GH Update Tuesday 1/29/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/29/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Monica pours herself a drink while someone takes some boxes out of the house. Tracy yells at them to stop and asks Monica what is going on and Monica replies, “an exorcism.”

Regina and Nadine make a bet and the loser has to buy vending machine junk food. Ian comes up and flirts with them. Ian tells Patrick that it feels like being in medical school and the nurses are taking bets. Lainey tells Patrick that she will do the psych consult and she will keep Patrick advised. Patrick asks Ian about the bet and Ian tells him that it is if he will ask Leyla to scrub in for his procedure or not. Patrick asks Ian if he believes that Patrick would stoop to payback. Epiphany tells Leyla to monitor a patient’s bowel obstruction. She goes over and gives Patrick a dirty look. Robin and Kelly get off the elevator. Robin rants about men. Kelly realizes that Robin hasn’t told the father about the pregnancy yet. Robin tells Kelly that the father couldn’t care less and Kelly asks Robin how she feels about it.

Jason tells Spinelli to get Cooper’s phone records and find out who Cooper talked to before and after he left the message for Jason. They hang up. Jerry arrives at the PCPD. Alexis, Mac and the mayor hold a press conference and inform the press that the “Text Message Killer” has killed for the last time.

Someone sneaks into Liz’s hospital room and stands over her.

Tracy fights with someone trying to move her things. Tracy says that Monica cannot throw her out of the family house and Monica reminds Tracy that it is her house. Monica walks out on the terrace. Alan reminds Tracy that she filed a malpractice suit against Monica and Tracy reminds Alan that Monica almost killed Luke. Edward comes in and admits to hearing Monica talking about throwing Tracy out. Tracy suggests that they have a family vote to see if Monica can throw Tracy out. Monica comes in and starts the vote. Monica and Edward both vote to throw Tracy out. Monica tells Tracy that she will be ancient history unless she drops the malpractice suit. Monica asks Tracy if the paper looks familiar.

Someone stands over Liz as she has a nightmare about the fire. Liz wakes up and Sam tells her that she was having a bad dream. Liz asks Sam why she is there and Sam tells her that she wants to make peace.

Alexis continues her press conference. She tells the press that the killer was an officer in training in the PCPD and tells them that Cooper Barrett was the killer. Alexis asks the press if they have any questions. The press ask about Cooper’s motive.

Maxie tells Spinelli that Cooper is innocent and she wants him to help her prove it. Lulu busses tables and Logan comes to see her. Logan tells Lulu that he has to deal with the fact that she sees something good in Johnny. Lulu suggests that they don’t talk about Johnny. Logan tells Lulu that they are going to go out and he will show her how to have fun.

Monica shows Tracy the will of Alan’s that she and Luke forged. Monica tells Tracy that she cheated Emily out of her inheritance. Monica tries to blame Tracy for Emily’s death. Monica pours a drink and tells Tracy that she is celebrating. Tracy claims that she has been carrying the family and offers Monica a truce.

Patrick tells Regina that he didn’t order tests and Robin admits that she did. Robin explains that the patient’s death didn’t make sense and she thought that the tests would provide them with some answers. Patrick tells her to move on.

Medics bring a patient in on the elevator and tell everyone her condition and that the ER is packed. The patient thinks that Patrick is just using a “line” on her and then Ian flirts with her. She passes out in pain and they rush her into a room.

Spinelli tries to convince Maxie to try to cope with the things that she has seen recently. Maxie claims that she is fine. Maxie tells Spinelli that she won’t let herself grieve until she clears Coop’s name. Spinelli tells Maxie that she isn’t being objective and Maxie sticks to her theory that Coop is innocent. Maxie threatens Spinelli into helping her find out who killed Georgie and then tries using a guilt trip. Lulu tells the other bus person that she owes him and he tells her that he is happy to do it because he missed work the other night. Logan realizes that it was the night that Alexis was attacked. They talk about Coop’s hanging, while Johnny watches from outside. Logan and Lulu leave.

Mac tells the press that their screening process missed Cooper. A newsperson asks Mac how it feels to know that his daughter’s killer won’t be brought to justice and Mac replies that the killer is facing a higher justice. Mac admits that he wishes he killed Cooper himself because he brought Cooper into the department. Lucky tells Mac that it is over.

Sam tells Liz that she wants to apologize for not telling Liz for the unpleasant scene when Liz walked in to see Sam holding Jake because it could have been avoided. Sam suggests that they all work together and let go of the past. Liz tells Sam that she is out of her mind if she thinks that Liz will ever let her be alone with Cameron and Jake again.

Monica tells Tracy that it is too late for a peaceful resolution. Tracy tells Monica that she will hear from Tracy’s lawyer in the morning and that she is going to the Metro Court to stay. Monica tells Edward that she doesn’t make idle threats.

Patrick tells the patient that they want to run a CT scan. The patient tells Patrick that she gets dizzy sometimes since she got pregnant. Patrick runs into Robin in the hall, but she walks away.

The patient tells Ian that the scar will give her character, but he tells her that he can make sure there won’t be a scar. Ian asks Leyla to get something to eat while they are waiting for a CT scan. Patrick tells Ian that he knows the rules and Ian reminds Patrick that he put Leyla back in play.

The mayor congratulates Alexis on the press conference. Alexis asks about his leg. Jerry comes over and tells Alexis that he was impressed, but that Cooper didn’t seem like a serial killer. Jerry asks if Ric ran off with Skye and Alexis informs him that Skye ran off without Ric. Alexis tells Jerry that Skye left Ric the means to self-destruct before she left.

