GH Update Thursday 1/24/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/24/08


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Lulu is picking up food from Kelly’s. Mike is curious because Lulu wants to take so much food with her. Mike tells Lulu about Alexis’ attack. Lulu leaves Kelly’s and runs into Logan outside.

Maxie and Coop are together in his bed. He seems preoccupied about something. The DNA test that Coop stole shows that he is a match. It’s on Coop’s floor, under the bed.

At GH, Liz dreams about the fire. She awakens and runs out of the room.

Lucky takes Sam and the boys to Alexis’ house. Sam is still stirred up about the attack. Lucky calls her “brave.”

Michael finds a gun in Sonny’s desk drawer. Jason catches Michael and questions him.

Outside of Kelly’s, Logan asks if Lulu is finished with him. Logan wonders if Lulu is nursing an injured Johnny back to health. Lulu admits that she is. Logan tells Lulu he’s “crazy about” her. They make plans for later on in the evening. Lulu leaves Coop and heads to Johnny.

Upstairs, Coop apologizes to Maxie about Georgie’s death. Coop says he wants to leave town for a while. He asks Maxie to join him. Coop wants to “go to Canada” immediately. Maxie agrees to go away with Coop. She agrees to meet him in a few hours. Maxie leaves Coop’s room. Coop finds the DNA test on the floor and hides it in a metal box.

Ric is on Martha’s Vineyard. He remembers the last time when he and Sonny were there. Trevor is hiding, watching Ric. Moreau (Jerry) calls Trevor. They discuss the explosion. Moreau blames Jason for the loss of the shipment. Moreau threatens to use Sonny’s “franchise” instead of the Zaccharas to ship his product.

At the lake house, Alexis makes plans for an out-of-town trip. Lucky and Sam try to reassure her. Sam has agreed to watch the girls while Alexis is away. Alexis leaves the house. Sam talks to Lucky about her brother, Danny. Sam says she’s afraid of “losing” Lucky.

Jason wonders why Michael is out of school. Michael covers and closes the desk drawer. Jason is on to Michael. He accuses Michael of wanting to take the gun.

Alexis is at Kelly’s with Jerry. She tells him about the attack. Jerry appears to be sympathetic. Alexis says she can’t represent Jerry while she’s acting as DA. Alexis warns Jerry to stay out of trouble. Jerry offers to walk Alexis to her meeting. Alexis declines Jerry’s offer.

Ric goes into a diner and runs into the woman from the house. She’s a waitress at the diner. Ric notices that the woman has a bruise on her face.

At GH, Dr. Julian and Robin find Liz in the hall. They take her back to her room. Liz tells the doctors about her dream. Dr. Julian leaves the women alone. Robin shares her news with Liz.

Patrick approaches Epiphany at the desk. Epiphany seems annoyed. Leyla tells Patrick that she got “a suspension” because of their “little tryst.”

Back at the diner, Ric makes small talk with the waitress. Trevor comes into the diner. He sits down with Ric.

Jerry runs into Cooper outside of Kelly’s. Coop is annoyed with Jerry. Jerry says he needs Coop’s “help with a new venture.” Coop’s not interested so Jerry subtly threatens him. Jerry walks away.

At GH, Liz and Robin talk about the pregnancy. Robin tells Liz the truth. Robin says she plans to lie about who the father of the baby is. Liz advises Robin against lying.

At the coffee house, Jason is upset about the gun. Michael says he wanted the gun for protection.

Lulu goes to see Johnny on the Haunted Star. He’s playing the piano. Johnny stops playing and asks for food. He seems embarrassed that Lulu heard him play. Lulu tells Johnny about Logan. Logan has followed Lulu. Logan watches Johnny and Lulu. Johnny seems to be feeling better. He talks to Lulu about his piano playing.

Back at the diner, Trevor offers to buy Skye’s piers from Ric. Trevor insults Ric. Ric declines Trevor’s offer. Trevor promises to share all with Ric. Ric insists he will decide on his own how to handle the piers. Trevor reminds Ric how Sonny ruined his childhood. Trevor badgers Ric about the piers. Trevor wonders why Ric has yet to put the piers into his own name. Trevor warns Ric to sign the paperwork or he will leave himself in a dangerous position. Trevor leaves the diner.

At Alexis’ house, Sam and Lucky discuss their relationship. Lucky seems happy to be with Sam.

Jason has a talk with Michael at the coffee house. He says that Michael must make “good choices.” Michael gives Jason some attitude. Jason explains the danger of guns. Jason sends Michael back to school. Jason locks the gun in the desk.

Johnny plays the piano on the Haunted Star. He thinks about kissing Lulu.

Logan and Scott meet outside of Kelly’s. Scott tells Logan about the missing DNA results. Scott thinks Johnny stole the test results. Logan tells Scott a “what if” story about seeing Johnny with Lulu. Scott presses Logan for information on Johnny and Lulu’s whereabouts.

Ric is still at the diner. He confides in the waitress about his father. The waitress advises Ric to “forget” his troubles and “go for a walk.”

At GH, Patrick apologizes to Leyla for her suspension. He offers to talk to Dr. Ford. Leo and Cassius bring Patrick his clothing to tease him about his tryst with Leyla. Epiphany reminds everyone to remain professional. Leyla, Leo, and Patrick get back to work. Epiphany warns Cassius not to spill all about her “freak out” after the bomb threat. Cassius agrees to keep Epiphany’s secret. Jason gets off the hospital elevator. He asks Epiphany about Liz’s condition. Epiphany gives Jason an update. Jason promises to continue to investigate Stan’s death.

Leo tells Patrick he plans to ask Liz on a date. Patrick advises against it due to the children. Robin overhears Patrick bash the idea of being a family man. Robin walks away before anyone can see she’s upset.

Ric comes back to the diner. He’s wearing casual clothes but has forgotten to remove the tags. Trevor watches Ric and the waitress through the window.

Michael goes back to Sonny’s office to retrieve the gun. He considers breaking the lock on the desk drawer. Jason is hiding and watches as Michael gives up and leaves the office. Jason is disturbed by Michael’s behavior.

Liz is in her hospital room. She finds a note by the bed.

Lulu goes back to see Johnny – she runs over and kisses him.

Coop comes back to his room and finds Logan waiting. Logan has found the DNA test results. Logan demands an explanation.

Next Time:

Maxie makes a startling discovery

Logan grills Coop

Kate comes face to face with Sonny

Liz is unhappy with her discovery

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