what she has to do and Jax explains the methods. Jax makes a joke out of it and tells Carly that it was all about having fun. They start kissing.

Kate tells Sonny that running away has become a second nature to her. Kate tells Sonny that she has an idea of common ground for them to start over.

Lucky looks at the pills and throws them into the water. He turns around and sees Jason. Lucky wonders what Jason was thinking while he watched Lucky with the pills. Lucky rambles and leaves.

Alexis and Diane discuss the things that they told Kate about Sonny. They wonder if Kate could be the one to finally tame Sonny.

Sonny asks what common ground she is talking about and Kate replies, “your kids.” Kate explains that they are good boys and that they are a reflection of the good in Sonny. Sonny reminds Kate that the boys already have a mother and tells her that she is a phony and that he doesn’t want his boys anywhere near her.

Carly and Jax start undressing in front of the fireplace. They start kissing.

Robin watches Patrick standing next to Leyla. Leyla walks away from Patrick and looks at Ian.

Lucky gets home and sees Sam sitting inside with candles lit. Lucky walks away from the house.

Liz sits in her hospital room with her sketchpad in her lap. She starts to cry.

Jason looks at the picture that Liz drew him for his birthday.

Kate asks Sonny why he is doing this and Sonny tells Kate that she belongs in Manhattan. He tells her to stay the hell out of his life. She leaves and he slams the door.

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