GH Update Tuesday 1/15/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/15/08


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Nadine gets off the phone and Nikolas comes in asking about the board meeting. Nadine tells Nikolas that she just got tickets to a sold out hockey game. She leaves and Nikolas walks over towards the waiting area. Emily tells him that he can’t give up hope that Patrick will be able to help him because of all the things he hasn’t been able to do yet.

Patrick sees Leyla coming out of a patient’s room and tells her about a couple of patients. Leyla tells him that it is easy for him to be a man and a player. Robin watches while Leyla goes off on Patrick.

Sonny and Kate discuss Manhattan. She tells Sonny about the sounds of the city. Kate tells Sonny that he is her home. Kate tells Sonny that he has to go.

Ric looks over the papers that Skye gave him about the piers and listens to the phone ringing.

Joe tells everyone to move over to the other side of the room. Liz says that her son needs to see a doctor right away and Joe tells her that his wife collapsed and they could lose their child. Dr. Julian says that they can help both children. Joe tells Liz to go somewhere else and she says that they need a doctor. Epiphany tells Liz to give her the baby and Joe tells Liz to go or everyone is going to blow up. Sam stops Joe from blowing up the hospital.

Kate explains that Sonny isn’t supposed to be in Manhattan because there is a restraining order against him. Sonny tells her that he takes risks everyday and that she is worth it. Someone comes in and tells Kate that it is party time.

Robin tells Patrick that she wasn’t eavesdropping, but she wanted to tell him that she ordered another autopsy on Mrs. Quinn. Robin explains that they shouldn’t have lost Mrs. Quinn. Patrick says that they lose people in the hospital and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Robin vows to find out the real reason that Mrs. Quinn died. She turns to leave, but tells Patrick that he doesn’t realize how hard Leyla fell for him. Robin tells Patrick that he is a brilliant surgeon, but when it comes to women he is as dumb as a box of rocks. Robin walks away.

Nikolas tells Emily that Spencer is supposed to be tested for the tumor because it might have been passed down to him from Nikolas. Nikolas explains that he is afraid of losing Spencer like he lost Emily. Leyla comes up and tells Nikolas that the board meeting has been postponed. Nikolas starts yelling at everyone. Robin says that they will find a place for Nikolas to lie down and Nikolas pushes her and says that he doesn’t want to lie down.

Sam tells Joe that Liz is a nurse and asks Joe to allow Liz to get help for her child. Epiphany takes Jake from Liz. Joe agrees to let the doctors help Jake. Epiphany orders tests on Jake and Kelly helps Angie up off the floor. Liz thanks Sam and Joe. Liz realizes that she cut her leg and Dr. Julian asks her if she is okay.

The mayor calls Scott and tells him that they have a situation at the hospital and if Scott handles it quietly, the mayor will help Scott move up the ladder.

Sam tells Joe that Kelly is a good doctor and that he doesn’t have to do this anymore. Joe says that they’re not going anywhere until he finds out what is going on with his wife and baby. Jason rushes in and tells Joe that he just came to see a patient. Jason says that he needs to see Liz and Jake. Joe asks Jason why he should let him go anywhere and asks Jason if he is the father.

Alexis and Diane discuss what they should do with the coats. Ric comes to see Alexis. Alexis and Diane agree to go see Kate and explain what happened to the dresses together. Ric asks if they bonded after the bar. Diane gets up to leave and grabs the coats. Diane agrees to call Alexis later. Ric tells Alexis that he wanted to say goodbye to Kristina and Molly and Alexis asks where he is going.

Kate asks Sonny and Julius if they remember each other. Kate says that she will come to the party late. Kate makes Julius promise not to tell anyone that Sonny is there. Sonny tells Kate that he has big plans for the night.

Patrick tells Nikolas to get away from Robin. Patrick says that Robin needs to get checked out and so does Nikolas. Nikolas apologizes to Robin and everyone else. Nikolas asks Leyla if she saw what happened and she describes it the best she can for him.

Jason explains that Liz is a close friend of his and asks what the problem with him going to see her is. Joe says that he is a little nervous because Jason has a gun under his jacket. Joe tells Jason to put the gun on the floor and asks Jason if he is a cop. Monica tells Joe that Jason is a hit man for a mobster and her son.

Nikolas sits in an exam room talking to Emily. Nikolas realizes that his condition is getting worse because seeing her doesn’t keep him calm.

Patrick tries to get Robin to allow him to examine her. Robin reminds him that they aren’t a couple anymore and tells him that she just needs him to back off.

