GH Update Monday 1/21/08

General Hospital Update Monday 1/21/08


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Robin thinks that Kelly is joking and Kelly explains that she is just as surprised as Robin is. Kelly tells Robin that she is 4 weeks along and that would put conception around Christmas. Kelly asks if there is someone that Robin hasnít told her about.

Patrick asks Nikolas if he has been seeing things that defy rational explanation and tells Nikolas about the last test results. Nikolas keeps looking towards the door at Emily and Patrick asks if he is seeing things. Nikolas asks Patrick to close the door because he doesnít want people to know about this.

Regina tells Liz how Nikolas went after Joe. Liz says that all she wants is to get Jake and go home. Dr. Julian comes in and tells her that it isnít going to happen.

Jason walks through the hospital halls and Max comes up to him. Max tells Jason about seeing the Zaccharaís ship. Jason orders Max to take it out, just like the Zaccharaís took theirs out.

Spinelli walks past the room on a boat. Logan argues with a man about letting Lulu go. The man ties them both up.

Kate thinks that Sonny is being silly, but Sonny says that he is being serious. Sonny asks Kate to marry him.

Robin says that she doesnít know how it happened. Kelly says that this should be happy news. Robin says that she wanted to be in control. Kelly tells Robin that while a man was rocking Robinís world, the condom broke or was defective. Kelly tells Robin that the Quartermaineís were producing defective condoms. Kelly tells Robin that she needs to tell the man that he was exposed and that he is going to be a father, unless Robin doesnít want him to know. Kelly gets paged and tells Robin that they need to set up an appointment.

Nikolas asks Patrick how real the hallucinations could be and Patrick tells him that the person could see, smell or touch things. Nikolas asks if they could see people and Patrick tells Nikolas that there was one case of a patient seeing another person. Patrick asks Nikolas if he is experiencing any of the symptoms. Robin walks in and apologizes for being late. Nikolas fills Robin in on what Patrick has told him. Robin explains that she wants to try an experimental drug therapy. Nikolas asks how the hallucinations would last.

Dr. Julian tells Liz that she cut herself really bad. Liz says that she got Jake and drove to the hospital, but Dr. Julian tells her that it was the adrenaline. Liz asks how long she has to be in the hospital and Dr. Julian tells her that it will be a few days. Dr. Julian tells her to get in touch with Jakeís father and have him come pick Jake up.

Jason walks up to a room and Spinelli tells Jason that he is needed. Jason asks what happened and follows Spinelli.

Someone calls Jerry and tells him about the hole Lulu knocked in the wall and that someone tried to rescue her. Johnny walks up to the room where Lulu and Logan are tied up and goes in.

Kate suggests that Sonny is getting caught up in the memories. Kate thinks that Sonny is being impulsive, but Sonny denies it. Sonny tells her that she ran away a long time ago, but maybe it was for a reason. Sonny tells her that he knows where he wants to go and who he wants to be with. Sonny asks her again to marry him. Kate claims that she doesnít know what to say because it isnít simple. Sonny tells her that he isnít going to beg her and that if she canít say yes, not to bother saying no. Kate starts to cry and runs off.

Robin asks Nikolas if he is having hallucinations. Nikolas explains that maybe he is and doesnít know it or maybe he doesnít want to accept them as hallucinations. Nikolas asks if hallucinations are permanent and Patrick explains options that might make them go away. Patrick tells Nikolas that if they can shrink the tumor and remove it then the hallucinations might stop. Nikolas asks what will happen if he doesnít do anything and Robin tells him that he could die. Nikolas tells them that he needs a moment alone and they leave. Patrick asks Robin if she has been checked out and Robin says that she is healthy enough for two. Patrick starts to walk away and Robin stops him, but doesnít say anything.

Liz is laying in bed looking at the wall and Lucky brings Jake in to see her. Lucky asks if Jason has stopped by to see her or Jake and Liz says no. Liz tells Lucky that she needs to ask a favor.

Logan tells Lulu what he has told everyone about her going missing. Lulu has a flashback of kissing Johnny. Logan says that when they get out of there he is going to have Johnny arrested and Lulu says that if he does, she will never speak to him again. Logan asks how friendly Lulu got with Johnny in the tunnel.

Sonny looks in the direction that Kate ran off. He puts the ring back in his pocket and pulls out his fortune, which reads, ďYou will stand alone.Ē He turns and walks away in the opposite direction.

Emily realizes that Nikolas didnít want her there and she asks what Patrick told him. Nikolas explains that Patrick thinks that Emily is just a hallucination and asks her if she is there because of his love. Emily says that maybe she is both, she doesnít know. Nikolas tells her that he has to make a choice.