Reporters ask Jason about Cooper being the killer and Jason replies, “No comment” but the reporters keep asking questions and Mac steps in.

Liz tells Sam that she isn’t getting anywhere near Jason’s son or Cameron ever. Sam asks how she is supposed to share her life with Lucky if she can’t be around the kids and realizes that she isn’t. Liz claims that it is because she doesn’t trust Sam, but Sam thinks that it is because Liz can’t be with Jason. Sam begs Liz to let it go. Liz reminds Sam that she has been lying to Lucky. Sam admits that it started out as a way to get back at Liz and Jason, but something changed. Lucky overhears Liz ask Sam if she really believes that Liz could trust her with her children after what Sam did. Sam suggests that Liz tries to be the town saint. Liz tells Sam that she is raising 2 kids by herself and tells Sam that Cameron almost burned down the house with Jake in it because his friend showed him that it was cool to play with matches. Sam asks Liz what she is going to do and Liz tells Sam that nothing has changed. Sam gets up and leaves.

Ian and Leyla talk at Coleman’s. They discuss his career and the things that he told the patient. Kelly, Lainey, Regina and Nadine talk about Leyla and Ian. Ian tells Leyla that he knows she agreed to go out with him to get under Patrick’s skin and she apologizes.

Logan asks Lulu if it is all right with them being there. Lulu asks him what it is like to know that someone he knew and was friends with turned out to be a killer.

Spinelli and Maxie go up to Georgie’s room. Maxie tells Spinelli about Georgie and her school activities. Maxie admits that she didn’t show her sister enough support. Spinelli says that it is unsettling to be in a room with Georgie’s things. Maxie explains that she wants him to be mad and that she wants him to see who Georgie really was. Maxie tells Spinelli that Georgie loved him and she doesn’t know why and Spinelli says that he doesn’t know why either. Maxie says that Spinelli has to help her find out who took Georgie from them. Spinelli grabs a notebook and writes down all the women who were attacked and suggests that they have to figure out a pattern. Spinelli asks Maxie what she remembers about her attack. They criticize each other’s writing. Spinelli tells her that he is there and he is willing to help. Spinelli tells Maxie that after Maxie was attacked, Georgie had him hack into Coop’s military records and that there was a woman strangled near where he was stationed. Spinelli tells Maxie that Logan was also stationed there.

Logan tells Lulu that he and Coop weren’t friends and that he really didn’t know him. Lulu looks over and sees Johnny.

Alexis gets home and turns on the lights. She starts going over some papers and pouring a glass of wine. She hears footsteps behind her and turns around very fast knocking over the glass. Alexis tells Jerry that he scared her to death. Jerry tells her to be more careful because anyone could get in there. Alexis reminds Jerry that she is DA now and that means she can’t represent him anymore. Jerry suggests that it is more than temporary. Alexis tells Jerry that she knows why he is there.

Spinelli tells Maxie that he can’t make the pattern fit yet. She tells him to add Coop to the list. Spinelli tells Maxie that he is willing to believe that Coop isn’t the killer. She admits to loving Coop. Maxie tells Spinelli how she really met Coop and makes him promise not to tell anyone. Spinelli realizes that Coop was always looking over his shoulder because Jerry Jacks, a.k.a. Mr. Craig, knew his real identity after the Metro Court hostage crisis.

Alexis thinks that Jerry is there because he wants the piers that Skye owns.

The man at the desk tells Tracy that all of her credit cards have been rejected. She says that it is impossible. The man suggests that she could pay in cash, but she says that she doesn’t carry cash. She asks to speak to Jax, but is informed that he is out of town. She tells the man to put it on the Quartermaine account. He tells her that she has been taken off the account and that her assets are frozen.

Johnny claims that he only came into Coleman’s to get something to eat and that if Logan can’t make things work with Lulu, it won’t be because of Johnny.

Lulu and Logan dance.

The women discuss Ian’s pickup lines. They toast to Leyla.

Ian keeps feeding Leyla lines and she gives as good as she gets.

Patrick ask Epiphany what she thinks about Ian. Epiphany tells Patrick that he has some serious competition. Robin comes up and tells Patrick that she got the results of the autopsy and the patient had no trace of the drugs in her system. Patrick suggests that the patient wasn’t taking the medication, but Robin insists that the patient was taking them. Patrick tells Robin that she is obsessing about the patient, just like she is obsessing about having a baby. Patrick reminds Robin about having concerns about a pregnant woman with HIV and Robin tells him that the situations are different. Patrick tells Robin that her obsession with having a baby has worn a groove into her mind and everything is starting to fall into it. Patrick tells her to go to the sperm bank and get it over with. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn’t have to do that because she is already pregnant. Patrick turns and looks at Robin.

Leyla and Ian discuss the similarities between Patrick and Ian. Leyla tells Ian that she isn’t the type of girl that he would be interested in and leaves.

Lulu tells Logan that she will meet him outside. She asks Johnny how he is doing.

Spinelli suggests that maybe the killer didn’t mean to kill the first victim, but snapped and then some terrible beast was unleashed.

The blender won’t work and Daniel throws it across the room.

Maxie tells Spinelli that at some point it became a game with the text messages and the killer obviously enjoys taunting his victims.

Jerry suggests that he is truly attracted to Alexis. They almost kiss and Sam interrupts when she comes in. Jerry tells Alexis to be careful and leaves. Alexis asks if Sam is all right and Sam replies that she doesn’t know.

Lucky walks into the doorway of Liz’s hospital room. He admits that he overheard part of her conversation with Sam. Lucky asks Liz what Sam is keeping from him and tells Liz that he wants the truth.

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