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General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/22/08


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Cooper looks through files and listens as Mac tells Detective Harper about a DNA test that will find Georgieís killer. Mac tells Detective Harper to get ready to arrest Johnny. Mac sits down and looks at a picture of Georgie. Cooper comes over and Mac asks him what he is still doing there. Cooper explains that he decided to stay and cover for Lucky because Lucky is taking a few personal days. Scott and the mayor walk in and ask about what the DA is doing about the hospital incident. Mac informs them that Ric canít be found and the mayor suggests that Scott should be the prosecuting attorney. Alexis walks up and tells them that it wonít be necessary because Ric asked her to fill in for him while he is out of town.

Lulu asks Leyla if someone matching Johnnyís description was in the Emergency Room the previous night. Leyla tells her that no one matching that description was there. Lulu turns around and sees Tracy. Tracy informs Lulu that Luke skipped out of the hospital right before he was going to be released. Tracy asks about Luluís visit with her mother and that the facility said that she never showed up. Tracy asks where Lulu was and Logan tells Tracy that Lulu was with him.

Liz tells Dr. Julian that she didnít sleep. He offers to give her something to help her sleep. She asks for some paper and a pencil. She asks about the date and Carly walks in. Dr. Julian tells her to rest and he will check on her later. Carly tells Liz that it is Jasonís birthday and the perfect present would be to spend it with his son.

Sam knocks on Luckyís door and goes in. Lucky yells down that he will be right there. She tells him that it has been a while since they have talked and Lucky tells her that he has his hands full right now.

Jason goes down to the docks to see Trevor and two armed men come out. Trevor tells Jason that he has 5 seconds to tell Trevor where Johnny is and Johnny better be alive.

Logan tells Tracy that he made up the story about Lulu going to see Laura so that he and Lulu could spend some time together. Monica gets off the elevator. Tracy tells Lulu that she needs to start coming home. Logan suggests that Lulu came to see if Johnny came into the ER. Logan asks her if she can leave Johnny on his own.

Jerry knocks on a door and a woman answers it. Someone tells Jerry to come in because she was just leaving. He pays her and she leaves. The man asks Jerry what he should call him. The man tells Jerry that he is a complete disappointment.

Jason tells Trevor that he doesnít know where Johnny is. Max comes over and points a gun at Trevor. Trevor and Jason both tell their men to put the guns down. Trevor tells Jason that a Zacchara shipment was blown up the previous night and Jason tells him that it was traveling illegally through Sonnyís lanes. Trevor and Jason discuss the shipment. Trevor tells Jason that Johnny is missing and Jason suggests that maybe Johnny doesnít want to be found. Jason says that they are done and Trevor tells him that they are just getting started. Jason tells Max to keep searching for Johnny.

Sam realizes that she woke up Jake. Lucky says that Jake hasnít slept much since he brought him home from the hospital. They talk about what Lucky did to get Jake to sleep. Lucky tells Sam what Laura used to do for Lulu. Sam tells Lucky that she really missed him.

Carly tells Liz that she will convince Jason to go after custody of Jake. Liz reminds Carly that they all agreed to this. Carly says that it was only because that was what Liz wanted. Liz claims it was to keep Jake safe. Carly asks how Jake is safe with her when he almost died in a fire. Liz says that it doesnít matter. Carly tells her it does matter because Cameron likes to play with matches and Liz got stuck outside with her son while Jasonís son was stuck upstairs in his crib while the house was on fire. Carly tells Liz that when she gets a lawyer to help Jason get custody, she may have Liz declared an unfit mother and have her son taken from her permanently. Liz reminds Carly that she canít make decisions for Lizís son and his father. Liz says that she doesnít want to be worried about her children the way Carly is for hers. Liz tells Carly to go to therapy and let it all go. Jax shows up and asks Liz how she is doing. Jax tells Liz that her children are in very good hands and that she was very brave. Carly tells Jax that they should get going so that they can plan Jasonís birthday party.

Jason leaves a message for Sonny. Lulu comes down to the docks and asks Jason to help find Johnny. Lulu tells Jason that she didnít do anything and that Johnny wants to get out of this mess. Jason tells her that if Johnny survived the explosion, the best thing she can do is stay away. Jason walks away.

Felicia comes in to talk to Mac about Georgie. Mac tells Cooper to make sure they arenít disturbed for any reason. Someone comes up with the DNA results for Mac. Cooper tells them that he will make sure Mac gets the folder as soon as he is finished in the interrogation room. Cooper puts the folder down. Alexis tells the mayor that Ric is out of town for personal reasons.

Ric watches a house and a woman walks out. Ric explains that he used to live there.

Felicia tells Mac that she has been going over the list of people who have been attacked. Mac tells her that he doesnít want her doing it, but Felicia tells him that she has to do it because she failed her daughters. Mac tells her again that he doesnít want her doing it.

Trevor asks Alexis if they can talk in private. Alexis thinks that it is about the shipment that was blown up in the harbor, but Trevor tells her that he is looking for his son.