Liz tells Lucky that she has to be in the hospital for a few days. Lucky says that he would do anything for Jake. Liz tells Lucky that Audrey has offered to take the boys and Lucky offers to take the boys until she is back on her feet.

Jason tells Max to cancel the arrangements on the Zacchara shipment until further instructions because Lulu is on the boat. Spinelli tells Jason everything he knows about the shipment.

Logan tells Lulu why he doesnít like Johnny. Lulu and Logan argue about Johnny. Logan tells Lulu that Johnny isnít going to come rescue Lulu.

Johnny empties something in the boiler room. He reaches down and grabs his leg above where it is bleeding.

Kate comes back to the spot that she left Sonny. She sees the ring box laying on the ground and walks back away.

Sonny walks into the theater and remembers being there with Connie. He makes a call to Bernie and tells him that he has a job for him. Sonny tells him to make a cash offer that no one refuses.

Nikolas talks to Emily. Emily asks about the choice Nikolas has to make. Nikolas tells her that if he doesnít do something about the tumor, he dies and that if they do remove the tumor, he will lose her. Nikolas says that he canít lose Emily. Emily says that he has to or he will die. Nikolas says that he canít let her go and Emily tells him that she will let him go. Nikolas begs her not to leave him because there is no life without her. She tells him to close his eyes and he tells her that she wonít be able to stay away from him. She breaks down in tears and she kisses him. He opens his eyes and she is gone. He tells her that he wonít let her stay away.

Jerry tells someone that things donít always go as planned. They discuss the shipment.

Johnny gets a call while he is emptying a carton. Johnny tells Jerry that the shipment will be at the bottom of the river because no one forces him into anything. Johnny lights the torch and someone puts a gun to his back.

Logan gets out of his restraints and tells Lulu that he picked it up in Iraq. Two guards come in and one points a gun at Lulu. Jason comes in and shoots the man. Logan and Johnny run over to help Lulu. Jason tells them that they have to go now. Johnny doesnít walk out with them and Lulu tries to get him to go. Jason says that they have to move now. Johnny stays behind.

Sonny walks up to a booth inside a restaurant. The owner comes up and Sonny gives him an envelope full of money. Sonny tells him to get his family and get out of the neighborhood because it has gotten colder there. The owner asks Sonny who the lady was because she looked familiar and Sonny says that he thought he knew her too. The owner asks Sonny if he is going to renovate the place and Sonny tells him he is going to do something like that.

Dr. Julian comes into the locker room and starts talking to Patrick. They start talking about Leyla. Dr. Julian tells Patrick that itís a good thing that Patrick had HIV tests run after his night with Robin when the condom broke. Robin walks in and overhears this. Patrick tells Dr. Julian that itís better if nothing is said because then they wonít have to talk about if that night meant anything to Patrick. Dr. Julian says that it is obvious that Patrick still loves Robin. Patrick says that when Robin goes to the sperm bank and gets pregnant, that will be the final nail in the coffin and he can finally move on.

Robin walks back to the nurseís station and tells Kelly that she doesnít want anyone to know about the pregnancy. Robin tells Kelly that the man was tested and he is fine, but he doesnít know about the pregnancy because he doesnít need to know right now.

Johnny empties more canisters and grabs the torch. He lights the torch and the stuff he poured on the floor. A guard comes in and beats Johnny up. The guard runs out and Johnny collapses to the floor.

Jason, Lulu, Spinelli and Logan get to the docks. Jason says that it isnít safe to stay on the docks and Lulu asks about Johnny. Jason says that Johnny can take care of himself and Lulu asks what Johnny was staying to do. Before Jason can answer, the boat blows up.

Nikolas lays in bed and finally gets up and puts a robe on. He walks out of his room.

Sonny watches as some men take the stuff out of the theater.

Lulu looks out over the harbor and Logan finally gets her to walk away.

Sonny destroys the restaurant.

Nikolas goes to the nurseís station and sees someone who he mistakes for Emily.

Robin walks into the locker room and sees Patrick. Patrick rushes out past her.

Sonny tells some men they can leave the restaurant and pulls the fortune back out of his pocket.

Robin starts crying and lays back on the bench.

Liz plays with Jake and kisses him. Lucky leaves with Jake.

Sonny burns the fortune and lays it on a pile of stuff in the restaurant.

Jason shows up at the hospital and sees Lucky taking Jake home.

Nikolas gets back to his room and sees Emily sitting on the bed.

Jason walks towards Lizís room and sees Dr. Julian outside. Dr. Julian walks in and Jason stands in the hall.

Sonny picks up the ring box and puts the ring back in it. He throws it.

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