GH Update Wednesday 1/23/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/23/08


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Kelly comments to Robin about how slow it is. Kelly reminds Robin to make the appointment to come see her. Robin asks Kelly not to talk about it in public because she doesnít want people to know about it right now. Patrick comes up and asks Robin why she is keeping things from him.

Emily suggests that Nikolas hasnít thought it through, but he claims that he has. He tells her that he knows what is important and that he canít risk losing her. He tells her that he isnít having the operation.

Liz sleeps and Jason touches her face, startling her. He tells her that he had to see her and they hug.

Lulu finds Johnny and yells at him for not staying where he was. Lulu tells him that he will be safe there. He asks where and she tells him that he is in a place that has more history than he knows.

Maxie arrives at the PCPD and Mac informs her that Coop is off duty. She tells him that she came to talk to him and Mac tells her that the DNA test results have been taken. Maxie realizes that it was the killer and Scott tells Mac that it is someone in the department.

Alexis is attacked on the docks. She tries to fight off her attacker. Sam comes across them and starts hitting Alexisí attacker. Sam manages to chase him off and Alexis falls to the ground. Sam yells for help and Alexis starts breathing again. Sam calls the police and tells them to hurry. Mike comes down to help. Mike helps Alexis off the ground and picks up her purse. Alexis receives a text message from the killer threatening Sam and Alexis.

Emily tells Nikolas that he is only doing this because he thinks that he strangled her at Wyndemere. Nikolas explains that it wouldnít do him any good to remember who killed her if he never sees her again. Nikolas tells her that he canít handle losing her again. Emily tells him that if he doesnít have the operation, he will die and that there is more in the world for him to live for than her. Nikolas tells her that he doesnít believe that and he doesnít know what he believes anymore. Nadine comes in and tells him that there is more in the world to believe than people think.

Patrick asks Robin why she didnít tell him that Nikolas was refusing to have the operation. Robin explains that Nikolas left her a message wanting to know about alternative treatment and that she doesnít know if he is going to have the operation or not. Patrick tells Robin that he can save Nikolasí life and Robin tells him that it isnít the point. Patrick tells Robin that it is a good thing he didnít let her talk him into having kids with her and walks away.

Lulu tends to Johnny. Johnny tries to tell her to stay away, but she tells him that she does what she wants. Lulu tells him that she can either help or he can let his leg rot off. Lulu tells him to take a couple of antibiotics and she hands him the bottle. He asks her how she got them and she tells him that she worked out a trade. He takes them and asks her about stealing drugs for him.

Liz tells Jason that Lucky and Jake were there and Jason explains that he watched them leave. Liz tells Jason that she is having trouble sleeping and she keeps feeling like she lost Jake. Jason thanks her and Liz tells him about wanting to be with him for his birthday. Jason tells her that the drawing meant a lot to him, but that isnít why he is thanking her. He thanks her for saving Jake.

Nadine tells Nikolas that she brought his release forms and says that she thought he was staying for the operation. Nikolas tells her that he isnít having another episode, but he changed his mind. Nadine asks Nikolas if she chased Emily away. Nadine apologizes for chasing her away. Nadine explains that she can still feel someone that she wants to hold onto. Nadine apologizes for talking so much and tells Nikolas not to let go unless there is no other choice. She turns and starts to walk away. Nikolas asks her when you know there is no other choice and she tells him that only he will know for sure in his heart. She tells him goodnight and leaves. She stands outside thinking and Leyla comes up asking if she is all right. Leyla asks about Nadineís locket and before Nadine can answer, Leylaís pager goes off.

Alexis tells Mike about the attack. Lucky and the other police arrive and she tells them that Sam saved her life. Lucky asks about a description and all they can tell him is that the attacker was wearing all black. Mike suggests that Alexis go to the hospital and get checked out, but Alexis tells Lucky that she is going to the station with him to help find the person.

Cooper comes in and asks Maxie if something happened. Maxie tells him that she hasnít had a chance to talk to Mac about it yet. Mac comes over and asks to talk to Coop and Maxie wants to know why. Mac asks Coop about the DNA test results. Mac tells Coop that the DNA results are missing.

Lulu yells at Johnny when he gets up and starts moving. Johnny makes a phone call to Trevor to call off the search for him. Johnny tells Trevor that he doesnít want to be found and he will come home when he wants. Johnny tells Trevor that he sank the shipment and that if he makes another deal with anyone without Johnnyís approval, it will be Trevorís last. Johnny hangs up and someone brings Trevor some coffee. Trevor tells the guard that Johnny blew up the shipment. Trevor and the guard talk about trying to get someone to town. Trevor tells the guard that Ric now owns the piers.

Ric looks at his childhood home. He has a flashback of talking with Sonny about their mother and the house. The woman comes back out with some coffee for Ric. Ric tells her that he is still there because he is trying to chase away some ghosts. She asks if Ric lost someone there and he explains that he lost himself there.

Robin comes in to talk to Nikolas. She tells him that his best option is surgery. He asks her how to let go of someone when something inside of you makes it impossible.

