GH Update Wednesday 1/16/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/16/08


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Sonny has his hand over Kateís eyes and she keeps asking if she can look already. Sonny takes his hand away and she opens her eyes. Sonny welcomes Kate back to Bensonhurst.

Spinelli walks in to the coffee house followed by Logan and Johnny. Spinelli rambles on and Johnny tells them that they need to focus on Lulu.

Patrick looks at the X-rays and tells Robin that they donít know anything yet. Patrick says that they need to know what hormones are being released into Nikolasí system while he is having one of his episodes. Robin says that they arenít doing it at all.

Nikolas asks Nadine why she would think he was talking to Emily. Nadine explains that it is the tone of his voice and the look on his face when he is talking. Nadine tells him that he doesnít have to answer, she was just wondering. She tells him that if he wants to keep talking to Emily, he should do it because it isnít easy to say good-bye. Nadine tells him that talking to Emily brings out the best in him. Nikolas asks what brings out the worst and Nadine says that they will found out. Nadine takes the blood sample to Patrick. Emily comes back and asks if she is just a neutral phase.

Joe asks if he grabbed the wrong one and releases Monica. Joe grabs Sam. Jason stands up and gets in the way of the shot. Lucky tells Scott that he doesnít have a clear shot. Scott tells Lucky that ďaccidents happen.Ē Lucky says that he canít shoot an innocent man and Scott says that no one is innocent. Sam tells Joe that Jason doesnít care if Sam gets blown up and Jason moves off to the side. Jason tells Joe that no one has to get hurt. Jason announces that if Joe takes his finger off the detonator, everyone dies and Lucky pulls the gun back down.

Robin tells Patrick that it is unethical. Robin asks Patrick how to keep Nikolas from hurting anyone while he is having an episode. Robin reminds Patrick that Nikolas is one of her friends and that is why she canít separate the patient from the person. Robin puts her head down and grabs the desk. Patrick rushes over to her.

Nikolas tells Emily that he doesnít believe in ghosts, but he does believe in their love. Emily suggests that maybe their love was too strong and says that maybe she should go away.

Kate canít believe her eyes. They talk about when they first met and their first date.

Johnny asks Spinelli to play the message again. Logan thinks that Johnny already knows where Lulu is.

Lulu looks through the little hole in the wall and walks back over to the table. She grabs a spoon and starts digging at the wall.

Logan tells Johnny his theory. They discuss Lulu. Spinelli tries to get them to calm down until they find Lulu. Spinelli tells them that he found something. He tells them that he figured out the picture. Johnny gets a call and goes outside to answer it. He tells Trevor that he is busy. Trevor tells Johnny that Jason paid Anthony a visit. Trevor tries to get Johnny to come down to the docks, but Johnny tells him that he is busy. Logan comes out and asks whatís wrong.

Robin tells Patrick that she just got dizzy. Patrick thinks that it has to do with Robinís fall. Robin thinks that they should get Nikolasí permission.

Nikolas tells Emily that she is the only thing that is keeping him sane and that he loves her. Emily reminds him that she isnít real and that she is the only thing keeping him from moving on. Nikolas tells her that she is all he has right now.

Lucky puts the gun down and stands up. Lucky tells Scott that they have to abort. Scott tells him to take the shot. Lucky says that they have to find another way in. Joe orders Jason and Sam to sit down.

Liz and Dr. Julian talk. Dr. Julian tells her that she might feel some pain and she gasps for breath.

Jakeís monitors go off and Epiphany tries to help him.

Sonny tells Kate about the night of their first date and the impression that she made on him. They talk about the impressions that they got from each other that night. Sonny tells her that he knew the right people to get them into the restaurant back then.

Spinelli tells Logan and Johnny what he found. They ask what it has to do with Lulu. Spinelli explains that he figured out where Lulu might be.

Lulu manages to get a rock pulled out of the wall. The guard outside the door looks up quickly.

