GH Update Monday 1/28/08

General Hospital Update Monday 1/28/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie screams. Logan tells Lulu to stay down there and he runs up the stairs. Jason comes in and asks what is going on. Mike comes in and Maxie begs someone to cut him down.

Liz comes in and sees Sam holding Jake. Sam tells Liz that Lucky got a call and Cameron is at a friend’s house. Liz tells Sam to give her Jake and to get the hell out of that house.

Leyla, Regina and Nadine watch Patrick talk to another guy. They discuss the two men. Epiphany comes up and tells them to find something to do or she will. Leyla watches Patrick. Patrick talks to Dr. Ian Devlin. Patrick asks him what he is doing there and Ian tells Patrick that he is joining the staff at General Hospital the following week. Patrick offers to take Ian on a tour of the hospital.

Kate tells Sonny that she thought something awful had happened to him. Sonny tells her that something did happen to him, but he is over it and that he is finally over her. Kate says that she wants to explain, but Sonny tells her that there is nothing to explain. Kate tells him that she didn’t meant to hurt him, but he took her by surprise. Sonny tells Kate that she did him a favor the other night, so she can do him one more and tells her that he never wants to see her again. Kate picks up her stuff and turns to walk out, but she stops and tells Sonny that she isn’t going anywhere until she has her say.

Someone tells Michael that he paid for the gun so he needs to take it. Michael is surprised that the two guys know who he is. The two guys ask Michael why he didn’t just swipe one from his father. Michael takes the gun and tells them that he is going to use the gun on anyone who tries to hurt his mother or anyone he cares about. The two guys ask if he wants bullets with that.

Maxie begs Jason to cut him down because they can’t leave him like that. Jason tells Maxie that they can’t touch him until the cops get there. Maxie thinks that he might still be alive, but Jason tells her that he is dead. Mike takes Maxie away from the room. Jason sees an open window and walks over to it. Mike comes downstairs and tells Logan to call 911 because Cooper is dead. Lulu asks what happened and Mike tells her that it looks like Cooper hung himself. Jason asks Maxie when she saw Cooper last. Maxie tells Jason that Cooper wanted her to go away with him. Jason tells Mike that they need to find out the last person to see Cooper and what they wanted.

Liz takes Jake from Sam. Sam tells her that she already fed and changed Jake. Liz tells Sam to go, but Sam says that she told Lucky that she would stay. Liz starts tearing into Sam and Sam asks her if she is all right. Liz tells her that she is fine, but Sam tells Liz that she is very pale. Sam offers to wait for Audrey to get there to watch Jake while Liz lays down, but Liz tells Sam that she won’t spend another second with Jake. Liz tells Sam to break things off with Lucky or she will tell Lucky the truth. Sam admits that what she did to the boys was unforgivable. Sam tells Liz that everyone is free now and that Sam and Lucky have a chance to be happy. Liz tells Sam to get out. Sam admits that she is falling in love with Lucky.

The woman Ric met before brings him some coffee at a diner. They discuss his memories. Ric admits that he let anger and revenge control his life. He tells her that he has a chance to change everything and it scares him to death because what if there is nothing left of him after all the anger and revenge are gone.

Michael tells the two guys that the gun is no good without bullets. They tell Michael to look them up when he has money to buy the bullets.

Sonny tells Kate that she had her chance to have her say while he was on his knees. Sonny tells her that he doesn’t want to hear whatever she has to say because they are done. Kate insists that she never wanted to say goodbye to him. Sonny says that he tried, but she failed because she wanted to fail. Kate explains her feelings when she left. She tells Sonny that if he would have asked her to marry him at her hotel room, she might have made the mistake of saying yes.

Monica takes a drink out of her water bottle while waiting for the elevator. Tracy stops her and tells Monica that Luke has ran off to wherever to feel alive again. Monica tells Tracy that she can’t fix floundering marriages. Tracy tells Monica that she can fix her and orders someone to give Monica the papers. Tracy informs Monica that she is suing her for malpractice. Monica thinks that Tracy is kidding. Tracy tells Monica that the hospital will go under if Monica botches another surgery. Monica reminds Tracy that Luke pulled through and Tracy reminds Monica that she froze in the middle of Luke’s surgery. “Alan” speaks up and tells Tracy that Luke’s lifestyle almost cost Luke his life. Monica and Tracy argue. Tracy suggests that Monica killed Alan after the hostage situation. They both get on the elevator and start fighting. The nurses watch and Epiphany walks up.

Kate tells Sonny that the date was just like old times and that she realized he didn’t love her. Sonny tells her that he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Kate tells Sonny that he didn’t ask her and the girl that he wants is Connie. Kate tells Sonny that he isn’t in love with her; he is in love with a memory.

Trevor tells someone about a phone call he made about Johnny. Johnny comes in and asks Trevor what his plans are.

Maxie tells Mac about Cooper wanting to go away with her for a few days. Mac asks everyone if they talked to Cooper after Maxie left. Logan admits that he talked to Cooper after Maxie left and Mac asks Logan what they talked about.