Patrick walks in to see Leyla laying on a table with a sheet over her.

Logan shows up on the docks to see Scott. Scott tells Logan that he hopes Logan isnít the problem.

Lulu convinces Johnny to sit down. Johnny says that he doesnít want Lulu to be around when Trevor finds him.

Jason explains to Liz how he felt in the Emergency Room the night she brought Jake in. Jason tells her that it never occurred to him that Jake could be in danger that didnít have to do with Jasonís lifestyle. Liz tells Jason that it is her fault because Cameron was playing with matches and she should have been watching him. She apologizes to Jason. Jason tells her that she has nothing to be sorry for. Jason tells her that he doesnít want something like that to happen again. Liz asks him if he wants to change their arrangement and take Jake.

Johnny tells Lulu to go. Lulu tells Johnny that she will go when she is sure that Johnny will be okay. Johnny asks her about the place and Lulu tells him all the history. Johnny says that love is a mind game. Lulu realizes that Johnny is getting worse. Johnny passes out.

Logan realizes that Scott is accusing him of stealing the DNA results. Scott claims that he is just asking. Logan asks Scott why he would take the file and Scott explains that if Logan had something on Johnny, it would give him something to get Johnny away from Lulu. Logan asks Scott what would be better than sending him to jail for murder. Logan tells Scott to forget that he ever talked to him and forget that Logan asked him for a job. Scott suggests that he is trying to help. Logan tells Scott that it is a little late to be looking out for him and tells Scott to stay out of his life. Logan walks away.

Maxie tells Coop that Mac knows that Coop didnít take the file. Maxie tells Coop that she found a note and that her mom left again.

Sam and Alexis tell Mac that they wish they could be more help. Mac tells them that maybe after the shock wears off they will remember more. Alexis leaves the room so she can check up on the girls. Lucky asks Sam if she is all right. Sam is upset because the guy got away.

Jason tells Liz that he has thought about having a real family with her. Liz asks Jason not to let her lapse in judgment make him do something that he will regret later and reminds him why they made the arrangement. Jason thinks that Liz doesnít want them to be together. Jason says that he knows they did the right thing, but all he thinks about is her and Jake. Jason tells her that he wants to be with her and his son, but he knows that he canít be. Liz tells him that she thinks the exact same things. Liz says that maybe they should stop hoping for a perfect world and be happy with what they do have. Liz asks Jason to stay with her until she falls asleep. Jason holds her hand and she gets comfortable.

Patrick asks Leyla what she is doing. Patrick tells Leyla that Dr. Ford is going to be there at any moment because he asked Patrick to meet him there to check something. Patrick tells her to hurry. She gets dressed and starts making the bed back up. Patrick tells her that they are just going to mess it up again because Dr. Ford went home 2 hours before. Patrick tells her that it is his idea of a tease. She slaps him and calls him juvenile. She tells him that he might be the best in the OR, but she has had better in the bedroom. Patrick says that he must be slacking off and it wonít happen again. She agrees with him and starts to walk out. Patrick grabs her arm and kisses her.

Ric and the woman talk about childhood. She apologizes for prying and he apologizes for being mysterious. She tells him that she should go before she misses her bus. He tells her that the coffee was just the way he liked it and she says that she knew. She explains that she can tell how people like their coffee. She lets herself out the gate and tells him goodnight before walking away from the house.

Coop tells Maxie that he has to go back on duty. She asks if they can hang out that night and he tells her he will call her. Maxie goes into the interrogation room and asks Mac if he is going to catch whoever killed Georgie. Mac tells Maxie that he told Felicia not to help and warns Maxie to be prepared when she goes home. Maxie tells Mac that Felicia is already gone. Lucky gets ready to take Sam and Alexis home and says that they need to tell Ric what happened. Alexis says that he will find out, but she doesnít know where he is. Scott comes in and asks if there is anything that he can do. She suggests that they put an APB out on Johnny Zacchara.

Lulu comes back to Johnny with a blanket. Johnny tells Lulu that he will be okay and tells her about when he got sick when he was little. Johnny tells Lulu that his mom held him until he fell asleep and says that must be what love feels like. Lulu starts to get closer and he tells her that she is beautiful. She tries to warm him up and tells him to be quiet.

Patrick and Leyla take each otherís clothes off and she gets on the exam table. She gets up to turn the lights off. She takes his clothes and puts them in the clothing bin outside the room. Robin watches as he runs over and grabs his clothes and runs back in the exam room.

Jason looks at a picture of Jake. He asks, ďWill you forgive me?Ē

Liz wakes up and looks around the room.

Ric watches the house. He has a flashback of asking Sonny to shoot him and telling Sonny that Adela is his mother. Ric walks away from the house and Trevor walks up to it.

Lulu swabs Johnnyís head with a damp cloth.

Cooper reads the DNA results and sees that he is a match. He puts them in his coat pocket and opens his cell phone.

Alexis goes back to the docks to find her keys. She finds them and then she and Sam both get text messages.

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