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General Hospital Update Thursday 1/17/08


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Kate and Sonny are in a restaurant in Bensonhurst. A man, Moose, who turns out to be an old neighborhood friend, approaches Sonny. Moose says Kate looks familiar but she doesn’t let on that she’s “Connie.”

Lulu is walking through the monastery caves trying to find a way out.

Carly and Jax are at home. Carly is trying to find a lawyer for Jason.

Lucky has snuck into GH. He finds Liz in a room with Regina. Lucky wants to get Liz out of the hospital.

Meanwhile in the ER waiting room, Joe is still threatening to blow up the hospital. An enraged Nikolas has stumbled upon the situation and he antagonizes Joe. Sam and Jason try to control Nik. In order to shut him up, Jason hits Nikolas, knocking him out.

Joes’s wife is with Dr. Lee.

Joe is very upset. He asks Sam for “good news” about his wife and child.

Back at the restaurant, Sonny continues to visit with Moose. They reminisce about old times. When Moose leaves, Sonny asks Kate what “that was about?”

Outside the monastery, Logan and Johnny wait for Spinelli to find Lulu. Johnny says there may be “another way” inside. He goes down by the water to find it.

Inside the monastery, two monks discuss Lulu. Brother Spinelli is lurking around the corner.

At home, Jax scolds Carly for her involvement in Jason’s life. Carly tries to explain Jason’s loyalty. Jax locks the door to stop Carly from leaving the house.

In the ER, Joe gets very anxious for news about his wife. Dr. Lee comes out and says she needs to run more tests. Dr. Lee wants Monica’s help. Monica is secretly taking a drink from a silver flask.

Back at the restaurant, Sonny asks if anyone from the neighborhood knows about Kate’s new life. Kate claims she always felt like an outsider in Bensonhurst. Kate says her “past would shatter her present.”

Lulu is still making her way through the monastery caves.

Carly is not amused by Jax’s “intervention” regarding Jason. Jax says Carly is obsessed with Jason and his life. Carly asks if Jax is jealous. Jax says that “even Jerry” thinks Carly has “no boundaries” where Jason is concerned. Carly is offended that Jax brought Jerry into the equation. Jax says both Carly and Jerry tend to enjoy causing trouble. Again Carly is offended. Carly tells Jax about Jake.

In the ER waiting room, the mayor bickers with Edward Q.  Dr. Ford is there too.

Dr. Lee finds Monica. Monica fills a water bottle with what appears to be vodka.

Joe apologizes to Sam for the situation. Sam tries to reason with Joe as Jason listens. Joe talks to Sam about losing his auto garage. He seems to trust Sam. Jason continues to listen.

Sonny and Kate are still in the restaurant. He wonders if his life is “good enough” for Kate. He figures the old neighborhood is a more comfortable environment for both of them. Sonny talks to Kate about their past. Sonny takes a small box out of his pocket as he talks. Sonny asks if Kate wanted a “better” life or a “better” man. Kate says their past “timing” was off. Sonny puts the box back in his pocket.

At the monastery, Brother Spinelli brings a food tray to Lulu’s room. Another monk unlocks the door to Lulu’s room. Spinelli discovers that Lulu is missing. He sees the hole in the wall and assumes she tried to escape.

Meanwhile, Lulu is still wandering around the caves. She stumbles onto a human skeleton. Lulu screams and falls down.

At home, Carly tries to explain Jason’s situation to Jax. Jax says Carly is “upset” about being kept in the dark about Jake. Jax says Jason needs to make his own decision about custody. Jax asks if Carly realizes how strong his own desire to have a child is.

At GH, Epiphany and Cassius care for Jake. Lucky wonders if Jake can be moved.

Dr. Lee and Monica think Joe’s baby may have congestive heart failure. They tell Joe’s wife the bad news. Dr. Lee is skeptical of the flu-like symptoms Joe’s wife has been suffering from.

In the ER waiting room, Jason approaches Joe. Dr. Julian comes back into the waiting room. Jason talks to Joe about gambling. Suddenly, Jason grabs Joe’s hand. Everyone expects the bomb to explode. Instead, Jason proves that the bomb is fake. Cassius and Dr. Julian grab Joe. Suddenly Mac and his officers come in. They arrest Joe. Dr. Ford says Joe’s wife must go to County Hospital. Joe is taken away to the PCPD. Jason runs to find Liz. He finds Liz and Jake with Lucky. Jason can see that Jake is ok, so he walks away, unnoticed.

Johnny discovers the entrance to the monastery caves. He goes inside looking for Lulu.

The monk on guard goes into Lulu’s room. Spinelli hits him on the head and finally knocks him unconscious. Spinelli heads through the hole in the wall.

At home, Carly and Jax discuss becoming parents. Jax says Carly spends more time obsessing over Jason’s child than having one of her own.

At the restaurant, Sonny and Kate continue their conversation. They discuss the fortune telling machine in the restaurant. Sonny dares Kate to get her fortune from the machine. Sonny says, “Connie” has “lost herself” in Kate Howard.

At GH, the mayor demands that his injuries be tended to. Edward compliments Jason on handing the bomber situation. Monica looks at Jason with disappointment.

Patrick says that he pushed Nik into an angry outburst so his blood could be tested. Nik is unappreciative of being “treated as a test animal.” Nadine tells Nikolas that Patrick did what he did out of concern.

Still at GH, Lucky runs into Sam. He decides to stay with Liz and Jake rather than go home with Sam.

Johnny finds Lulu in the caves. Her ankle appears to be broken. Johnny tries to help Lulu but she pushes him away. Johnny falls on a sharp object, which goes through his leg.

Carly says she’s “been trying very hard to get pregnant.” She tells Jax about her frequent trips to see Dr. Lee. Carly shows Jax the baby bracelet she bought. Jax says he and Carly need to communicate more. Carly agrees.

Still in the caves, Lulu and Johnny manage to get the object out of Johnny’s leg. Johnny is suspicious of a blocked doorway. He says the caves were used in the old days for smuggling. Johnny gets the door open. He and Lulu end up locked in the room.

At home, Jax and Carly make up after putting their cards on the table.

At GH, Epiphany suddenly breaks down and cries. Cassius tries to help but Epiphany pushes him away.

Still in the ER, Dr. Ford insists on transferring Joe’s wife to County Hospital. Dr. Lee and Monica try to talk him out of it. Nikolas says he’ll withdraw all of his money from GH if they transfer Joe’s wife to another hospital. Dr. Ford agrees to admit her as a patient. Nadine is impressed with Nik’s assistance. Nadine suggests that Nik admit himself and wait for his own test results. Nik tells Patrick he’s on his way to admitting.

Sam looks in on a sleeping Liz. Lucky is still with Liz. Sam leaves, unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Jason watches as Monica checks on Jake.

Sonny and Kate are still at the restaurant. Sonny dares Kate to put money into the fortune telling machine. Kate’s fortune card says, “You are two different people.” Sonny takes his turn on the fortune telling machine.

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Leyla tries to teach Patrick a lesson

Robin’s test results are in

Sonny is reluctant to share his fortune

Sonny asks Kate a question

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