GH Update Friday 1/18/08

General Hospital Update Friday 1/18/08


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Kate and Sonny are still standing in front of the fortune-telling statue in the restaurant. Sonny reaches for his fortune card. He won’t tell Kate what it says.

At the monastery, Spinelli searches for Lulu in the caves. He talks to Logan on the phone. Logan loses the connection.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Lulu are trapped in a secret room. Lulu wonders “who’s behind” her abduction.

Jerry is at Jake’s. He gets a phone call. All we hear is a man’s voice on the other end of the phone. All we see is a tattoo that looks like part of a wing. Jerry offers to buy the man a drink. He tells the man the shipment “should arrive” in town the next day. The man calls Jerry his “old friend.”

Patrick is in the GH locker room. Robin is there. Patrick worries about Robin’s health. She’s more concerned about Nikolas.

Nikolas is in his room at the hospital. Nadine brings Nikolas a food tray. Nik seems disappointed to see Nadine.

Back at the restaurant, Kate wants to see Sonny’s fortune. She tries to guess what the card says. Moose comes over for another visit. Moose thinks he knows Kate from someplace. Sonny crumbles up his fortune card.

At GH, Nik says he owes everyone an apology for his prior behavior. Emily appears. Nadine checks Nik’s vitals. Nadine says she understands Nik’s feelings of loss. Nik says Nadine couldn’t possibly understand how he feels. Nadine leaves Nik’s room.

Back in the locker room, Patrick calls Robin “hostile.” Leyla comes in and makes a snide remark to Patrick. Robin leaves. Patrick and Leyla disagree about their past relationship. Leyla slams her locker and leaves.

Back in the secret room, Johnny tells Lulu about Moreau. Johnny says he wants to be his own person. Lulu demands more information from Johnny. Johnny says Lulu already knows more than enough about him. Lulu wonders how Johnny feels about her.

At GH, Nik talks to Emily about his behavior toward Nadine. Emily sits with Nik. Nik says Emily is “a projection of” his heart. He feels bad for not being home on Emily’s birthday.

Leyla goes to Jake’s. Coleman gives her a warm greeting. Nadine is there so she and Leyla sit down for a beer. Leyla tries to figure out how to “handle the situation with Patrick.” Nadine says it’s Patrick’s “loss.” She advises Leyla to “let loose with” Patrick.

Jerry is still at Jake’s talking to the unidentified man. He tells the man the details of their “shipment.” The man tells Jerry to get hold of Lorenzo’s waterfront property. Then the man tells Jerry to tell him about some of the people at GH. Jerry notices that Leyla and Nadine are in the bar.

Johnny tries to figure out how to free Lulu from the secret room. Johnny says he will then stop Moreau’s shipment before it’s delivered. Johnny tells Lulu that Spinelli was the one who located her. On Lulu’s insistence, Johnny cleans his leg wound with alcohol. Johnny gives Lulu his jacket.

Sonny takes Kate to a movie theater. Sonny offers Kate some movie candy for “dessert.” Kate thanks Sonny for the special evening. Sonny reminds Kate “everybody loved Connie.”

At GH, Robin and Dr. Lee talk about Joe’s wife. Then they discuss Robin’s future pregnancy. Dr. Lee says Robin’s test results will be back soon.

At GH, Patrick goes to a room and finds that Leyla is waiting. Leyla strips down to her underwear. Patrick looks at her with confusion.

Johnny and Lulu share some alcohol in order to keep warm. Lulu laughs at the thought of Spinelli impersonating a monk. Johnny and Lulu share a kiss.

Back at the movie theater, Sonny notices a young couple. He’s reminded of himself and Kate when they were young. Sonny remembers a conversation between himself and Kate when they were teenagers. Sonny takes the ring box out of his pocket. When Kate returns, she and Sonny watch the movie. The movie stops suddenly so Sonny goes off to see why. Kate notices the young couple. She too remembers an old conversation with Sonny. Sonny returns and says they have another stop to make.

Back at the hospital, Leyla tries to tempt Patrick. He doesn’t do much to resist her.

Back at the monastery, Lulu’s guard calls Moreau.

In the middle of a kiss, Johnny tells Lulu they “can’t do this.”

At GH, Leyla dresses after seducing Patrick. She says the encounter “was about pure pleasure,” and that it “meant nothing at all” to her. Leyla leaves Patrick dumbfounded.

Nik wakes up to find Emily still in his hospital room. Emily says she’s failed Nik during his rage episodes. Emily insists that Nik didn’t kill her. Nik says he wants Patrick to cure him. Nik closes his eyes and Emily disappears.

Still trapped in the room, Johnny tells Lulu he’s interested in her. He says he wants to be with her under normal and “real conditions.” Johnny suggests that Lulu go back to Logan. Suddenly the door opens. Spinelli appears. Johnny tells Spinelli to take Lulu to safety alone.

Kate and Sonny take a walk through the neighborhood. Kate tells Sonny all that she remembers about the neighborhood. Sonny says he spent much of his youth hiding from his stepfather. Sonny reminds Kate they’re standing in the spot they agreed to meet at so long ago. That was the night they were planning to “run away” together.

At GH, Patrick goes to Nikolas with test results. Patrick says Nik’s condition could make him hallucinate. Emily listens in.

Leyla returns to Jake’s. Nadine is still there.

At GH, Dr. Lee announces that Robin is pregnant.

Johnny takes a few items from the secret room.

Lulu returns to the monastery to find Logan and the guard waiting for her. Spinelli is close behind. He hesitates, not wanting to get caught.

Sonny and Kate are still in the neighborhood. Kate says, “A lot has changed.” Sonny suggests they forget the “past.” Sonny gets down on one knee. Kate wonders what Sonny is “doing.”

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