Ric tells Alexis that he needs to get away. Alexis thinks that it has to do with Sonny. Ric says that he realized that his hatred for Sonny is punishing him and he needs something new. Ric tells Alexis that Skye left town. Ric tells Alexis that he needs to wander off to think about and do something about his obsession with Sonny before it destroys him.

Sonny tells Kate that the phone call had to do with their evening. Sonny tells her that he loves her and that he is willing to make adjustments to prove it to her. He asks her how she feels and the police knock on her door.

Edward tries to get Monica to calm down. Kelly tells Joe that she needs to examine Angie in private. Edward tells Joe that he has to trust someone sometime. Joe agrees to let Kelly take Angie into a room. Kelly tells the mayor to leave because she has to examine Angie.

Liz wakes up and starts asking about her baby. Dr. Julian promises her that her baby is in good hands, but right now they have to focus on her because she lost a lot of blood. Epiphany comes in and tells Dr. Julian that when he is done there, they need him in the next cubicle. Liz tries to get up and says that Jake needs her. Epiphany tells Liz that Jason is there and tells Liz to relax.

Jason tells Joe that his friend needs to know that he is there. Sam tries to tell Jason what is going on with Jake, but Jason tells her that he needs to hear it from a doctor. Joe tells Jason to be nice to Sam because she is the reason he let Liz and her baby get help.

Patrick tells Robin that he can still care about her. Robin tells him that he still has to have boundaries. Robin tells Patrick that she picked a donor and walks away.

Kate answers the door and the officer tells her that someone reported that Sonny was back in town, in that hotel and probably in that room. Kate says that she is alone. The officer says that if Sonny is there, he will spend more time in jail for violating the restraining order. The officer sees the room service cart and says that he will have to search the room. Julius comes in and says that a search won’t be necessary.

Alexis tells Ric that there is something missing and that she is sure it has nothing to do with his relationship with Skye. Ric tells Alexis about Skye leaving him Lorenzo’s waterfront property.

Lucky asks Scott what is going on. Scott explains the situation at the hospital. Scott tells Lucky that he wants him to take the guy out. Scott explains that Jason is inside and he might come in handy.

Jason asks Joe how far along his wife is. Joe tells Jason that his wife is 6 months along. Angie tells Kelly about her marriage and Joe tells Jason about the marriage and the child. Sam watches as Jason and Joe talk. Jason watches Joe’s finger.

Ric explains that so many people wanted that property. Alexis asks if he is going to be okay and he admits that he doesn’t know. Ric says that he doesn’t know where he is going or what he will do, but he put in for a leave for work and tells Alexis that he gave her the D.A. position back while he is gone. He goes to say good-bye to the girls.

Julius tells Kate that he was late because of traffic. He asks the officer why he is wasting Kate’s time. Kate explains to Julius that the officer thinks that she is hiding Sonny. Julius tells the officer that there are plenty of crimes going on. Julius asks Kate if the officer gave her a search warrant and Kate asks the officer if he has a search warrant. The officer leaves after Kate and Julius agree that they might be looking at harassment charges. Sonny and Kate thank Julius for what he did.

Kelly tells Angie that she might have a respiratory problem and Angie admits that she has asthma.

Epiphany checks out Jake and tells an orderly that Jake is stable.

Liz sleeps in her cubicle.

Joe asks Jason about his job. Jason explains that Joe won’t have to worry about him unless someone he cares about gets hurt. Sam tells Dr. Ford that the hospital belongs to Joe right now and tells them not to do anything that will spook Joe. The mayor falls and Joe orders him to get back to his place. Joe grabs Monica and tells Jason that if he goes, so does she.

Kate tells Sonny that they don’t fit into each other’s lives. Kate admits that she doesn’t know what to do and Sonny says that he does. Sonny tells her that he has a 3rd world that he would like to take her to.

Patrick asks Robin if she knows why the ER is on lockdown. Robin says that it is probably just a false alarm. Patrick asks if Robin has been checked out. Robin tells Patrick that she is going over Nikolas’ file. They talk about Nikolas’ condition and Patrick tells her that he is going to try to take blood from Nikolas while he is having one of his angry episodes. Patrick explains that he is going to try to bring one on.

Nadine shows up to take blood from Nikolas. She asks him if he talks to himself or if he talks to Emily.

Joe tells everyone to sit down and everyone listens. Lucky tells an officer to go back and make sure no one comes down there. He opens a door and sees Joe holding onto Monica. Scott tells Lucky to shoot to kill and maybe if Lucky doesn’t kill Joe that Jason can. Jason tells Sam that Joe’s finger is on the detonator and that the bomb is engaged. Lucky brings the gun up and aims.

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