Ric tells the woman that the house was in his family for generations. He asks her if she lives there and she tells him that she just checks on the place for the owners.

Lulu shows up at a warehouse and sees water all over the floor. She finds Johnny collapsed on the floor. She tries to wake him up.

Michael reads the paper about the text message killer. Carly asks about Morgan. Michael tells her that he had things to do. Carly asks him if he is going to show up for Jasonís birthday party and Michael tells her he doesnít know and tells her that Jason isnít really into that kind of stuff anyways. Jax tells Carly that Michael is growing up and maybe Carly should consider it. Jax tells Carly that Jake isnít her child and Carly doesnít have a right to attack Liz about it. Jason walks in and tells Carly that Jax is right.

Lulu keeps trying and eventually Johnny wakes up. She helps him sit up and she says that she needs to get him to a doctor. Johnny tells her that doctors ask too many questions and he doesnít want her to get anyone. She offers to call Trevor, but he says that Trevor is the last person he wants to see. Lulu tells him that he needs medical attention and that she wants to see what she can do for him. Johnny asks her why and she says that she wants to.

Liz sleeps in her hospital bed with her sketch pad in her lap. She has a dream about the fire and wakes up.

Lucky comes back downstairs and Sam asks about Nikolas. Sam says that Joe really is a good guy and that sometimes you get desperate and do things that you know arenít right. Lucky asks if they are still talking about Joe. Sam explains that she knows what it is like to struggle and not know when your next dollar is coming. Sam tells Lucky that when it comes to Liz, Carly and Jason she loses all perspective and that she feels really hurt. Sam tells him that she has to go because she has work stuff to do. Lucky asks her to come over for a late night dinner and she agrees.

Jason confronts Carly about telling people about Jake. Jason reminds Carly that he asked her to leave it alone for Jakeís safety. Carly tells him that he is an hour early for his birthday party. Jason tells her that if she wants to give him something for his birthday to leave Elizabeth alone. Jax gets a call. Jason tells Carly that he has made peace with the fact that Elizabeth and Lucky should raise Jake. Carly apologizes. Jason says that he doesnít believe that she will stop.

The woman tells Ric that she would let him in, but she doesnít know him. Ric says that he isnít sure he would even want to go in. She says that she forgot something and goes back in.

The man tells Jerry that the Zacchara ship and the merchandise are at the bottom of the harbor. Jerry tells him to calm down and that the holes have been sealed up. Jerry says that the girl will keep her mouth shut to protect Johnny. The man says that they need their own base of operation and tells Jerry to work on getting him the piers.

Lulu goes to see Liz. Liz tells her that they will be okay. Lulu tells Liz that she needs a favor. Lulu tells Liz that she needs something for somebody, but Liz canít ask a lot of questions. Liz says that she needs some idea. Lulu tells her that someone is hurt and they canít see a doctor and that she needs some antibiotics. Liz tells Lulu that there is a supply closet in the ER.

Lulu goes in and grabs some antibiotics. She drops her bracelet. Monica walks in to get a flask from behind some supplies. She fills up her water bottle with the contents of the flask.

Lulu shows Liz the bottle that she took. Liz tells her to be careful. Liz asks a favor of Lulu.

Lulu shows up and gives Jason something and tells him happy birthday.

Jax comes downstairs with a bag and Carly asks what is going on. Jax tells her that it has something to do with the hotel in Hawaii. Carly apologizes to Jax. They kiss. Jason comes in and Jax leaves. Carly tells Jason that she doesnít want him to regret giving up his son. The boys come down to see Jason. Michael asks Carly how long Jax will be gone. Michael tells Carly that he will look after her while Jax is gone.

Alexis talks to Scott about things that are going on. Logan asks if Scott has a job for him. Scott says that he has to find something that wonít make either of them look bad. Scott tells Logan to find something that he loves for a job and then call him. Logan sees the DNA test results on Macís desk.

Mac tells Felicia that she walked out on him too and left him to raise the girls on his own. Mac says that he will be the one who finds Georgieís killer and Felicia says that she will be the one to help him. Mac says that there was a time when he would have accepted her help, but he canít. He walks out of the room.

Trevor walks through the hospital and leaves a message for Ric. He and one of his men ask around the hospital about Johnny. Trevor thinks that Johnny had something to do with the explosion. Trevor tells his man that the person who stands in their way is Jason and that everyone has a weak spot.

Carly and the boys put candles on Jasonís cake. Jason opens the paper. He sees a picture of Jake holding a balloon.

Lucky brings Jake to see Liz. Liz asks how Jake has been sleeping. Lucky tells Liz about the trick and that he has everything covered.

Lulu shows up at the warehouse and Johnny is gone.

Someone tells Mac that the DNA test is back. Scott asks who he ran it against and Mac says that they ran it through the system. Mac opens the folder and sees that the results are gone. Mac says that the killer stole the results.

Alexis is on the phone with someone and tells them to tell Kristina that she will bring pretzels home. Alexis is attacked from behind after she comes down the steps by the docks.

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