Liz tells Sam that she doesn’t believe that Sam loves Lucky. Sam asks Liz what happens if Lucky is falling in love with her. Liz tells Sam that she won’t let it happen. Liz raises her hand and sees blood on it. Sam runs back inside and tries to help Liz. Liz insists that Sam go, but Sam tells her that she is bleeding. Liz starts to fall, but Sam runs over to her. Sam gets Liz over to the couch and Lucky runs in. Liz claims that she is fine. Lucky tells Liz that he is taking her to the hospital. Liz says that she just wants to go home, but Lucky tells her that the construction on her house won’t be done until the following day and she is bleeding. Sam offers to stay with Jake so that Liz can get to the hospital.

Spinelli tries to go into Kelly’s, but an officer tells him that he isn’t allowed inside. Jason comes outside and tells Spinelli that Cooper hung himself. Spinelli suggests that Jason thinks that it wasn’t suicide.

Logan tells Mac that he went to see Cooper to borrow some money. The dishwasher tells Mac that he can corroborate the story. Mac asks Jason if he saw Cooper and Jason tells Mac that he saw Cooper after Maxie found him. Mac asks Maxie if Cooper was experiencing any sadness, regret or remorse. Maxie claims that Cooper had nothing to hide and he didn’t kill himself. Detective Harper comes downstairs and shows Mac the DNA test that an officer found on Cooper. Mac tells Maxie that the DNA matched Cooper and that he was the text message killer. Maxie thinks that it was a lie.

Trevor tells Johnny that he looks good for someone who blew up a boat. Johnny grabs Trevor by the shirt and tells Trevor that Lulu could have died on that ship. Someone comes in and asks Trevor if there is a problem. Trevor tells Johnny that everything that went wrong was because Johnny is a hotheaded amateur.

Sonny claims that he was trying to get Connie to come to the surface because he wanted her to be human. Kate tells Sonny that she can love him for the man that he has become, but he can’t do the same for her. Kate tells Sonny that he can’t let down his guard because he is too afraid of showing weakness. Sonny suggests that they talk about the real reason that she doesn’t want to marry him. Sonny tells Kate that she painted a perfect world for herself wanting to pretend that her past had nothing to do with her life and that Connie is lonely as hell. Sonny tells her that Kate Howard is just a designer suit of armor that she drapes over herself when she goes out in public, but Connie is still locked inside somewhere screaming for help. Sonny says that Kate Howard doesn’t want to be loved because it scares her. He tells her that he wanted a real life for them, but she doesn’t want that. He tells her that Kate Howard will have her magazine and her name, but nothing else when she could have had everything.

Ric tells the waitress that he could turn the property over to his father to destroy his brother or he could turn it over to his brother to destroy his father, or he could turn it over to nobody. The waitress asks about the woman who gave him the property and Ric says that Skye could have been special to him. Ric admits that he came there to figure out who was the least and who was the most deserving of the property. He tells her that it could be his salvation or his destruction. Ric asks her what she would do in his position and she tells him that whatever he is looking for isn’t in the papers; it is in his heart.

Nadine pushes the button for the elevator and sees Monica on top of Tracy trying to choke her. They get up and Tracy tells Monica that she will have her arrested for assault. Monica tells Tracy to think about what Alan would say right now. Monica rips up the papers for the lawsuit. Epiphany yells at the nurses. Patrick tells Ian that they have some of the best research facilities around. Leyla walks by and says hello to Ian. Patrick asks Ian if he figured out what he wants to be when he grows up. Ian tells Patrick that he is an oncologist. Ian asks to see the lab and tells Patrick that his interest is in the hopeless cases.

Detective Harper asks Mac if he thinks it is ironic that the man, who strangles women, hung himself. Maxie tells Mac that Cooper was innocent. Detective Harper tells Maxie that she could have ended up a hostage or worse. Maxie begs Mac to let her see Cooper and tells Mac that she has to at least ride with him because Cooper had no one other than her. Lulu tells Logan that she feels bad for Maxie and she wonders why Cooper would do something like this. Logan tells Lulu that they will never know what was running through Cooper’s mind now.

Kate tells Sonny that what he said hurts because it is probably true and admits that she still loves him and still wants him. Sonny walks away and Kate asks what she can do. Sonny tells her that they can make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself, or they can pretend she never walked back into his life, or he can pretend that he never knew her. They agree that they don’t want to do that, but Sonny tells her that they have to. He sits down and asks her if the magazine has a deadline that she needs to make. She picks up her things and leaves.

The waitress tells Ric that there are other places to eat and she tells him how the restaurant got its name. She tells him to put the papers away because they can wait, but happiness can’t. He tells her that she is very wise. She tells him that she talks too much, but he tells her that whoever says that doesn’t listen to her. She turns to take care of her other table and he tells her that he will see her the following day. Someone watches from outside.

Mac walks Maxie outside and Jason asks Spinelli what he found. Spinelli tells Jason that he got the information and left it on Jason’s desk. Jason explains that he got a call from Cooper before he died and that he doesn’t understand what a guy who was about to hang himself would want to tell Jason. Lulu says that as awful as this is, it means that Johnny is innocent. Logan asks her if she thought Johnny wasn’t innocent.

Trevor tells Johnny that the APB has been dropped and now Johnny needs to be more careful. Trevor tells Johnny that he would be surprised at how many tricks he still has up his sleeve.

Someone packs and looks at a plane ticket to Port Charles.

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