GH Update Friday 1/25/08

General Hospital Update Friday 1/25/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu rushes on to the Haunted Star and kisses Johnny. She says it’s “goodbye,” because the police are looking for Johnny. A stubborn Johnny refuses to run.

At Kelly’s, Logan confronts Cooper about the DNA test.

Lucky speaks to Liz on the phone. Liz is still in the hospital recovering. Sam comes over to Lucky’s house. Liz looks worried after she hears Sam’s voice on the phone.

Michael meets with some shady looking kids to buy some “stuff.”

Kate goes to the coffee house looking for Sonny. Jason is there alone. Carly bursts into the office. Jason has no interest in a fight between Kate and Carly. Carly worries about Sonny’s whereabouts since nobody has seen him in days.

Liz is at GH talking to Dr. Winters. They discuss Liz’s nightmares. Liz has feelings of guilt regarding the fire. Dr. Lee comes by and tries to comfort Liz.

Dr. Devlin approaches Nadine at the desk. He asks if someone can show him around.

Coop and Logan are still in his room. Coop says he is innocent of the murders. Logan is skeptical.

On the Haunted Star, Johnny calmly plays the piano. He asks Lulu if she thinks he’s the killer. Lulu thinks Johnny is innocent. Johnny insists that Lulu doesn’t “know” him. Johnny asks Lulu if she is positive that Logan ratted him out. Johnny thinks Logan kept his whereabouts a secret.

Back at Kelly’s, Coop says he ran into Georgie in the park. Coop says that Georgie “freaked” out on him and attacked him. He says that Georgie hit and scratched him. Coop says Georgie was alive when he left her in the park. Logan is still skeptical.

Maxie goes to GH to tell Epiphany she’s unable to volunteer for a few days. Patrick comes up to the desk. Maxie shoots a nasty comment at Patrick then she leaves.

Michael and Morgan get off the elevator with a donation can. They are looking for Bobbie.

At the coffee house, Carly grills Kate about Sonny. Jason is also worried about Sonny. At first, Kate won’t be specific about Sonny’s location when she last saw him. Carly worries when she learns (from Jason) that Sonny was in Bensonhurst.

At Kelly’s, Coop and Logan’s discussion gets heated. They talk about their time in Iraq. Coop tells Logan he’s leaving town with Maxie. Logan asks Coop who he thinks the killer is.

On the Haunted Star, Johnny says he doesn’t want to be Lulu’s second choice. Johnny fears he will become obsessive like his father. Johnny shares a few memories about a woman in his life. He tells Lulu to leave the ship. She does.

Trevor meets one of his people on the docks. The guy fills him in about Johnny and the missing DNA test. Trevor hopes “she” will show up if Johnny gets into enough hot water.

Back at the coffee house, Kate and Carly continue to argue over Sonny. Carly asks what Kate did to make Sonny disappear. Kate tells Jason and Carly about Sonny’s proposal. Carly doesn’t believe Kate. Jason looks worried. Carly insults Kate. She asks to see the ring. Kate leaves the office. Carly closes the door. Jason tells Carly to “stop trashing” Kate.

At Kelly’s, Coop says that Sam and Alexis must have something in common. Coop won’t share his theory about the murderer with Logan. Coop insists on leaving town with Maxie.

Downstairs, Daniel shows up for his shift. Mike scolds Daniel for missing his shift the previous night. Logan and Coop come down the stairs. Logan leaves. Coop asks Daniel a few casual questions. He remembers seeing Daniel at the Black & White Ball. Daniel confirms he was at the ball then goes to the kitchen. Coop gets a call from Jerry. He tells Jerry to get lost and hangs up the phone. Coop goes back upstairs as Daniel watches him.

Nadine shows Dr. Devlin around the hospital. Epiphany gets after Nadine for leaving the desk unattended. Epiphany is unaffected by Dr. Devlin. Leyla notices Dr. Devlin.

At the coffee house, Carly continues to carry on about Kate. Jason says Carly should let Sonny be happy. Jason has had it with Carly. Jason tells Carly to take care of her own life and leave his alone. He says Carly gets “in the way” of everyone else’s happiness. Carly is hurt by Jason’s comment. She leaves the office.

Sam is still at Lucky’s house. She feels “uncomfortable” in his house. Lucky invites Sam to move in with him temporarily. Sam struggles with trying to tell Lucky something. She seems very nervous. Lucky gets a call from the PCPD. He rushes out of the house due to a “lead on Johnny.” Lucky leaves Sam watching the kids.

Michael and Morgan go to Kelly’s to see Mike. Michael says they are collecting money for a charity. He says it’s a project for Morgan. Mike gives the boys a donation. The boys leave Kelly’s. Outside, Michael gives Morgan his “cut” then sends his little brother home with Max.

Lulu shows up at Kelly’s. Logan approaches her outside. Logan says he didn’t tell his dad about Johnny.

Leyla gives Dr. Devlin another tour at GH. Leyla, Nadine, and Regina compare notes on Dr. Devlin. Leyla insists Dr. Devlin is “trouble.” Patrick greets his old friend, Dr. Devlin. Leyla suddenly finds Dr. Devlin very appealing.

Trevor is on the docks. He’s talking to Mr. Moreau on the phone. Trevor learns that they have found “her” in Milan. We see a woman who has lots of red shoes. Trevor describes a clumsy and ignorant woman from his past. We don’t see the woman’s face, just her jewelry and her shoes.

Johnny is still on the ship, playing the piano.

Logan and Lulu are still talking outside of Kelly’s. Lulu suggests they go inside. Maxie arrives at Kelly’s. Lulu and Logan sit down. Suddenly Maxie lets out a scream from upstairs.

On the docks, Michael gives the shady looking kids his money. In return, they give him a gun.

Liz arrives at Lucky’s house and finds Sam holding Jake.

Kate returns to the coffee house to get her gloves. Sonny surprises her when he opens the office door.

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Jason tries to help Maxie

Liz lays it on the line with Sam

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