Nikolas asks Emily to go home with him because he has a surprise for her. Patrick comes in and Emily is gone. Patrick brings up that it is Emilyís birthday.

Epiphany tries to work on Jake.

Kelly asks Angie about the babyís movement. Angie asks if there is something wrong with the baby. Joe orders Sam to find out what is going on with his wife and baby. Joe hears alarms going off and Monica tells him that it means that someone is in trouble.

Kate realizes who Sonny knew back then. They discuss who Sonny was working for and what he was doing back then. Sonny tells her about his stepfather and Kate realizes that is why she didnít hear from him for a while after their date.

Ric sees Trevor on the docks. Ric says that he got all of Trevorís messages and Trevor says that he helped save Ricís life at Wyndemere. Ric says that they donít have anything in common. Trevor suggests that they salvage their relationship by defeating Sonny by getting Lorenzoís waterfront properties. Ric tells Trevor that Skye left town. Trevor turns to walk away. Ric tells Trevor that Skye doesnít own the piers anymore, Ric does.

The guard comes in to check on Lulu and sees her sitting on the bed. Lulu asks why she is there and the guard tells her that she knows what she needs to know. Lulu tells him that she is going to bed and she would like some privacy. He leaves and she goes back to work on the wall.

Dr. Julian comes out and tells Joe that he needs Monicaís help with Liz. Joe asks about Angie and Dr. Julian explains that he doesnít know about Angie. Jason asks what is wrong with Liz. Monica runs to help and Jason holds Joe back so that Monica can help Liz.

Dr. Julian asks Monica if she can help him. Monica admits that she hasnít done a surgery since Emilyís death.

Nikolas yells at Patrick. Patrick tells Nikolas that he is having him admitted to the hospital. Patrick asks Nikolas how many women he had on the side. Nikolas flies into a rage and 2 orderlies come in and hold Nikolas down while Robin and Nadine draw blood from him. Nikolas asks what happened and Patrick tells him that he got angry again. Nikolas punches Patrick and runs out of the room.

Logan and Johnny argue about who should go in for Lulu. Spinelli says that he should go in because he could blend in. Someone comes out and asks if there is anyone there.

Mac shows up and asks Scott what is going on. Scott explains that Mayor Floyd is being held hostage and made the call. Mac tells Scott that they do things his way from now on.

Robin comes in as Nadine is helping Patrick up off the floor.

Monica freezes up and asks Dr. Julian to take over.

Epiphany gets Jake stable.

Kelly tells Angie that they need to run more tests. Angie asks what is wrong with the baby. Sam comes in and asks for some good news.

Jason tells Joe that the worst thing for his wife and baby is stress. Jason asks Dr. Ford if they can get Joe unhooked from the bomb so that he can be with his wife. Dr. Ford says that they can do that. Nikolas comes out and tells Joe to blow them all up because he has nothing to lose.

Kate tells Sonny that all her memories are good. Sonny tells her that the only thing good from back then was her. Sonny pulls a ring box from his pocket and sits it on his leg. He makes a toast. Someone comes out and tells Sonny that they donít serve his kind there.

Trevor asks Ric where he got the money to buy the piers and Ric admits that Skye gave him the piers. Trevor suggests that they get together with Johnny and talk about the piers. Trevor suggests that Ric cut him a deal on the piers and Trevor will make him a very wealthy man. Ric tells Trevor that the piers are his and he is keeping them.

Spinelli successfully got in and blended in at the monastery.

Lulu looks around.

Patrick says that they have to call security because a lot of people could get hurt. Robin collapses.

Liz wakes up and Regina agrees to watch her. Lucky runs in and tells Liz that they have an escape route and they are going to start getting patients out one by one. Liz asks Lucky to take Jake out first.

Joe and Nikolas argue. Joe tells Sam that today was Emilyís birthday and suggests that Sam is keeping Nikolas away from Emily. Nikolas shoves Joe and tells him to blow them all up.

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